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  1. I'm home! I came home from having my Plastic Reconstructive Surgery "Following Massive Weight Loss" at Hollywood Hospital, Perth,  yesterday.  Everything went smoothly, staff were great, and 'cos of my memory problems the memories of the first couple of days had well and truly passed. I had been in six days.  I came home feeling as though I had been away on holiday! Lovely to be home and to just potter around in my own time. I am totally self care, walked to and from the shops yesterday, and hung out a load of washing. All good!  :) .

    1. kazbo


      great news! and good to hear that you are feeling great and on the mend. But sweetie, please...no hanging out washing, pushing trolleys, vacuuming, etc. You've had major surgery and you can't be lifting or reaching - you don't want a seroma or split your incisions. Please get someone in to do your chores for you for a little while.