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  1. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Abdominal pain   

    Could be gallstones, very common with rapid weight loss.
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  2. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Newbie, wanting some advice please.   

    Inboxed you.
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  3. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Loose skin removal - surgeons, what you've had removed and cost?   

    Where are you located?  I'm not sure if reconstructive surgery is available through the public system and if it is, it could be a very long wait.
    I had tummy tuck in 2014 and bilateral breast reduction/lift in 2016, both privately, both around $9000 out of pocket.
    Medicare rule for tummy tuck have changed in the past two years.  Best you see a qualified plastic/reconstructive (NOT COSMETIC) surgeon for an opinion.  Seeing as you have rashes etc, these will have to be documented with either photos or notes made by GP visits.
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  4. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Gastroscopy Result   

    PART A:
    PART B:
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  5. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Intro - Newbie - from Geelong   

    Are you Stacey?
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  6. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Intro - Newbie - from Geelong   

    Which PHI are you with?  Would you consider changing to a new PHI just so you can get cover?
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  7. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Intro - Newbie - from Geelong   

    Hello and welcome!  I'm a Geelong girl too.  Was sleeved by the amazing Darrin Goodall-Wilson in June 2012.  Lost 60kg.  Had a tummy tuck in 2014 (3kg removed) and breast reduction/lift in 2016 (just under 1kg removed).
    If you are using super, look at Matthew Leong as Darrin doesn't accept super patients.  Why can't your PHI cover WLS?  Not right level of cover?
    My start weight was 128kg, now hovering around 80kg.  Lowest weight was 73kg.  I'm having a gastroscope on Tuesday just to make sure there's nothing serious going on, though barium swallow a few weeks go was all clear, but having scope just to be on the safe side.
    Feel free to inbox me or you can joint a private Facebook group I have for Geelong WLS patients.
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  8. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Quick decision   

    How did you go?
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  9. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: High protein ice cream!!   

    I still have normal ice-cream, but only 1-2 small scoops or a mini Magnum.  Very rarely have sweets anyway.
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  10. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Quick decision   

    If you feel that you aren't 100% ready, then postpone the surgery.  Only you can decide this.  Maybe call and ask when the next available date is, give yourself more time to prepare.
    It is preferred you have help around the house, especially with young children as you will be unable to lift them, usually 4-6 weeks, to let things heal fully.
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  11. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Fact or Fiction: You can stretch your sleeve.
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  12. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Last Fat Clothes   

    Keep one or two "big" items, so you can do the comparison photos for when you get to your goal weight.
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  13. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: The million dollar question...have I stretched my stomach?   

    I'm coming up to 5 years post sleeve and 3 years since I last saw my amazing surgeon.  Ongoing review was not necessary as I was progressing well and there were no complications, though he has always said to return if any problems.  I've finally plucked up the courage (and at the insistence of my fellow sleeve friends) to make an appointment to see my surgeon and talk about what is going on.
    I know I have gained weight but I refuse to admit it to anyone, even my own family, even though they can clearly see I've gained weight.  Thing is, my clothes still fit the same and if they don't I blame muscle gain from the gym, which I know is bullshit.  I have a feeling that I've put on anywhere between 5 and 10kg since my tummy tuck in 2014 (weight on day of op was 73kg).  Every scale shows a different reading, so I don't know which to go by (obviously the lowest!).
    So made an appointment and I'm seeing him on Wednesday 3/5.  The first stepping stone was getting a new referral from my GP and I was expecting to get the third degree from her....nope, no issues, no questions.  In all honesty, I really do want to see if my stomach has stretched but again, I didn't even want to admit to her that I feel as though I've gained weight.
    I had to go pick up a referral to have a barium swallow prior to seeing him, so I had that done yesterday.  As I work for my GP, I'll be able to see the results on Saturday.  I got to see some of the scan being performed....was freaky watching my image on the screen, me opening my mouth to take a drink and then watching it slide down my oesophagus.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a DVD with the images/video, if not, somehow I'll get screenshots.
    Why am I so scared about going back?  Firstly, not only I have left myself down, I also feel as though I'm letting him down, in that I'm failing to maintain my weight after all the hard work with the sleeve, tummy tuck and breast reduction....a lot of money spent on all 3 procedures, which I do not want to go "down the drain".
    I know I need to lose the weight but I just can't get motivated.  Even my upcoming trip to Canada isn't motivating me :(.
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  14. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Excess skin and tips after surgery!   

    But bear in mind, not all surgeons will do multiple procedures at once.  Some are a max of two due to anaesthetic risks.
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  15. Nessa1977 added a post in a topic: Liquid struggle   

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