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  1. mizmizzy1

    band to loose? ??

    Hey guys:-), I had my first fill 2 weeks ago and it all went to the letter, 4-5 days after I was only eating twice a day and right amounts and I lost 3 kg then I noticed I was getting hungry and not feeling as tight. I has second fill last night he said it will just be a small adjustment as I was on track. but I am eating more than I should where as the first time I couldn't. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and I feel silly ringing them to see if I can get it tighter. has anyone gone back sooner than 2 weeks if they feel its not restricted enough?
  2. mizmizzy1

    Keeping it secret.

    I didn't want a lot of people knowing there are only a small group of people that know at work and in my friend circle and still a lot of people that don't know. I don't want to broadcast it. If it comes up when I am out eating and drinking with people then I may tell someone if they ask what's going on, but I do get a bit embarrassed about it. Especially when you are refused a doggy bag at a restaurant and are refused so you have to pull out the whole "I have had weight loss surgery and can't eat my meal!!!" comes up but a small price to pay for feeling good
  3. Had my first fill on the 6/01/2015 and have now lost 2kg in a week :) also had my first bit of food get stuck :( lucky i was at home, overall feeling good though noticing smaller legs tummy and chest so feeling good :)

    1. duckie


      Glad all is working out for you.

  4. mizmizzy1

    Does wanting the wrong food ever go away

    Thanks ladies , i took what i could and off loaded it at work today the rest in the bin and went for a walk to try and start my exercise I have pulled up a little sore over my port site but feel good
  5. feeling a bit bummed I over ate at Christmas and put on 2 kg :-(, but I threw out the left over Christmas pudding, custard and ice cream and will take anything else naughty to work tomorrow to let others eat. I think 3.5 weeks after surgery I feel well enough to start exercise on wards and upwards

    1. kazbo


      well done on throwing out the leftovers! and walking only for the first 6 weeks - but do check with your clinic or GP and see if they will clear you for anything more strenuous than that.

    2. duckie


      Great strategies, keep up the good work

  6. mizmizzy1

    Does wanting the wrong food ever go away

    Thanks for the replys in the bin it goes :-)
  7. Im only 3 weeks post op and with Christmas, family visiting and being able to eat for the first time again since surgery I really feel I have over done it and I have put on around 2kg id say in the last week :-(. Sitting at the table looking at all the food I want it all but im to full to eat anymore, than after 5 10 min I feel I can fit a bit more, not that im hungry just cause I can. I justify this by saying well im eating alot less than I would have with out the band. I have not had any meetings with a nutritionist or got the lap band book yet, my first appointment and fill is on the 6/1/15 hoping that will help. I have all this food in my house from Christmas I really want to throw it out but its such a waste :-( but as much as I want it I know I shouldn't eat it!!! Any tips??
  8. mizmizzy1

    What side is your port??

    Mine is to the left but about 3 inch above my belly button, 3 weeks on from surgery its the only pain I get now it still is quite tender and the biggest scar, but port is only to the left slightly
  9. mizmizzy1

    Need more mushie ideas

    I am on a mushies now, I made san choi bou ( asian dish with mince meat and you eat it in a lettus and squshed it all up, but as long as I am chewing everything so its mushy and having things like Scrabled eggs, baked beans, toufu, vegies, dip like hommus or tzuki with water crackers but i make sure i chew properly all goes down with no problems at all. I even have a drink when i eat also small mouth fulls but it helps to get it down a little. I don't even know how much they put in my band i was pretty out of it when my surgeon came around he said it all went well and that's all i remember. And I haven't been contacted about a nutritionist or anything....... is that normal????
  10. Bought my first set of scales ever!! and have lost 4kg since surgery 9 days ago, incisions healing, eating and drinking with out to much drama, feeling good :)

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    2. duckie


      Congrats. Glad to hear you are well

    3. Hutch


      I'm listening and watching with intrepid action I'm 3 weeks off my surgery and still shitting myself. So scared

    4. Hutch


      Intrepidation that's suppose to say

  11. mizmizzy1


    I had about 3 gin and tonics over l like 3 hours at my friends place the other night, I couldn't and didn't feel like anymore, I had a carona and a few glasses small ones of cider, burped a little and it took me about 45 min to finish each, you can't take big mouthfuls the way you use to you have to consciously drink, its different but very doable. Im 12 days post op :-)
  12. mizmizzy1

    December 2014 bander

    Good luck Wolf!! You probably wont get much sleep tonight. Sure you will be fine, look forward to hearing how you go
  13. mizmizzy1

    December 2014 bander

    Ahhh, the man him self, think I will get Helens book to I was done By Paul Burton from the Center for Bariatric surgery too . Hopefully you get the same nurse I did after your surgery TINA she is amazing!!! Many friendly faces in the waiting rooms too, good luck xo
  14. mizmizzy1

    2 days in Surgery was on 5/12/14

    That's great good luck tomorrow, I took some De gas and some benefiber I feel a bit more comfortable now. I had been at work all week an left work early today I think it caught up with me a bit, feel better after a rest though. I have been eating pate and baked beans and dip as I am on to soft solids now so that's good .
  15. mizmizzy1

    2 days in Surgery was on 5/12/14

    Hi , Much better thanks. I changed my dressings today and the pain is getting alot better. Only issue I seem to have is i keep feeling like I am getting air trapped then i get a big pain and I have to straigten my back right up for it to stop, it is the same feeling if I drink to quick but there is nothing there, it happens alot not sure why, could just be im still sore internally from surgery cause I can't take a big breath to yawn either cause of the pain then I get the trapped air feeling again. Apart from that, I have already noticed my work clothes a little lose, I have not weighed myself but I would be keen to know How are you going? You must be happy with your progress