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  1. Re the jumpers - have you got a poncho or a shawl you could take instead?  It's just that you'll have an IV in for hydration, and it is hard to thread the IV bag through narrow apertures like clothing sleeves.

    You'll be out of bed during the day, and wearing day clothes separates are great e.g. trackie pants and t-shirts, only wearing pjs at night, so you'll only need one set of pjs. Comfy shoes e.g. thongs for walking around on.  

    I took my favourite pillow to sleep on.  I hate big pillows, mine is very thin. Also I found wedging a small pillow under my abdomen was comforting. 

    Not much longer now for you! 

  2. I've gone through some of my resources here at home,  and had a good browse through "Curb the carb" by Amanda Cross.  It's not bariatric, but has good recipes with macros and meal planning. Also goes through three stages of weight loss - fast, slower, maintenance.   A lot of the recipes are 1-2 serves for folk who haven't had weight loss surgery, so it's easy enough to split the meal up into servings appropriate for me and know what the macros are for each serve. 

    GP double appointment (for other things) booked for Tues 1st May, and I'll request a referral to Dr Nicola Lowth, a LCHF dietitican, and try to get it under a Chronic Disease Management Plan.


  3. I was in hospital for 6 nights.  Didn't have to go to HDU, but found out later that I was basically "specialled"  (ie had a dedicated RN) along with another patient for the first night - and she was great.  Five drains, IV, Fentanyl pain pump, indwelling urinary catheter (IDC).

    I had an abdominoplasty + half body lift + brachioplastys done 4th December 2015.

    The worst pain was from my arms - the bed control and call bell HAD to be (I am guessing) less than 30 cm away.  A couple of times I had to ask the PCA (Patient Care Assistant) to retrieve those for me after they had fallen out of reach.  And super stingy pain from hip area.  Drains from arms were removed the following day, leaving three from the abdominoplasty + half body lift.  I had the IV Fentanyl pain pump and indwelling urinary catheter for two blessed nights.  If I knew that I had to move even to just to do something like reach out to the bed control thingie I hit that button on the pain pump.  But I still had pain.  Oh yes.  But I just had to "suck it up".  I knew that everything that had happened e.g. having the gastric sleeve, followed by massive weight loss (about 16 BMI points from my all-time heaviest back in 2000, and about 12 from pre-op gastric sleeve),, and having the privilege of being able to have this surgery was due to my making ie I had put myself in this position ie it was all elective.

    Also pressure areas on my heels and sacrum (tail bone).  The pain from those was enough to get me up and move just to relieve the pain.  A couple of days later, while I was still in, I spotted sheepskin thingies in the clean linen trolleys - I hadn't asked for one as didn't think that they would have had them.  A couple of those  - one for my heels and one for my sacrum would have been great. 

    The day after the op I stood at the side of the bed and had a bowl wash, with assistance from the nurse.  I felt very fragile and weak.  Felt so much refreshed after though, as I had had quite a bit of leakage from the half body lift.  I had on bandages on my arms, and dressings + corset around my tummy.  (+ 3-5 drains, IDC, IV Fentanyl pain pump, IV).

    The following day a friend of mine helped me have a bowl wash in the bathroom.  Still felt fragile and week.  She took me for a short walk to the door of my room.  That evening the nurse took me for a walk - she was aiming on just to the door of my room, and back; but I asked her if we could keep on going.  So we (+ all the paraphernalia) went for a walk around the ward.

    And from then on, there was no turning back.  Same evening started taking myself for walks around the ward (+ all the paraphernalia).

    And by the end of my stay was doing a lap around the outside of the hospital perimeter, 290 mins, three times a day...complete with three drains.

    Things you will find helpful:

    "Separates" - ie pj pants and tops, pj top be buttoned. Sleeves big enough to thread IV bag through.

