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    Walking my 2 gorgeous shihtzu x maltese puppies (best part of my day), spending time with my daughter, op shopping with my friends, travel and living in the heart of the best cool climate wine region...mmmmm!!!
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    3 Months Post-Op
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  1. Karenlea


    Are you on a women's fomular multi vitamin? I found I lost my drive coz I lost my energy. It certainly is easier to say no to sugar when I'm taking the vitamins. Just an idea.
  2. Karenlea

    3rd time under

    You're a bloody trooper Mixie! You must love and respect your body dearly, to continue on to get it right. I too, would do the exact same measures. Keep your chin up and know you are in all our thoughts. Here in support of success! <<<<<huge hugs>>>>>
  3. Hello beautiful, had my first fill on thurs, yay. Now just got to be careful again with my portion sizes. Can still eat all the solids I was eating prior to fill. I always chew really well. How's it all going with you? Karen x

  4. Hi Joanne

    How's it all going? Are you still on mushies? Were you banded at LGH? My surgeon is Pande at LGH. I had my 1st fill on Friday and it is making a diffence but my head needs to recognise when I'm full as I am overeating coz I am in a bit of pain about 15-20 mins later when it hits my stomach. Got to be more strict with my meal sizes.

  5. Yummo Shell, am going to try that. I haven't thought of toasted sangas and I use to love helgas soy and linseed bread. I was banded on the 2nd April and only had my 1st fill yesterday. I have a 10ml band, had 1ml put in yesterday and that brings me up to 4ml total as present. What size band have you got? I know there are many sizes they use.
  6. Karenlea

    Any North-West banders out there?

    Hi Meg & Joanne. So happy, I would love to catch up with you both. Just had my first fill yesterday, yay!!! It took a little effort for the dr to find my port but persistance paid off. He put in 1ml. Not having any problems eating but it is making me feel fuller for longer. How should we stay in contact? Still learning how to use this forum.
  7. Karenlea

    Long story short, but finally the truth about me.

    Good on you Trouble. I look forward to reading your journey
  8. Karenlea

    Forum For Failures

    I'm 11 wks banded and yet to have my 1st fill as well. With winter time, it is making it even more difficult to make good food choices. The band is not the total solution to our weight loss! It still requires us to get into the right head space to make good choices. In saying that, the band is suppose to take away our hunger and if you are eating because you are hungry then you need to talk to your surgeon. I know that I don't just eat for hunger sake and that is going to be the hardest hurdle for me in losing my weight. I need to access my dietician and psychologist more regularly as I can be an emotional eater. We all have our weakness and establishing what they are helps to set up stategies to get through those tough times when we need support. This is the right forum for us and even more important for the strugglers than those who are finding it easy. Keep reaching out as we all need support.
  9. Karenlea

    Any North-West banders out there?

    Hi Megan, I'm in Exeter and would love the same opportunity to coffee and chat with other bandits for support. I'm 11 wks banded and haven't had my 1st fill yet and starting to find things getting a bit tougher to stay on track with our cold weather and the gorgeous comfort food we all like to indulge in when we hybernate during our winter. Let me know how you go connecting with others closer to you but maybe we could get all together in Devonport some time. Stay warm and keep in touch. Karen
  10. Karenlea

    A new pic of me taken today :)

    WOW D...you look amazing. You must feel amazing with your weight loss. Good on ya darlin
  11. Karenlea

    Need to get back on track......

    10 weeks ago I was banded and was doing really well.....then 2 wks ago my father died. I have lost my way. I am eating too much and do not have any problems eating anything. I am yet to have my 1st fill. I have put on 2 kgs in the past 2wks and feel extremely disappointed in myself. Its now really hard to have smaller portions and I find myself going to the fridge and cupboards often. I am obviously an emotional eater. I don't want to damage my new band.
  12. Karenlea

    gonna just try

    You can do it Rach. It's at these times that we show what we are really made of and face it you are woman! You deserve success in every part of your life! It all begins with you
  13. Love my band and feel so empowered by it. I losing weight steadily and looking forward to my 1st fill. 20kgs down and noticing life is much easier being lighter. Fitted in the theatre seats last night and could sit right next to my beautiful daughter instead of having a seat in between us! Can cross my legs and moving faster without even realising I could do both until my friends commented on my changes. Big smiles, very happy girl!

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    2. dreamhan


      Great feeling! Well done!

    3. NewMe_NewLife86
    4. Megan40


      Karen!!!!! absolutely fantastic!!!!!!I am so happy for you...and without even a fill yet 20kg. You must be a very strong willed and focussed person. Perhaps you could rub some off on me. With the lap band you will continue to have your life opened up. I have often said the lap band gave me back my life.

  14. Karenlea

    I'm a bandy bandit banster!!!!!

    Congrats Kylie! Welcome to the beginning to a healthy, sexier new version of you in the near future. It is the best thing I have done for myself. This forum is a wonderful support and we can't wait to hear about your journey. Rest and keep your fluids up. Karen
  15. Karenlea

    Two tops need a new home...

    Hi Shorty. It arrived! Thank you so much for the top. It's lovely and I am a size 20 down from size 24 and I look forward to wearing it as it is a size 18 which I'm really happy about and will be in it very soon. Thank you again for your kindness. Karen : )