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  1. It has been quite a while since I had my last entry. I have lost only 15 kilos so still have 25 to go. Not once in the nearly two years that I have had it done have I ever had one regret. I still eat too fast and eat the wrong things I know but I am a slow learner but I am constantly learning. I am happy where I am as I know I would have been so much heavier by now if I hadn't had the banding. I decided to come back as I am back in the zone of losing weight. I don't eat much but am eating the wrong food as I find a lot of easy to eat food is high in fat. I have been using my food processor to finely chop salads which as been a godsend. Anyway just to say I'm back and wanting to go to the next level. :
  2. jules5290


    I always thought the port was the lowest scar on the right hand side near where your appendics are. Not in the centre of your belly about 2 inches below where your bra sits if that makes sense...God you must think I'm dumb I feel a bit better now as I was having a coniption fit wondering if I had stuffed up my band.
  3. Is it unusual to feel the band. Or maybe its not the band but scar tissue..Where the biggest scar is on my tummy, in the centre just below my rib cage. My tummy has a dent in it and I can feel something hard..It feels like its just below the skin....eeeeewwww..I'm so worried that I've done something stupid like eaten too much or not mushed my food enough. I've been banded now for 2 1/2 weeks and am also wondering whether this is norm once swelling goes away..I'm also finding I'm eating more on mushies which is worrying me as I am so paranoid about gaining weight before my first fill on Thursday. Would love some advice..
  4. jules5290

    Duromine! anyone used it???

    I think a lot of my problems with my weight started after using prescribed diet pills as I would lose all this weight go off them put my weight back on again start on another batch of pills lose weight again...etc etc etc..eventually i think I became immune to them. Durommine gave me the usual side effects..It was ok during day but night I couldn't sleep and would become so anxious..I ended up taking sleeping tablets at night..What a rollercoaster..I ended up stopping everything as was like a mad woman.. I can see the benefit of taking them before the banding though for quick weight loss. Goodluck with your journey..
  5. jules5290

    First fill monday

    I am in same boat..Am so glad I read your post. I have my first fill on Thurs..I had my op 23rd March..This week I have been experiencing hunger pains and so scared that I am going to put on weight..Its kinda depressing as I feel like I have no band. Bring on Thursday. I really need to know and feel it's working.
  6. jules5290

    Blah to Band to Brand

    Catharine, I just love your style
  7. jules5290

    First fill

    What a lovely and honest read..I really enjoy reading the happiness the band (I've yet to nem mine..but I will)has given to people...good on you
  8. jules5290

    Oh quieten you gurgling tummy

    Happy to say tummy has settled am no loner constipated am feelin fantastic
  9. jules5290

    3 days in Bandit land...

    Hi Cub I'm also on day 10 and am feeling better than even before the op as am about 8 kilos lighter so thats gotta help. The only pain I have had since op is bloody constipation and that was my own doing as I didn't drink enough .. So please make sure u drink heaps and stay hydrated...I am a side sleeper also and was happy that it was about night 4 when I could finally sleep on side with my hugging pillow Hope ur back pain has eased...
  10. Catharine, I really enjoyed reading your blog. It got me to think about my goals and where I had been hiding them for years...You Know What..I'm dusting them off and bringing them out again
  11. jules5290

    Oh quieten you gurgling tummy

    I was banded last Wednesday at 8am. So its been 4 days. How am I feeling? Day 1 - was great as high on morphine Day 2 - a little sore but not too bad with pain killers Day 3 - thought I was brand new so did the washing, vaccuming,washed floors, went shopping....and fell in a heap. Day 4 - stayed in bed till midday. Have taken it easy all day but am so bloody constipated (which is a feeling I don't think I have ever had)..I really havn't been drinking enough. So I dosed up on metimucil tonight oh and I took a couple of natural laxatives this morning. And have been guzzling water..I even had a bath hoping things would start moving I wish I had taken more of a notice of my weight when I originally started this journey but I wouldn't look at the scales as was so embarrassed. My tummy is so bloated at the moment. I am so looking forward to the gurgling and the bloating to go away. Am a bit worried as am back at work on Monday even though will probably only go in for a few hours. So far I havn't had a day where I have thought 'what have I done'. For some reason I am not focusing on the band at all. I thought I may have trouble adjusting to having a foreign body in my err body but I'm not which is what I would prefer. Enouh Rambling as need a nap.
  12. jules5290

    surgery day to 4 days post op

    Thankyou for your Blog...I'm being banded in Adelaide tomorrow and am quite calm on the outside but inside i'm a mess of butterflys and twisted guts
  13. jules5290

    I can do this!!

    HI Cub great to see you back.. I'm on my 2nd week of OPtifast. And I did exactly what you did after going 1 day with just the shakes I toddled off to Chem Warehouse and got myself some of the choc berry bars. So i still have a choc shake in morning with berries and then lunch is homemade veg soup and a flat white coffee with 1/2 a bar and then dinner is 80gm chicken with stirfried veg and before bed 1/2 bar and cup of tea....and....you know what...I lost over 4kgs in a week.
  14. jules5290

    My surgery drama, and now 2 weeks post op!

    Danielle I was only just saying to my son yesterday that when we are in Bali in early August I am going to go to do the waterslides at Waterbom and not the Lazy River which is all I've been able to attempt in the past. Can't wait...Good on you with your fantastic weight loss journey. I am banded in 9 days and can hardly wait although I must say the time is passing quickly..
  15. jules5290

    B.I.G NEWS!!!!!!!!

    That is excellent news...