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  1. Hutch

    I Know What it's Like to be Fat

    Hey tishtish just watch you video spoken from your heart well done..... i need all the help I can get I'm stuck not moving much now any tips on restarting the sluggish engine I'm seeming to be at a stalled moment with my weight also any tips on what's got the most fibre cause not much is happening in the down stairs department either. My most frustrating bit is trying to find good nourishing protein foods to take to work for lunch I seem to be living on the homemade soups and I'm getting a little sick of them I know you will have some great ideas you could write a book on what a typical days meals look like for you when you were first starting out..... i await in anticipation for your ideas cheers hutch
  2. Hutch

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm up 1 kg but first day of the dreaded period could that be why ??
  3. Hutch

    I Made a Video

    I'll have to wait until Im On annual leave or pull a sickie as I unfortunately work full time will get there one day lol.....
  4. Hutch

    I Made a Video

    Trish your a Pissa I love it love the tramp stamp bit you look great and attitude that's the best bit good on you girl. Will still have to catch up for that coffee one day cheers hutch.
  5. Yes I'm stil mainly on soups and up and go because I think I really irritated something about 1 week back. I'm living on little snack packs of nuts and home made soup yoghurt but really getting sick of that although I made risotto and managed about a cup full of that yummo but I have this burning feeling still in the gut any clues people's or have I just had a major stuck and it's healing lol.....
  6. Hutch

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm so slow down to about 83 I think so overall about 13 kg since January getting there real slow but now having trouble eating anything the band has just decided to tighten right up
  7. As long as you don't have to lift you should be fine I also didn't tell anyone and just got on with it. I went back to work day 3 after op unfortunately I had to and I had to drive 50 mins each way. Just take it easier and don't stretch too much I was real good but very tired about day 4 but I just got better each day and when I got home I just rested up as much as I could just take it easy and be aware of your new accessory lol.... hutch
  8. Hutch


    Told you all I was dumb helps if you tick the box that say's see your signature doesn't it lol.....
  9. Thanks all definetly worth revisiting isn't it
  10. Hutch


    Thanks angel butterfly your a legend finally this old dumb arse got it my problem was I was trying to do it though the ticker factory and couldn't work out how to get it to this page. Thanks heaps to everyone else also that tried to help hutch
  11. Hutch


    Hi guys how the hell do I update my ticker. I can't find where to go to do it if I go into the ticker factory it lets me do a new one but I don't know where to post it to , any my ideas please ....thanks hutch
  12. Hutch


    Testing my ticker
  13. Help people how do I update my ticket can't work this new site out if someone can point me into the right direction I thank you

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    2. rumplebear


      You copy and paste it on the bottom window, delete your old ticker and paste it in its place. Sorry I can't screenshot it, I'm too dumb to work out how.


    3. Hutch


      Thanks for your help rumplebear but I'm the dumb one when I copy and paste it won't give me the paste option when I press on that window  and it flicks me out of that page  do you setup a pin  Every time to edit it ?

       and I cannot see my old ticker anywhere unless I do a new post. 

    4. rumplebear


      I have a pin to edit my ticker. Maybe post the question on the forum and someone will give better instructions, or even better do screen shots for you.


  14. Hutch

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi all hiw do I change my ticker with this new site. I have tried and tried. And cannot work it out would like to up my profile o it cause I finally lost a bit more lollllll hutch any my suggestion would be welcomed thankyou