    Same for "day clothes"  (I don't wear pjs during the day while in hospital)

    Comfortable foot wear that you can slip your feet in to, without bending over  e.g thongs, "Crocs"/similar

    A poncho or wrap - can get mighty cold in there, and easier to manage than a warm top with sleeves what with IV, IV pain pump etc.

    An over the shoulder shopping bag (straps long enough to carry the bag diagonally if you want to) to carry your drains in when you are up walking (I put them into a pillow slip prior to putting them into the bag).  I called it my "Dilly Bag".  The dilly bag also carried other paraphernalia when I was up walking.The pillow slip also made it easier to move he drains when you had to.

    I just wore knock-off "Ahh bras".

    Obviously your favourite pillow!

    I had no hospital costs as my plastic reconstructive surgeon had filled out the "Specialist Exemption Form" for all three surgeries.  I had a capped $1000.00 gap for the Aanaesthetist, and also the combined surgeries cost $13,000.00  (I am not sure whether or not this is before or after poxy Medicare and Medibank rebates).  I had no excess, as that was the policy that I had chosen with Medibank.  No whinging  from me now re monthly payments! 

    My surgeon didn't weigh what he took off - he said that it was all just skin.


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  4. Pain relief, antibiotics, obs done, sc Heparin at 0600, then got up, washed, changed into day clothes, and made bed.

    Visited by Theresa post-brekkie, who checked wounds.  All good.  I can have a shower, will need to borrow ward blow dryer to gently dry wounds and Fixomull. Drains checked - still draining, which is good.  I think that with all the walking that I am doing that is assisting drainage, and less chance of it collecting as compared to those who aren't so mobile. She doesn't want me going off hospital grounds (I had mentioned that I was thinking of trotting down to Hampden Road) though.

    I am just having some "Mobicol" which I've mixed with prunes that I've had soaking in hot water, along with a good dessertspoon of ground flaxseed. Plenty of "wind" but no follow-through.  Hint - just don't walk behind me or get into a lift after I have been in lol! Pffffft!

    Just seen the Dr, drains still draining, to leave in.

    Mr Nguyen will be in at some stage.

    All good and running very smoothly, so I am very happy :)

    greyhound fart.jpg

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  5. I ran out of energy last night to update progress, so here goes:

    Tuesday - up after 0600 obs and meds. Washed self and changed into day clothes. Stripped bed, and remade it with 'cosy' underneath fresh bottom sheet.

    Had not had a good night as had only had Paracetamol after the PCA removed, and had missed the evening dose.  One area when the drain is was stinging - just positional.  So was feeling sore and a bit wiped out. Had some oxycodone so I could mobilise well.

    Visited by the Dr on behalf of Surgeon, all good, drains (x 3) still draining.

    Visited by the lovely Theresa, who changed dressings.  All wounds look really good, and she reassured me that the extreme swelling in my lower arms and in my legs in completely normal.  Informal photos taken, I am REALLY impressed about how it looks, and keep in mind I am VERY swollen.

    Went for three walks, one just down to the main entrance (can do that one at speed now!), a 20 min one out the back of the ward to a carpark, and then down to the Specialist Centre to collect my hand xrays from the Rheumatologist who was meant to have posted them back months ago, back via a different wing and then backtracked to Main Reception to buy some raffle tickets; and late afternoon - it was just beautiful out - out the back of the ward to a carpark, right around the back of the hospital premises and went east to the crèche, then further east to the Medical Centre, poking my head in, then back via a circuitous route = 30 mins.

    Umm, somewhat tired in the evening lol! but stayed up to watch the final of TBL, not that I have been following it, but it is very inspiring seeing the befores and them now all glammed up.  Full kudos to the contestants!!!

    Was to tired to update this.

    These are the photos from yesterday:

    IMG_0767 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_0768 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_0769 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_0770 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_0771 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_0772 - Copy.JPG


    IMG_0775 - Copy.JPG

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  6. Thanks guys!  All going really well.  I got bored yesterday arvo and hence fired up my laptop and worked out the wireless connections.  Also took myself + drip pole + drains for a good walk down to the main entrance and back.

