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About Me

First appointment with surgeon: Monday 21st November 2011
Sleep Study booked: Tuesday 10th January 2012 / Review Tuesday 31st January
Appointment with the dietician & Nurse Co-Ordinator: Wednesday 25th January 2012
Second appointment with surgeon: Monday 6th February 2012
Third appointment with surgeon: Monday 2 April 2012
Booked for surgery (lap sleeve gastrectomy): Tuesday 26 June 2012

Commenced Optifast - Tuesday 12th June 2012
Ceased Optifast - Monday 25th June 2012

Weight on second day of Optifast: 128.1kg
Weight on last day of Optifast: 123.5kg
Weight on day of surgery (26 June 2012):
Current weight (16 July 2013): 73.5kg

TOTAL: 54.6kg