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  1. Hi Marnie, I have had a very similar issue after a fill. I have been banded about 18 months and after some unfill last December I can now only tolerate 0.1 of a mil at each fill. Two fills ago the Dr put in 0.2 of a mil and I experienced the same as you. So she took out 0.1 and it went away almost immediately. Strangely, I can get more put in as long as each fill is only 0.1 ml at a time. But I am really having trouble getting any restriction at all so I am off to have a Bariam swallow as soon as I make the appointment. Not sure what is going on.
  2. Gpd

    Tummy tuck and PH provider update

    Just got this update from a plastic surgeon re the new criteria for TT procedures: As of January 1 2016, access to Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery for women with health issues as a result of pregnancies has been made significantly more difficult. The Federal Minister for Health, Sussan Ley MP announced just before Christmas 2015 that many mums will no longer be eligible for a tummy tuck Medicare number. The impact of this decision is that in many cases, Medicare rebates will no longer be available. For those patients with private health insurance, it means that fund rebates will also no longer contribute to the hospital fees, thus making the procedures for post pregnancy patients effectively classified as cosmetic. Essentially, many Abdominoplasty and body contouring procedures will now not be covered by any form of private health insurance or Medicare. The new rules are that Abdominoplasty and body contouring item numbers (and thus Medicare and private health fund rebates) will only be eligible for patients who satisfy the following conditions: Documented skin conditions including rashes as a result of the excessive skin unresponsive to medical treatment. Documented interference with daily activities/life as a direct result of the extra skin/fat. Patients weight must have been stable for at least 6 months following significant weight loss prior the surgery More than 5 BMI points must have been lost. Medicare and private health insurance rebates are therefore still available for massive weight loss patients who suffer skin irritation and other issues associated with excess tissue and skin, who meet these conditions.
  3. Gpd

    Adolescent Daughter to be lapbanded

    Hi Stacey72, I was banded by another doctor at CBS, and I can let you know that the after care service provided by all the staff and doctors at CBS has been second to none. They are supportive, encouraging and also very efficient. I highly recommend them. I also just wanted to say that you are a brilliant mother and I applaud the efforts you are going to for your daughter. I had a weight issue my entire life and I only wish that this was available to me at 15 rather than 55! The best of luck to you all, gpd
  4. I rarely eat red meat since being banded. It often gets stuck so I now mostly have fish & chicken. Every time I eat out I always have fish and this is so that I don't get a stuck episode and it has worked for me brilliantly. And I love fish so much more now that it has just become my 'normal'.
  5. Gpd

    Pain after fill

    My doctor always warms me after a fill to stay on fluids for a few days. If I try any solids I will get the pain you are referring to. I suggest you stay on fluids until it passes. By eating solids after a fill it has caused swelling and you need to wait u til the swelling subsides until you can eat properly.
  6. I am the same in that I can only tolerate 0.1ml every fill. Any more than that and I can't get any solids down. I could get 0.1 in every week for a month without a problem but in, say 0.2 ml and I am back within a few days getting some taken out. It had been frustrating but I am hoping that we have things in hand now and I can lose those last few kilos.
  7. Gpd

    Pain near port site

    CBS is Centre for Bariatric Surgery. Glen Iris, Melbourne. I had my band done by them 12 months ago and extremely happy with the surgery and ongoing assistance.
  8. I love the Vitagummies multivitamins. They are great & taste great.
  9. Gpd

    Less restriction

    My restriction changes every few days. It can be due to weather, a stuck moment and I am sure other reasons. I have gotten used to this and just go with the flow. It is a nuisance but one that I put up with as a by product of the band. I have never looked back and would have it again in a heartbeat.
  10. I was the same. I only felt restriction after about 3 fills. You need to take it slowly. If you have too much fill too quickly you will get stuck and swelling can occur which will require an unfill. Take your time and make sure you see your doctor regularly and talk about how you are feeling. Good luck!
  11. Gpd

    What Health Insurance providers cover Lap Band?

    I am like you keepstrong. I was with Medibank and had my lap and surgery last Jan. Then they removed WLS from their basic hospital. I talked to my doctor told CBS and she confirmed that it would be wise for me to have WLS cover. This is 'just in case' I need any further revisions. So I have changed to Bupa and they cover WLS in their basic level. And not only am I covered without. Any waiting period it is costing over $100 a month less than Medibank. Very happy me!!
  12. Gpd

    the right decision

    I agree that OS could be a problem, particularly with aftercare. I regularly go to CBS for checkups, fills etc and this has been key to my weight loss. If this support was not available I very much doubt I would have lost and kept off the weight. And at CBS all follow up appointments are bulk billed, so since surgery last January, it has not cost me a cent. Apart from the cost of new clothes, but I am not complaining about that!!!
  13. Hi Leya, I was the same, very dizzy as I was barely eating anything. But the scales really moved downwards so I was happy! But now I am getting hungry so best watch that. One thing I do when tight is eat mushies all the time. I need to make sure I eat more solid food so as to really judge the restriction.
  14. This is amazing. I have just done a search on this site for Hot Weather as my band got so tight over the weekend that I could barely eat. But it has loosened up the last 2 days and I noticed that the weather has changed at the same time as my band. So, yes, I am experiencing the very same as you. Hot weather and very tight band. I was even thinking I needed to go back to CBS to get some fill out but I am back to where I need to be right now. But this is very good to know going I to summer. And I am off to Bali in January so will be getting more out then for the trip. It is interesting and I wonder why there is such a difference with the weather. Gayle
  15. Gpd

    Medibank v BUPA

    Hi Everyone, I received an email from Medibank Private a number of weeks ago regarding changes to their Basic level of Private Health Insurance (PHI) hospital cover. On September 28, 2015 they will cease cover on any type of weight loss surgery on this level of cover. It will only be covered on their top level cover. A quote from Medibank to top level cover had my premium jump from $335/month to $417/month. I spoke to my Doctor (Audrey) at CBS today and she advised that I should either go up to the top cover or change funds. Whilst I have had a dream run with my band, there is always the possibility that I may need revision surgery any time in the future if something were to go wrong. If I was not covered by PHI I could be at risk of having a huge debt if I needed any correction in a hurry. She also suggested that I try BUPA. So, I called BUPA today and have joined them with BASIC level hospital cover. This covers me for all types of WLS and because I am transferring from Medibank I have no waiting period. And even better news, with tweaks to what specific cover I need (e.g. no Pregnancy & IVF) and remove a number of items from Extras that we also don't need and I have reduced my premium to $212/month. That's a saving of over $200/month from Medibank's top cover. To say I am happy is an understatement! So, if you are looking into your Medibank cover please get onto it quick. If I had done this after September 28th, I would have had to wait 12 months to be covered. And I hit 21 kg lost as well today. All round a very good day for me! Gayle