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  1. sarahashley93

    Flipped or moved port?

    Yeah, it would be great, I don't have any sick leave for work if I have to have surgery. I bet you anything it will hurt to flip it tho....
  2. sarahashley93

    Flipped or moved port?

    Oh wow that's so interesting! Well my doctors said that he might be able to flip it back a little with the needle if it's only tilted, which I think it is. Obviously I can't read an xray as well as a doctor, but i don't think it's too bad. We only needed to take out a little bit yesterday, like .25 of a ml! and we'd be in the green zone!
  3. sarahashley93

    Flipped or moved port?

    Has anyone had a flipped port? Or moved slightly wonky? My Dr thinks mine has moved, and I'm trying to decipher it from the x rays, and I can't wait til I see him again on Thursday to find out. Any suggestions on how to tell either feeling it or from an xray would be great. Also if you have had a flip, how did it happen? Ahh so nervous, I don't want to have surgery again!
  4. sarahashley93

    Just got my date.

    Hi Jules, i got banded 4 weeks ago, and did the optifast for 4 weeks prior. I lots 11 kg during optifast but 8 of it was in the first 2 weeks. I would recommend doing optifast for 2 weeks anyway, not to lose the weight (I mean that's awesome to) but I think it helps to mentally prepare you for what amazing life changes you're about to go through. Obviously talk to your doc and don't just take my advice, but that was my experience.
  5. sarahashley93

    February 2015

    Hey everyone! I am 4 weeks post op now, just graduated to soft foods! Operation day I was about 113ish and on my first fill (last Tuesday) I was 108. I'm now down to 106.7. I am really keen for the next fill (next tuesday) cos I don't feel like I got much restriction at all the first time. I am feeling hungry despite eating was seems like a lot for a bander. I think the main reason that I've continued to keep losing post op is because I've upped my walking. I got myself into a good routine and do the same walk with a friend monday - friday. I work on my feet on the weekends so extra exercise isn't really necessary. can't wait for the next fill!
  6. sarahashley93

    hair loss

    I'm just under a week post op and i noticed my hair falling away much easier when I was on optifast. I have really thick, long blonde hair and always had to thin it out, so for me it's like not having to pay for it at the hairdressers.
  7. sarahashley93

    February 2015

    I only got banded on tuesday, I feel like I have to constantly drink things. Like I wont ever stop being hungry. It takes such a long time to sip one 'meal' that I'm usually hungry again by about half an hour after I finish it. Has anyone else experienced this?
  8. sarahashley93

    Lying on your tummy?

    Thanks everyone! I'm trying every now and then to roll to my side but it feels like I'm pulling on something. I can't tell where my port is either.... Could it be under where they've stapled me up?
  9. sarahashley93

    Who's getting banded in SA by Dr Teague soon?

    I'm doing pretty good, thanks everyone! I appreciate all your well wishing and positivity.
  10. sarahashley93

    Band has been placed!

    Just a little post-op update Well I officially have the band! I went in on the 17th and was number one on the surgical rotation so was in by 9am. The doctors have said everything went well and I'm doing great. The first nurse kept calling me an overachiever because I lost 11kg on optifast and I was burping the gas out not long after being admitted to the high dependency unit. Slept most of the morning and didn't really rouse until 4ish when I got my first visitor! Hopefully going home tomorrow, just need to see the doc and get his ok. Overall feeling pretty good, little bit of stiffness and soreness, mostly from the gas.
  11. sarahashley93

    Lying on your tummy?

    This may seem totally random, but I'd like to know what experiences people have had lying on their tummy post-op. How long does it take after surgery before you can lie on your stomach again? Eg. sleeping, physio/chiro appointments, massage? Is the port more noticeable now when you're on your stomach? Can you feel it pressing into you or anything like that? Any response would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Big day tomorrow, time to meet the new me!

  13. sarahashley93

    Who's getting banded in SA by Dr Teague soon?

    Thanks! That's good to know. Big day tomorrow! Eeeeep!
  14. sarahashley93

    Big day tomorrow!

    Thanks Trish I really appreciate the insight into using my weight to hide behind my problems. I think that I may have been doing that. And duckie, you're right new me starts tomorrow!
  15. sarahashley93

    How to break it off?

    Thanks for all the advice Unfortunately the rental is in my name, and I absolutely love living here! So he needs to be the one to leave. I have made the decision to do it, now it's just a matter of timing. I don't think its worth stressing over for the next couple of weeks while I'm recuperating. But after that. Thanks for helping to give me some courage everyone