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    Pre OP optifast soups!

    Soups are vile..............from what everyone has said, that's why I avoided them. You really don't need them. I just had shakes and bars and ate according to: https://nutritionforweightlosssurgery.com/product/your-complete-guide-to-nutrition-for-weight-loss-surgery/ Excellent for pre and post surgery.
  2. Nessa1977

    Best tummy tuck and arm surgery prices

    Just note that Nicole is not a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, she is a General Surgeon. And as stated above, cheap does not always mean better. Don't people watch Botched (even though is a US show)?
  3. Nessa1977

    Paying without insurance - Geelong

    claire.m So what is the outcome of your surgery?
  4. Nessa1977

    Coconut cream

    Coconut cream is rich and sweet on it's own. You would've been better off just having mushed banana/mushed mango and if you need something a bit sweet, honey.
  5. Am I normal? My last proper party, with friends, was when I turned 13. The rest of the milestones (16, 18 and 21) were just family events. TBH, I don't like being the "centre of attention" in these kind of situations. Whilst my sister is planning just a family dinner with all the family (about 25 in total) at Little Creatures brewery, I don't want it. She thinks it because I'm turning 40. It's not, I just don't want to do anything. My friend from my sleeve group on FB organised a dinner.....then cancelled as she found out she had to work that day. I was kinda bummed that even without her, someone else didn't take over the arrangements. What's wrong with me? Everyone is expecting me to do something, yet I don't want to.
  6. Nessa1977

    Turning 40 and I don't want a party

    Just an update, I ended up having a wonderful day spent with all the family at lunch....but I still didn't like the "spotlight" on me, if you know what I mean. Had a morning tea for the November birthday's at work today then going out to dinner with my coworkers tomorrow night, which I did not want but I can't exactly say no, can I? Oh well, after tomorrow night, it's all over and done with until my 50th.....then we start all over again. There could possibly be another cake on Monday at my other work, as they found out late this Monday just gone that it was my birthday.
  7. Nessa1977

    Experiences with Dr Dolan Please!!

    You said it yourself, mixed reviews. Only you can decide for yourself if you will like him. If you don't, then get a referral to see someone else.
  8. Nessa1977

    Turning 40 and I don't want a party

    I did.................in June
  9. Nessa1977

    Long-Term Sleevers - 2 1/2 years Plus

    Just gone 5 years sleeved in July. Was doing well but over the past 2 years, according to the scales, I've gained about 10kg. I only know this because at the time of tummy tuck, I was 73kg, today I'm anywhere between 84kg and 87kg. I know I've let myself get out of control and I'm trying to be better, but it's not easy. Plus I'm on a medication that is known to cause weight gain (Lyrica and Amitriptyline)...so basically I'm fucked. I've enrolled in a 66 day challenge at my local gym. First week I lost 800kg, then I somehow gained 200ish gm the week after. I'll weigh myself again on Wednesday prior to my next PT sessions. I'm monitoring my intake (loosely) on My Fitness Pal and average calorie intake is 500-700, which I know isn't enough but I can't do more than that unless I'm eating ALL DAY LONG. I need to see a dietitian that specialises in sleeve (there's one near where I live) but I just need to pull my finger out, make a booking and get some guidance. Plus I've stretched my tummy as I had a gastroscopy in May. The surgeon said IF I wanted to, he'd do a re-sleeve at no cost but "to be honest, you look great the way you are" were his words. I wouldn't go through all that anyway for a few kilos and pointless really because who knows, I could end up in the same place I am now and gain some kgs and then what, re-sleeve again?
  10. Nessa1977

    Plastic Surgery

    Where exactly in Melbourne are you? Medicare and Tummy Tuck: https://www.plasticsurgeryhub.com.au/what-are-the-changes-to-the-medicare-funding-for-tummy-tuck-abdominoplasty/
  11. Nessa1977

    Turning 40 and I don't want a party

    Ugh people just don't get it that I DON'T WANT TO DO ANYTHING! Now it's a family lunch next Sunday (approx 30 people). Then my work colleagues suggested that we catch up for dinner on Thursday night to "celebrate" and then happens to come up in conversation with the rest of the office that it's my birthday and so it's dinner Friday at somewhere not of my choosing. They're all local and know the area more, I'm the out of towner. I'd just prefer to stay at home and do nothing.
  12. Nessa1977

    The 1st week

    Welcome to the sleeved side. Please take care in the post op period. You've had major surgery. You need to let things heal. The laparoscopy scopes passed through muscle, which can result in pain. You may feel OK but doesn't mean you have to be superman/woman and try and do things.
  13. This is the product I was trying to talk about earlier LOL: https://www.sheswish.com/products/lace-pocket-anti-chafing-thigh-bands
  14. Nessa1977

