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    Questions to ask at consult

    I have my consult later today. Thank you to all who replied I was able to put together a list of questions and my mind stopped going blank because I thought of some questions like if I will be allowed to wear knickers in surgery. I'm feeling excited, nervous and scared for my consult.
  2. Boganlicious

    Hello again

    I was on this forum last year and now I'm back again this time with a consult date booked (this Friday). I probably should have introduced myself again before posting all these questions so I apologise if that came across as rude for those who don't remember me. I'm turning 30 this year and I'm a stay at home mum to a 2 year old. I'm looking at getting the Lapband this year (hopefully in August). BMI is now 39.51 I have slowly gained back the almost 20kgs that I lost after the birth of my daughter. I like cooking especially baking and girly things like hair/make up/nails/etc. If there's anything else you would like to know about me feel free to ask. I look forward to chatting with you all.
  3. Boganlicious

    Booking consult

    I'm phoning BMI Clinic first thing for an appointment. I'm ready to make this happen and fiancée is completely on board which is helpful. I'm hoping to get an appointment on Friday. How does the process work? I know I need to see a psychologist and dietician. Are blood tests usually done? I've recently had my cholesterol and blood sugar levels checked with my gp but haven't got the results back yet. What happens at the psychologist appointment? I'm not really looking forward to that part of it in case I start crying. Any other advice welcome too.
  4. Boganlicious

    Excuses during liquid stage

    Tooth ache - very clever!
  5. Boganlicious

    Excuses during liquid stage

    Just wondering if you kept your surgery a secret what excuses you have for not eating? We see my in laws for a roast dinner every fortnight so there will be times I can't eat as well as the purée stage too. I'm not sure if I want to tell them (I'm undecided because I'm worried they will ask the cost). I would take along my shake or soup to have so I've pretty much got to say something as to why I'm not eating with them.
  6. Boganlicious

    Questions to ask at consult

    Yes it is for a band, should have mentioned that. Your list was so helpful, thank you very much. I have a 2 year who I do still lift and it hadn't even occurred to me about when I would be allowed to pick her up.
  7. Boganlicious

    Booking consult

    Just thought I would update that I was sent info and a quote before my upcoming appointment and yes blood tests are done as well as an ultrasound (this is with BMI clinic in joondalup).
  8. Boganlicious

    Excuses during liquid stage

    Both good ideas. I've told my immediate family but not extended family as one of cousins had it done list around 30kg then regained it all. I know this sounds bad but I'm so scared that I will fail especially because my dad wants to know the failure rate and my mum has told me a family friend had it done lost the weight then regained it all. I know I need to think positively and think yes this is going to work for me because it will reduce my appetite and I will make it work. His parents are on the big side especially his dad so maybe they would understand. I have until August to decide who I'm going to tell or not tell.
  9. Boganlicious

    what is your fav food before than after sugary

    I'm pre band and hope you don't mind me replying. My 2 very favourite foods are Chinese and Indian food. Also most of my mum's cooking when we go over for dinner. I have my consult this Friday and I'm hoping to be banded in August. I think one of my favourite foods post band will be a banana smoothie made with skim milk. I also like stir frys with lots of veggies. Hopefully I will still be able to eat that but chopped up finely and in a much smaller portion.
  10. Boganlicious

    Consult date

    I took the first step and booked my consult for Friday afternoon. I'm glad I could get in as my partner finishes early on a Fridays and my mum happens to have Friday off work so will look after our daughter so he can come to the consult with me. What exactly happens at my appointment? The lady I spoke to was really helpful. She mentioned blood tests and an ultrasound. What ultrasound and please tell me I don't need to drink a ridiculous amount of water? I felt like I had done the right thing now I'm freaking out and scared.
  11. Boganlicious

    is any 1 being banded in july

    Maybe August for me. I have to wait for tax time now. Hopefully everything goes to plan and I have my op in August.
  12. Boganlicious

    The first few weeks

    I'm wondering about the fluids only too. Some surgeons put you on meal replacement shakes prior to surgery. I personally have a real sweet tooth. I don't know if the band will magically get rid of that but cutting out sugary things would help. I know that if I bake paleo brownies with honey, coconut flour, etc in them I magically manage to eat smaller portions and there's plenty of leftovers but if they were regular brownies it's like I just have no self restraint. Sorry I'm not of more help as I'm new to this too.
  13. Boganlicious

    Tablets post surgery

    I will make sure to ask my prescribing doctor, if that particular tablet doesn't come in wafer form I know there are other brands that do so I may be able to swap brands at first (that's if crushing it up isn't an option). I've had tablets get stuck in my throat before definitely not fun.
  14. Boganlicious

