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  1. i saw your pics in the gallery! and you look absolutly amazing! i hope i end up looking half as good as you :) good luck in reaching your goal :) only 10% to go

  2. Skelcher

    Before and after Pics

    Wow.. You look great. Congrats on your Sucess and all the best for the future..
  3. Skelcher

    My little "YES!" moment

    Big Congratulations to you.. That is a great effort Well done.
  4. Skelcher

    Jens Journey

  5. Skelcher

    Jens Journey

    Hey All my LOvely Bandits just thought it was about time i updated my progress. ♥
  6. Skelcher

    Sooooo Confused and concerned !!!

    Hi SB Don't let those jitters get the best of you. I was banded by Dr Dolan in December last year and as far as I am concered he is My saviour. Everybody Has different opinions off him. But if you want the best and most experienced, he is your man. He could do the surgery in his sleep turned upside down.. If you felt comfortable and confident with him at your appointment, then why Quiery your judgement now. Hope this helped. Best of luck for your surgery Jen
  7. Skelcher

    Rachelle's before pics

    Hehehehe I had the Same shoes for my Formal aswell. And yes i was born in 81, how funny. Blast from the past seeing them again. Jen
  8. Skelcher


    Thanks Girls. This is why you are all so Special.
  9. Skelcher

    Jens Journey

    Hi Tattooedgirl Nope I have never had anything get Stuck (ever). I just eat much smaller portions and chew heaps. The only thing i don't eat is Bread or bread products. Havent tried it, so i don't know wether it gets stuck. I just choose not to have it. Other than that i still eat Steak Pasta Rice anything really. Anything in moderation. Hope this helps Jen
  10. Skelcher


    So I went to the Shop today to get a couple of things that actually fit. Since being Banded a Little of 4 Months ago I have Lost 29kg, So I have been in great need of some better fitting Clothes. I had not got around to it yet, as I figured what was the point in spending money on something that won't fit in a couple of months (Scrooge I Know). Anyways the other day my daughter pulled on my skirt and it near on fell of infront of the mums at school . So with much displeasure I organised to go to the shop for a clothes shopping day with my sister inlaw. Now I Don't know about the rest of the human race, But I hate clothes shopping. I would rather go to the dentist then go and try and squeeze my butt into Clothes that I don't even like, But don't have a choice as thats what fits. Anyhoo,We get to the shops this morning, Sadsack Face on . Somehow my sister inlaw talks me into going into one of the boutques(skinny minny sizing) eeekkkk. No way am I going to fit in those clothes. She shakes her head walks round the shop grabs a few clothes hands them to me and points me in the direction of the change room.. Dragging my feet and calling back over my shoulder.. "They won't fit." I get into the change room and while still telling myself they arn't going to fit, I slip a dress over my head and down my body.. Holy Shit(excuse the french). It Fit and not just a squeezy fit. It fit good. On with the next and the next and the next. They all Fit. So I Have a look at the size.. OMG size 14.. I near on cried, when did I get down to a 14. It has been at least 10yrs since I was even near a 14. So here I am now Chuffed with my acheivement and since getting home all I have wanted to do is come on here and tell you guys. The people that have help me get where I am today, your stories, support, kind words have made this journey so much easier and for that I would like to Say a HUGE THANK YOU You guys are Great Jen
  11. Skelcher

    How should I celebrate?

    Hi Why not go to the local Trophy Shop or search online and have a Trophy Made, with a Plaque attached commemorating this Awesome acheivement. Or have a Photo and Outfit Framed to remind you of your former self and how far you have come. Jen
  12. Skelcher

    feeling in port

    Hi Ret I get a stitch around my band port area if i eat or drink and walk at the same time. Not sure why it does it but the surgeon didn't seem to phased by it. Just uncomfortable. Hope this helps Jen
  13. Skelcher


    Hi Sarah My NSV are: - Trying on all my Clothes and them all being to big. - Flying International and actually being somewhat comfortable in the chair(as comfy as a plane can be) - My Husband Cant keep His hands of me. - Being able to run around after my Kids and play and jump without feeling death approach. - Actually enjoy shopping for clothes( major victory always hated having to wear what would fit not what looked good) - My Grandad for the first time in my life say i look beautiful. - Compliments I love them. - Seeing my reflection in the window and not being completely disgusted. - Holding my head high Got to love those little Victories. They make this journey that much better. Jen
  14. Skelcher

    Jens Journey

  15. Skelcher

    Jens Journey

    Being a parent of 3 youngens, It is a very Rare occasion to get all dolled up and go out with my hubby ( no children attached). So thought we might snap shot the occasion. Also Rare occasion of a full length photo of yours truely. haha