    Plastic Surgery

    Highly. Anthony McDonald at St John of God in Geelong.
  15. Nessa1977

    Plastic Surgery

    Obviously every surgeon and PHI is different, but I'm with standard cover with Medibank and was covered for both tummy (pre change in "rules" and boobs). My fees: Approx $9000 for everything for tummy and approx $8000 for boobs (surgeon, anaesthetist, excess, garments, pathology).
  16. Nessa1977

    Newbie saying Hello (with a side of freaking out)

    Welcome.....see my response in your other post
  17. Nessa1977

    New sleever

    Congrats! Does your surgeon know you are travelling OS so soon after surgery? You'll also need to declare this with your travel insurance, if you haven't already. During weeks 3-6, you'll be on puree and soft food phase, which may make airline meals a little difficult. Soups, scrambled eggs, porridge are options. You won't be able to consume a lot, 1/4 if you're lucky. If eating out, some restaurants are accommodating, others aren't. Just ask if some foods can be prepared different, ie if minestrone is on the menu, ask if they wouldn't mind pureeing it. It's a learning curve and will be for a while. Weeks 1-2 (Fluid): http://www.livingwithasleeve.com/fluids-after-sleeve-gastrectomy/ Weeks 3-4 (Puree): http://www.livingwithasleeve.com/week-3-4-surgery-eat-puree-phase/ Stage 3 - Soft Food: https://www.southwestsurgery.com.au/sleeve-gastrectomy/phase-iii-soft-diet http://www.livingwithasleeve.com/travelling-after-gastric-sleeve/
  18. There's something on the market, they're like thick garters. Not sure how good they'd be? Otherwise something here? https://www.mamamia.com.au/anti-chafing-shorts-australia/
  19. Nessa1977

    Plastic Surgery

    Few questions: How far post sleeve are you? Has your weight been stable? Some surgeons recommend min 6-12 months stable to get the best result. What do you want to have done? Tummy? Thighs? Arms? Boobs? Some surgeons will only do two surgeries at once due to the length of time being under anaesthetic and other risks. As the rules have changed with regards to tummy tuck, you'll now have to "qualify". There are many topics on this, just need to Google the info.
  20. Nessa1977

    Turning 40 and I don't want a party

    My cousin keeps suggesting that I should have a party and that many people don't make it to 40 etc. I know that part is true. I had a friend recently diagnosed with a possible breast cancer (just turned 40) and in my line of work, I come across a lot of things and one that has stuck with me is a 36 year old woman who is now in palliative care due to cancer. She had a baby in February this year. I know shit happens and everything, but I'm not one for celebrating with the focus being on me. Whilst it's technically not a party (at this stage Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch), as it'll just be family, I just feel awkward. I guess I should just suck it up. And the plan was to go somewhere, initially it was Canada but my cousin says shit weather at that time of year (heading into winter) and that puts a limit onto sightseeing etc.
  21. Nessa1977

    70 Kg Before and after

    Holy shit woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look africkenmazing!
  22. Nessa1977

    It's not going to solve all your problems

    Can you please post after pics? I'm debating on whether to get my arms done, as well as thighs, obviously not together! Can you please show me the scars too?
  23. Nessa1977

    Stewart Skinner

    Look into the sleeve...yes more permanent but too many possible complications with the band down the track.
  24. Nessa1977

    TV SHOW: The Obesity Myth

    On Monday SBS premieres The Obesity Myth, a 3-part documentary series that follows the struggles of morbidly obese patients and their families as they go through the weight loss program at Melbourne’s Austin Health. With almost two-thirds of Australian adults tipping the scales as overweight or obese, The Obesity Myth breaks down barriers to social cohesion by challenging commonly held views of obesity. The Doctors at Austin Health are taking a different approach by treating obesity as a chronic genetic disease. Patients are told, often for the first time in their life, their weight problems are not their fault, but often primarily the result of a genetic predisposition. The Austin’s treatment regimen, which is a last resort for many patients who are at risk of early death due to their weight, uses a combination of diet, medication and bariatric surgery to transform bodies and lives. Episode One: Battling the Biology Challenging misconceptions about obesity as a lifestyle choice, this episode features patients such as former taxi driver Leanne, boxer Huss and the clinic’s heaviest patient, 248kg Karen, as they battle their biology to reclaim their lives. Monday, 4 September at 7.30pm on SBS.
  25. Nessa1977

    Breast Implant Surgery

    Regardless if you have had WLS yet or not, it is something that needs to be discussed with a surgeon as one size does not fit all.