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  1. wombatski

    November 2014

    @brizkate what surgery did you have?
  2. wombatski

    November 2014

    Hi November peeps. Hope you're all doing well. I'm feeling a little low as 3 weeks out and the scales still aren't moving :-( to be honest I'm not doing much exercise as I have twin 2yr olds and I'm knackered all the time but I'm hardly eating anything :-/ I'm a bit worried about myself that I keep falling off the wagon. I'm supposed to be on puree but I keep having little bites of food now and then. I'm just craving biting something. I was recommended mash potato by the nutritionist but I can't manage that. Makes me feel to heavy. It's meat that I keep craving which is weird as I'm an ex vegetarian and every time I 'cheat' it's pork! A food I normally hate. This week I ate ham. I'm not normally a rule breaker. Don't know what's got into my head.....
  3. wombatski

    November 2014

    Ahh sorry. I'm on my phone and can't type with this tiny keyboard.
  4. wombatski

    November 2014

    Thanks Angel. What kind of exercise dud you do to start? I've asked Santa for a gym membership. ...bit I have no idea what to do once I get there :-( I'm ashamed to admit it's been eons since I worked out.
  5. wombatski

    November 2014

    Thanks for the welcome. My first week was horrendous. I was supposed to be in hospital 24-48 hrs but they kept me from 7am Tuesday to Saturday night which was a shock. I found it all really difficult as I have 2 yr old twins that I'm struggling to lift but it's getting easier each day. I messed up on the weekend. I'm supposed to be on fluids only until tomorrow but in a weak moment I ate a piece of pork :-( I was uncomfortable for about 4 hrs and paranoid I'd busted my stitches but mostly sick in the stomach hating myself for messing up so early in the game. Should start mushy food tomorrow. How do you all cope with mentally wanting food?
  6. wombatski

    November 2014

    Ahhh tiny keyboard on my phone...sorry. ...
  7. wombatski

    November 2014

    Hello November people. My op was November 18th. I just joined this site a few minutes ago so still working out how to navigate..... I didn't have a band, I had gastric plication, but im not sure where else to go for support. I'm Australian bit I live in the Czech Republic. My clinic has its own forum, but it's of course all in Czech :-( I'm a mother of beautiful 2yr old twins and feeling very alone right now as I'm do far away from my Australian family.