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  1. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I missed Wednesday as the batteries on my scales are getting low so they don't always work. Need to find out what size they take. Anyway I weighed myself just then and am down to 56.5kgs with just 1.5kgs to go to goal weight. If I was to lose more than my goal I wouldn't be upset as my dietician told me some slight weight regain at the 12 and 24 months post op is quite normal. I plan on having a body scan done in a few weeks as at my last one I was 73kgs. I'd like to know how my body fat and muscle mass is looking. Loving all the positive changes not just appearance wise but being able to do fun stuff with hubby and the kids eg go to the zoo and not be in agony from walking. I've lost 61.6kgs which is an entire person which is just crazy to think about.
  2. Boganlicious

    Best tummy tuck and arm surgery prices

    I read that not only if the skin is causing issues but if you have lost 5 or more bmi points that you are eligible for rebates.
  3. Boganlicious

    Checking in

    I had sips and last time my surgeon saw me I believe he said I had lost 94% of my excess weight. I see him again early May.
  4. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Checking in and remembered it's Wednesday! 57.7kgs after coffee and breakfast. Feel I'm doing really well.
  5. Boganlicious

    Before and after

    The before photo was taken 2 days before my sips surgery in May last year. I've cropped out my face and a visible tattoo but there I was in all my glory. The afters are from today and wearing a size 8 fitted skirt with a zipper with total loss of 60.5kgs (was 61kgs but today I was up as I'd eaten and had coffee before weighing myself). I hope these photos help those pre op as I found the transformations inspiring - I still do.
  6. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I keep forgetting about weighing in on Wednesdays and I've gotten out of the habit of weighing myself daily. Anyway I weighed myself today after coffee and breakfast and I'm up 500 grams (probably my breakfast) at a weight of 57.6kgs. I'm beyond happy with my progress. I look and feel great and only have 2.6kg to goal weight but as I said I'm not focusing on magic numbers anymore. I'm slimmer now and have more muscle definition than I did in my 20s. I had my first negative comment when a coworker commented that I'd lost so much weight and another said to her that now I look weak. Um ok then. I said no way I have muscles I never had before and flexed my arm showing off my definition lol I found it a bit rude to be honest. I am healthy bmi now whereas before I was still in the obese categories.
  7. Boganlicious


    Thanks @Bigm666 I remember seeing all the transformation photos before I had my surgery. I had a crazy thought/hope of what if I got to my goal weight in time for Christmas. Then I thought no that's crazy as with sips you lose slower than sleeve but lose more in the long run. Well Christmas came and I was 61 - 62kgs. Now it's February and I'm just about at goal. You can do this! Just keep in mind that everyone loses weight at different rates. I also have Hashimotos Disease of the thyroid which also made weight loss hard for me before I had the surgery.
  8. Boganlicious


    Almost 60kgs now. 59.7kgs to be exact which is a whole person! Sips is a sleeve slightly larger than a stand alone sleeve but then approximately 3 metres of intestines gets bypassed causing a malabsorption effect from the calories you do eat. I'm not sure if you have heard of something called a duodenal switch which is very common in America, sips is a modified version of that surgery. Not all surgeons offer sips. My surgeon was one of 3 surgeons in Australia to first offer sips.
  9. Boganlicious


    With dietician appointments if you get a chronic disease management plan from your gp you are entitled to 5 free visits with a dietician. No advice on Adelaide surgeons as I'm in Perth but maybe join fb groups. My surgeon has his own support fb group which is only for his patients. Even just weight loss support groups you can get surgeon recommendations. Also I know you have your heart set on roux en y but listen to your surgeons recommendation and why they are recommending that. I was adamant I only wanted the sleeve, my surgeon recommended either sleeve or sips. After doing research and hearing him tell me pros and cons of both procedures I ended up choosing sips. It was right for me. Not saying roux en y isn't the right choice but to listen to your surgeon. If necessary have more than one consult. Yes it gets expensive if you consult with more than one surgeon when consults are on average $200 with a small Medicare rebate. I just got lucky. I had 2 referral letters, saw my surgeon first and knew he was the one so cancelled the other consult. Best of luck with everything. The wait time will be over before you know it.
  10. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I am up slightly this morning but believe I may have been dehydrated last week. I was 59.3kgs first thing now a couple of hours later I'm 58.2kgs. Either way I'm maintaining the high 50s and my original goal was 55kgs so I'm nearly there and very pleased. Over the Christmas period I was 62ish kgs and I only just got to 60kgs about a month ago and have maintained and now losing again. I've found I fluctuate a kilo or so and also now I'm almost at goal weight the loss has slowed right down then randomly out of nowhere I will lose again. It's weird. Very happy where I'm at and am starting to look good. In fact certain problem areas eg thighs and upper arms (triceps) have actually been thinner even at 60kgs compared to when I was at my lowest of 55kgs. I guess my body fat and muscle mass ratio has changed. Nice to kiss most of my problem areas goodbye! Consult in February and March to see 2 x surgeons to work together and do a combined procedure. 360 body lift, breast lift and replace breast implants. I also want thigh lift with lipo as I have a weird hanging roll of fat on only my left thigh although the right thigh is slightly flabby and also has excess skin. I may get my arms done depending how bad the scars need to be for it. It's mainly my triceps. They are actually very toned more than they have ever been but I do have some excess skin there and it annoys me when I'm doing something such as washing dishes and the excess skin wobbles. Even if I tense the muscles they still wobble. Boobs, 360 body lift and thighs are definitely happening and will see about arms. The excess skin removal/nicer perkier boobs will be the icing on the cake (transformation). Not just being so big but 2 x kids has really done a number on my stomach. Wrinkled excess skin and what looks like stretched abdominal muscles (will be assessed for separation of the muscles but I don't think I have that). Sorry my post is so long but can you tell that I'm very happy within myself as well as my appearance. I had a fear of weight loss surgery not working because of my Hashimotos Disease or worse only losing a little and never making it to my goal weight but here I am 8 months on and almost at goal which is absolutely crazy to think about. Hope everyone else is doing well with their weight. I've noticed this thread isn't very active anymore. If you aren't comfortable posting your weight why not post losses/gains/maintenance? It's nice to check in with those who understand.
  11. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I forgot to weigh myself on Wednesday so didn't post. I did weigh myself first thing this morning and cannot believe my eyes that I am in the 50s! 58.4kgs bmi 22.3 and just loving life and the new me. I plan on having another body scan done to see what my body fat percentage and muscle mass is. The one I had done was awhile ago now and I was 73kgs then. Will try to remember to weigh in and post again this Wednesday. I was weighing myself daily but have broken that habit and some days I honesty forget.
  12. Boganlicious

