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  1. Drama, drama, drama. I went in on Monday morning to get initial fill in my band. The surgeon said because I have fluctuated (gone up) in weight the right amount of fill needs to be guessed out. So he put 4ml into my empty band which he thought would have one in it. He than said because he thought i already had one in there he will put more in. Giving me 6ml in the band. I sat up and had some water. This automatically came up and he took me back down to 5ml. I tested with water again but it wasn't coming straight back up so i went home after being poked 3 times. When I was leaving the offices I got a pain in my chest (heart burn like) and by the time I got to my car I was reaching for the sick bag I keep for motion sickness ppl in my car. So went back to the office and they took another ml out leaving me with 4ml and I was sent home with a puree diet for 24hrs. That evening at about 5pm I finally thought I should have something even though I wasn't nessesarily feeling the hunger. I had some yogurt and within half hour of having it it had come back up. I couldn't do anything but by night I was feeling particularly empty so had some broth/consume and 5hrs later when i was thinking of going to bed it felt like it was still sitting there so I proped myself up to sitting in bed and spent the whole night coughing with a metalic taste in my mouth. Next day I went back to the surgeons and told him my night and he took some fluid out. He told me 1ml but I think he was getting a bit weary about leaving me with no fill so he probably only took out half and I sat up and drank water. I said I was pretty sure it wasn't moving asked him questions like how big a sip do u need to take coz I have never taken more than just a little to trickle down my throat and how long should water linger there for? So he rang the local radiology centre and booked me in for a barium swallow I went there and brought the results straight back to the surgeon. He looked at them and said yes you are too tight I will take out another ml leaving you with 2.5ml. this is when I became aware that he had only removed .5ml at one stage. He did that and I had some water and went back in and told him it is still lingering. I was worried about having another night like the night before. He said look you can give it a go or I can take out the .5ml so I had him do that. The testing with the water I am just not very good at. I try to do it but each time except when it physically comes back up feels pretty much the same. Anyway I have left his offices the second day with 2ml fill in and a confused surgeon as to why I can only handle so little fill. I haven't had any trouble with anything since but now I am worried that I could have kept the .5ml maybe coz I seem to be able to eat vegetables and fruit I couldn't eat last time. Or maybe it is at the right level. I wouldn't know.
  2. Well have my appointment that the surgeon made for me mid last year to see how I was feeling about trying again with this band and having adjustments. I wanted to give myself a decent shot at it without the band for a while before redoing the thing I had been so utterly disappointed with for the last 7 years. I had a good christmas and new years and probably managed to lose a little weight or at least not gain any over that period but the second half of last year has seen me raise my weight even higher than the last time I saw the surgeon (to have my gall bladder removed). I did lose 10kg in the few weeks before the GB surgery so I didnt take long or much to gain that back. I am going back to this surgeon and hoping that this time around the support and help is there that I desperately needed from my original surgeons who didn't show any after they received their money. I am glad that my decision hasn't faltered in the last few months after deciding to try again. I just figure what have I got to lose other than some of this weight. I will try and keep you up to date with progress this time around and already feel more support than the first time being a part of this community.
  3. I have a band from nov 2006, I am now bigger than I was when banded and the liquid fill has been removed from my band. I am thinking of starting again and getting my band adjusted in jan 2015.

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      Good on you beccy for getting back on track

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      Best wishes, you seem positive this time round

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      A new year, a new start! Go for it girl! :)

  4. beccymay

    The Decision to try again

    Thanks for the comments of support. I already feel better about this time around. I am spending New Years with my best friend and even though he used to get annoyed at how slow or little I ate last time around I feel he will support my decision to try again because I am in such a better frame of mind this time to do it. I will add to this blog when my appointment comes up late jan next month.
  5. Wow. Having had a lap band that I had put in in late 2006 and for years regretting the choice I made due to frustrations of not being able to eat foods that I felt I should eat (no not talking bout bread or red meat) I'm talking any green vegetables no matter how they were prepared and any fruit. My tiny pills I have to take every day would sit there and not go down for 4-6 hrs and the ones at night would give me terrible pains all night long. I think a lack of good support also played into it with dieticians telling me "you cant expect to lose weight like that with your thyroid and other health problems". My thoughts were why did I get this stupid thing to begin with. I had a horrible year 2013 and 2014 with more health problems and surgeons who removed mostly all the fluid from my band so I could eat normal food to then refusing to remove my gall bladder to my preferred surgeon successfully removing my gall bladder but discussing options with me of putting some fluid back into the band and giving it another go. I was reluctant and the surgeon has said that it sounds like things were not adjusted to the right level last time but I'm still feeling reluctant so I tell the surgeon I wanted to give myself the 6 months to the end of the year to see if I could maybe move some of the weight without the fluid in my band. Well it is coming up to xmas. I am probably 20kgs heavier than I was when I had my gall bladder out 6 months ago (even with losing 10kg b4 the surgery) I am looking at a xmas at the largest I have ever been with a need to lose probably 90kgs and I am at this point not able to budge the scales in the negative direction. I know more exercise would help but with my health and to be honest my size at the moment exercise really isnt an option or something I can see myself doing enough of to move the weight. I want to go back to the years in my late teens and early 20's when I knew there was something wrong because being someone who has always been a bit curvey but never obese overweight and thinking something isnt right here, im not well instead of the path I took not caring about getting worse and hoping that my health that was depleating would kill me before anyone caught on to me being sick. For the first time in my life I put on weight and boy did I put it on 60+ kgs in what seemed like 6 months. Finally my coma like state brought on attention from my oblivious parents and I was luckily diagnowed with hashimotos (an under active thyroid) dr told me I was lucky to get to it because it was on a path to killing me. Since the diagnoses in 2006 I had the lapband pretty soon after in that year and things just seemed to go downhill. Sorry about the long post in this blog but I wanted to give you some background on me and my previous journey of the lapband 1.0 I am now making the decision to take the local surgeon (who is not the surgeon who did my lapband or took out all the fluid a year ago) to start fills again and adjust this band to a appropriate adjustment for me to lose some of this weight. I have my appointment I scheduled 6 months ago coming up in january and I am definitely leaning towards saying "yes lets give this thing I spent a lot of money on 8 years ago another try". I will keep you posted on my journey (lapband 2.0) in this blog and am hopeful of a more successful journey this time.