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  1. Hi all, I am 3wks post op and doing really well, I have lost 7.5kgs during this time and really happy with my progress so far but I am due for my first visit with the Dr next wk not sure if he fills in that appointment or not but my puree meals are just not or don't feel like they are filling me....I feel hungry all the time is this normal, I don't want to undo any of the good work that I have done so far Cheers
  2. luvhandles82

    Band has been placed!

    I am a new band girl too, I had mine placed on the 24th of this mth and everything went really well......glad it all went well for you. I had a readmission back to hospital 2 days later for an allergic reaction to 1 of my meds that had to be made a liquid cause the tablet was to big to swallow, but after that ordeal i now know not to try and get things down that may get stuck because it will hurt coming back up, they gave me a tablet for the reaction and it got lodged and I couldn't get it up......ouch I am now a wk since band and lost 6kgs, feel hungry every now and then but apart from that all is good Hope it is all going as planned and hoped for you :-)
  3. luvhandles82

    Which Multi Vitamin do you take?

    I am using Berocca but having so much trouble remembering to take it, but when I do take it I wait for the fizz go away
  4. luvhandles82

    January 2011 banding in Orange

    Sorry i have accidentally posted twice.....only new to site 😕
  5. luvhandles82

    January 2011 banding in Orange

    Is anyone still using this post that is in Orange and getting a band at Dudley with Dr Hook or who has just recently got one 😀