    BMI clinic

    Hi I'm new and signed up to the forum as I'm considering a Lapband. If you had your surgery at the BMI clinic in joondalup how did you find them? They are by far the cheapest as I don't have private health insurance but I like that they have a psychologist and it's compulsory to see which I feel would be really good for me. Also can you see your port? Will go and introduce myself in the intro part of the forum now, Look forward to chatting with everyone soon.
  15. Boganlicious

    A New Start

    Good for you. My partner is applying for finance in January and if it goes through I will be booking my consult. Best of luck on your journey.
  16. Boganlicious

    New port

    Hope you're feeling better.
  17. I was referred to the public system but my gp is unsure if I will be accepted as generally bmi must be 35 with a condition. Mine is 34 with slightly high cholesterol. I'm just wondering how long it takes to hear from the wait list to see if you have been accepted? In January we are going to start applying for finance to fix up our house as well as to fund this if I'm not accepted or if the wait list is years. I'm hoping to be banded late February - if we fund it ourselves that is, I realise the wait on the public waiting list would take longer. We are also getting private health insurance too not just in case I ever need revision but for physio, dental, etc. I know I was only referred Thursday I'm just curious how long it takes to find out one way or another.
  18. Boganlicious

    New port

    Did you have problems with the old one? Glad you're doing ok.
  19. Boganlicious

    I've been referred!

    My gp has referred me to be banded in the public system but he's unsure if I will be accepted. If not my partner will look into finance. The nurse that did my health care plan so I can see a dietician and claim most of it back and also my nail lady both told me that they know people who have had great results which is encouraging. I was expecting a lot of judgment. I'm feeling scared I won't be accepted, or my partner won't get finance, I'm scared I'll fail but I'm ready to do everything I can to make this work.
  20. Boganlicious

    I've been referred!

    Yes, we will be getting family cover in January or by the latest February. If I'm not accepted as a public patient we will apply for finance and failing that will have no choice but to wait it out. I'm nervous about hearing back from the hospital.
  21. Boganlicious

    Hey from WA

    Hi everyone, I'm a mum from Perth looking into a Lapband. I have struggled to lose the weight for almost 2 years now bmi is 34 and I have family history of obesity, diabetes on both sides as well as obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. I won't lie I'm vain and unhappy about how I look but I also care about my health and don't want to leave my daughter without her mum. I'm not sure what else to write so will leave it at that and I look forward to chatting to everyone soon.
  22. Boganlicious

    BMI clinic

    Oh I didn't realise it worked that way! I wonder why they told me they weren't seeing public patients then? Never mind I will make some calls today. Having it done as a public patient would be great if it was a possibility.
  23. Boganlicious

    BMI clinic

    They told me currently there is a 5 - 7 year wait if I went on the public waiting list and that I would have to go through Joondalup hospital as they don't see public patients. My doctor is pretty good. He said it's not about diet it's about a lifestyle change and when I mentioned a lap band he wasn't against it. The referral to a dietician is actually being done through a health care plan and it means I can claim the Medicare rebate or something. I think I still end up a bit out of pocket but it entitles me to 4 visits. The lady at bmi was helpful and said get the referral to a psychologist otherwise I don't get any rebate back.
  24. Boganlicious

    Hey from WA

    Hi everyone and thank you for making me feel so welcome. While it's great that so many of you face the same struggles I do and can relate it also saddens me too as I know how tough it can be sometimes. It's great that there is this forum not just for the surgery aspect but to talk about other parts too such as staying on track. I'm pretty certain I want a band. I lost around 13kgs after having my daughter but still have lots to lose and struggle. I lose 1 - 3 kgs then regain it, lose it again, then regain. I'm going to be referred to a dietician today and bmi clinic told me to be referred to a psychologist too so that I can claim a rebate as it's compulsory to see a psychologist which I think will be really helpful.
  25. Boganlicious

    BMI clinic

    We will definitely be getting some private health insurance hopefully in January which we wanted anyway. I just don't feel I can wait another 12 months after signing up as I'm pretty miserable. I'm not too worried about seeing the port it was more a curiosity thing although I'm not sure if I will keep this a secret from my in laws which is why I had the port in the back of my mind. I want to go for a consult at BMI but my doctor is sending me to a dietician. The problem is I feel hungry a lot even yesterday half an hour after a small bowl of cereal I felt really hungry. My fiancée is on board which is great. He just said I have to work on my diet and he wants me to exercise more before the surgery. He said if I eat nothing but bad foods before I have my band that he will be against it (although I don't eat a lot of junk or fast food). Thank you for the advice and replies as well as making me feel welcome here. It feels like unless you have a weight problem it's hard for others to understand.