    Gastric Sleeve February 2019

    I had sips surgery May 17th last year. I'm Down to 58.4kgs from 118.1kgs. I thought about weight loss surgery since 2013. To be honest I just jumped in and it all happened quite quickly. I saw photos of myself at my daughter's birthday party and cracked it, started the process again and booked the consult. Tips. Try not to let old habits creep back in. I have let some creep back eg if I let myself get way too hungry on a work day where I don't eat a snack before I come home (I'm part time so on short days I don't get a lunch break) I sometimes get that hungry and that's when I'm likely to make a bad choice such as going through a drive through on my way home. I don't really have any other tips just to embrace your journey. Also as cliche as it sounds try to love yourself at every step of the way and not when you're at goal weight or some magical number on the scales. Enjoy the positive changes that are coming your way and best of luck with the op.
  13. Boganlicious

    Owen - Status Update

    Welcome back and congratulations on your loss. Sorry to hear about your accident, how scary that must have been! Glad you have recovered physically and hope they catch whoever did this to you. Hope you are doing ok emotionally as that would have been quite an ordeal.
  14. Boganlicious

    Day two post surgery

    Not me. I had to take movicol once a few days post op to get things moving. I'm pretty sure diarrhoea is also normal too. What liquids are you on? Which procedure did you have done? Are you having too much sugar maybe which could cause dumping? If not remember it is major surgery and has changed your stomach. For some people it takes awhile for their new stomach to adjust. Hope youre feeling better and it settles down for you quickly.
  15. Boganlicious


    Interesting what Jachut said about having babies making some women fat. My surgeon said obesity was in my genetics and people are predisposed to it and then something happens to trigger it eg pregnancy. That's exactly where my issue with obesity started. Yes I've been overweight as a child, lost it as a teen, yoyoed a bit in my 20s but nothing over 65ish kgs, managed to get quite thin 57 - 59kgs. Got to 55kgs with Duromine but suffered psychosis and was hospitalised. Went up to 60kgs. Still slim looking back but was so unhappy at the time. Met my husband. Gained 15kgs and felt disgusted and ashamed. Got to 68 point something msg with Jenny Craig. Fell pregnant with my daughter. Ballooned to 103.5kgs. Got down to 85kgs within a few months after her birth. Started to put on weight even though I was still eating the same, weighing portions but not exercising as much as I was constantly tired/exhausted. Blood tests. All normal apparently. Lies. Thyroid was borderline. Gained back and was 104kgs and ashamed. Started looking into the lapband. Full bloods. Surprise surprise under active thyroid. More blood tests. Hashimotos Disease. Started Thyroxine and had several blood tests over the years which always showed tsh in normal range but weight wouldn't budge. Special occasions would gain 1 - 2kgs. Weight slowly creeps up slowly but surely over the years. Highest weight (not pregnant) 118.1kgs. Fall pregnant. Suffer miscarriage. Get down to 112kgs from being so sick with an infection in my womb. Go back to 117 - 118kgs. Get married. Disgusted by wedding photos. Take out private health insurance just for me so I can have weight loss surgery and am on public wait list. Fall pregnant with rainbow miracle baby. Give birth. Get down to pre pregnancy weight (only gained 9.6kgs this time around). Can't lose more. See photos of myself at my daughter's birthday party and feel awful. Have appointment in public system and am told I will be waiting at least 2 more years before I'm operated on. Eff that. Convince hubby to let me access my super (didn't have much, long story and not worked since having my daughter in 2013). Go on consult and he is the surgeon for me (had 2 referrals). Sips surgery May 17th 2017. Baby boy is 6 months on surgery day. Currently down to 60.3kgs. Goal weight is 55kgs. Journey not over yet. 2 x consults booked for February and March for plastics. Likely 2 x lots of surgery so will be a long time til my body is almost normal (will have lots of extensive scarring) but I am happy with my body now and have been for a long time on my weight loss journey. Sorry my post was so long but have never shared how I became the way I was and the comments on pregnancy compelled me to share. Definitely go see your surgeon. He or she will hopefully not be harsh and judge you. They are there to help. Likely you will be referred for a barium swallow or other tests which will show if something is wrong with your sleeve and the best course of action. My surgeon does not believe a resleeve works and bypass or sips a better option in the case of a failed sleeve. Lastly please do not judge yourself too harshly. Also keep in mind some weight regain is normal so I would speak to a dietician who is knowledgeable in bariatric surgery patients and their needs. I hope everything works out and hoping for the best possible outcome for you.