    This morning PCA down and catheter out.  Have wee'ed without catheter. Self care. Washed and dressed self, and been for walk with drains in a discreet bag down to front entrance and back, dozed on bed, lovely lunch, and perked back up again :)  I think that I am their model patient!  Still problematical getting on and off bed though...

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  7. Woo-hoo!

    I had my surgery on Friday.  The surgery went uneventfully, and my recovery is going really well.  I am up, mobilising (walked all the way down to he hospital entrance) with catheter, PCA, and three drains.  The 2 arm drains were removed yesterday.

    IF I feel confident that I can manage at home by myself (won't be able to drive, won't be able to climb in lol!) -  just want to be sure that I will be able to get in and out of my bed and chairs without being "cast" like a sheep!  Also to be able to wash myself.

    Oh, two nodules on thyroid, for FNA (fine needle aspiration).

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  8. I've had a possible spanner thrown in the works for having this surgery.

    About four days ago, I accidentally found two hard, pea sized lumps in my neck.  Different from my usual ME/CFS lymphadenopathy.  I was just rubbing my neck going up to my left ear, which was bugging me (had seen the ENT surgeon the week before for routine check, and the grommet was still in place and not blocked - we decided that the 'aural fullness was due to my Menieres Disease, and he advised me of some new Drs who have started up a specialist service for vertigo - "The Spin Doctors" lol!), when I encountered these. Wow.  NOT was I expecting, and totally out of the left field.

    Needless to say, I am freaked out, 'cos this was unexpected and 'came from the left field'.  Like when I got diagnosed with cataracts.  Whereupon with surgeries such as the gastric sleeve, and my proposed Reconstructive surgery I have read, read, read, researched, researched, researched etc.  And feel prepared beforehand.

    I gave it a day to see if it went, or something else popped up such as an obvious infection.  But no.

    Rang my GP medical practice to get an appt with my GP.  Nothing available until Monday - pushing it a bit if investigations etc need to be done before my proposed Reconstructive surgery on the Friday - that is just Friday week!!!  Anyway, I asked to go on the cancellation list.

    I got rung this am as they had a cancellation, saw my lovely GP and got a referral for an ultrasound of my anterior neck and thyroid.  I came home, and rang and made my appt.  Got one for tomorrow am.

    Will update progress...

  9. Well, the Plastic Surgeon I was going to go with (Sam Cunneen), I'm not now as his receptionist had stuffed up the quote (well and truly) - despite me ringing to make sure, so with another $4000.00 increase in his fees, and about $1,500.00 for the Anaesthetist, they have priced themselves out. 

    I contacted the folk that I was originally going to go with (Sculpt), and I've lost my 27th November booking for surgery, so now 4th December.  (Was going to be 17th November *sob sob* with Sam Cunneen). 

    Ah well, it's given me a bit more time to tone my arms more!  (I haven't got any bum left to tone lol!)

  10. I have just had a phone call from Jo at Sam Cunneen's.

    They won't negotiate with me re price, even though it was their mistake.

    So they, with adding on the huge difference with an increase in the Anaesthetist, have come out more expensive (marginally).

    Well, poo  :(

    Stupid of them, they KNOW that folk like us are on these forums, and choice of surgeon for initial weight loss procedure etc, and plastic/reconstructive surgeons is very much word of mouth.

    So, much as I was looking forward to going to Bethesda on the Swan River, I am now going to go back to Sculpt and will be operated on at Hollywood.  Have just rung and left a message for the lovely nurse, Theresa, to ring me.  (@Leya22)   Obviously have no idea re dates as haven't spoken to Theresa yet, who knows, 27th November might still be available, and if it is, will SNAP it up!

    Gives me a bit longer to tone up, anyhows!  Look, I am the perpetual optimist, and believe that things happen for a reason. 

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