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  1. MissDebb

    Update on life!

    So much has been going on in the past few weeks..... My sister and friend have gone on a holiday to Egypt. Why they decided to go there ill never know. She has already been robbed and had cash stolen, lucky her passport and bank cards were locking in the hotel room. Then they had to get an army escort because they were being shot at. My poor mother is so worried and just wants her home. Only 2 more weeks.... My best mate (Darren) found out his dad has cancer from head to toe and they gave him 6 weeks, Darren and his fiance were due to have there baby in 6.5 weeks, they were devastated to think he wouldn't get to meet his granddaughter, funny enough she went into labor that night and at 3am the next day gave birth to a beautiful 4 pound baby girl, she had to stay in hospital for a few weeks but granddad is getting to spend some time with her. I have known him 20 years, to say i am sad or upset is an understatement. We have had to put our house in Qld up for sale as our tenants are moving out and it has just become such an issue to look after it from down in Melbourne. We are going to lose a bit of money but i guess we just have to wear it. Also because the other half might not have a job in a couple of weeks, so cant afford the mortgage on both houses. On better news my boyfriend and i are going to Hong Kong in a week, i am really looking forward to this as i haven't had a holiday in 2.5 years! It was booked before all this stuff was going on but i'm just going to enjoy it and not stress about everything else. I am really looking forward to going to Disneyland and a day trip over to Macau and the big Buddha.
  2. MissDebb

    Blood Tests

    How is your mum going Zen? Hows the chemo? I hope she's doing ok.. I just found out my best mates dad has cancer, its from head to toe and they gave him 4 weeks.. I am devastated
  3. MissDebb

    Band has been placed!

    Great news! Welcome to the banded side lol
  4. MissDebb

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Last week 83.6kg this week 82.3kg so a loss of 1.3kg! YAY I had a fill last week and it is making a difference, i have also sat down and reevaluated what i was eating, i have seen my dietitian and she has giving me a few pointers.
  5. I had an appointment with my dietitian yesterday and i was surprised when she showed me this youtube clip. I was always under the impression that we should never drink & eat at the same time, but according to Helen we can... Thoughts??
  6. MissDebb

    Blood Tests

    Great work Zen!
  7. MissDebb

    Gym Buddy Idea

    I think its a great idea Trish. I also think that any gym should be happy with it as it gets them more business. I don't think there should be any problem with it as you are not going to be training these people just talking with them. It may be as simple as when you see someone working out you could just start chatting to them and tell them your story. Or maybe if your up for it you could (with manager permission) put a before and after photo up of you in the gym and have a heading "want to know how i did, come ask me" and then just make yourself available & be very friendly to people... My goal in the long run is to become a trainer and also specialize in nutrition for WLS people. Good luck and let us know how you go!
  8. MissDebb

    Lying on your tummy?

    It took me about 2 weeks before i could sleep on my tummy, and now i have no issues with sleeping a full night on it.
  9. MissDebb

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I am up to 83.6kg this week so up 600g
  10. MissDebb

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    Damn Im going to have to cancel, I've been asked to work & won't finish till 9
  11. MissDebb

    1st Plus Size Model in Sports Illustrated Magazine

    Yes it is American, she is also 1.75m tall and only weighs 77kg so I don't think she would be an Aus18..? I'm hopeless when it comes to judging sizes though lol the thing that annoys me is the magazine is getting all the publicity for this but it was actually a paid ad that she was in so I don't know how much say the mag really had in her being in it...? Either way I think Ashley is gorgeous, here's her Instagram account http://instagram.com/theashleygraham
  12. MissDebb

    Food Porn :)

    Missy I have a recipie for baileys that was my grandmothers, it's pretty easy to make. 150ml whisky 1 tin condensed milk 1tbls choc topping 350ml cream 2 eggs Dash vanilla essence Put it all together & mix, I'm sure you could use lite cream. Not sure if there's lite condensed milk? Hope this helps a little
  13. MissDebb

    FitBit...who has one and are they worth it?

    I love my Garmin Vivofit to. I had a fit bit and sold it after a month but my Garmin I've now had since Christmas and love it. I guess it depends on what suits you best..
  14. MissDebb

    1st Plus Size Model in Sports Illustrated Magazine

    I agree with Little Birdie, to me a size 14 isn't plus size, I think they really need to sit down and readjust BMI charts and what is actually plus size. This women is beautiful but not plus sized, she just looks healthy!
  15. MissDebb

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I am down 1.4kg this week from 84.4kg to 83kg. My first mini goal of being in the 70's by the time i go to hong kong (26th Feb) may be in reach. 3kg in 3 weeks...