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  1. julie.

    Next Support Group meeting

    Damn!! I've missed it! I haven't been on bt for ages now but thought I'd sign in tonight for a bit of a look around. Pissed I missed the support group....I really need some major support. I've completely lost my way. I'm coming up to nearly 2 years banded, but I've put on nearly all the weight I lost post surgery. Sad but true. I'm a failure and I need to rectify this..... I'm making an appointment to go and see dr Kruger this week for my first fill in a year!!
  2. julie.

    Whats your REALLY special treat?

    Sorry toquaykate, but I couldn't help but have a little giggle at this
  3. julie.

    Day 3 of my band...

    Aaaaaaany day now. Hold your horses, you're only on day 3!! lol. I promise you'll be back to yourself in no time. Just be patient and get plenty of rest. I know its hard...i was feeling so good by day 3 that I was out sweeping my front porch......and BOY was that a mistake...it really took it outta me. So rest up and get plenty of fluids and do everything that your dr has told you to do and you'll be fine
  4. julie.

    25 KG DOWN !!

    AAAAAAAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done. Im sooooo jealous
  5. julie.


    Such great advice from ally and sara!! I agree with all of the above. But can I just add, your fear of failure is because you know yourself so well! We get so used to feeling like failures. Every time we've tried to lose weight, we fail.... So it just becomes this horrible norm. My fear, the same as yours, has just become reality for me. I lost 24-25 kilos after my (band) surgery and then have recently put 9 kilos back on! All those horrible bad habits crept back in, I started listening to my taste buds all the time.....and listening to 'the evil me that lives inside my head and wants nothing more than for me to fail'. Those 2 nasties are gonna be with me forever. Your nasty habits will be with you forever too. But we have to trust that with time, we WILL get better at ignoring them and listening to out 'good' instincts, and bide our time, and just get through those hard times. There will be hard times and the best thing you can do, is prepare for it!!! That's what it comes down to...be prepared! Good luck with your surgery. I'm so excited for you. Try and relax and just trust that you are doing the right thing.
  6. julie.

    Back on track

    Lol I went to update my status but ran out of room. So, I'll blog it instead 😛 I'm really surprised at how easy it was to get back on this wagon I hate so much.....no, I reeeeeally hate this wagon!!!! I've been slowly putting weight back on since we got back from our last holiday to Bali in May. Until recently, I dared not go near the scales. I thought I'd put on soooo much more than I actually have. I plucked up the courage just before new year to get on them and although I'd thought I was probably about 20 kilos up, I have actually only put on about 9 kilos. Now that in itself is pretty damned shameful I do realise, but it could've been a LOT worse if I hadn't caught myself in time. After my initial loss of 24 kilos, and then my gain of 9 kilos, since new year I've lost 1.5 kilos....so looks like I'm back on track! Yay me 😆 I didn't wanna get back on this wagon. It's far easier to just eat all the wrong things and sit around and be lazy.....but where's that gonna get me? I finally realised (dah) that my band wasn't gonna do anything without a little help from me. My fill is perfect coz at meal times, the amount I eat is just right b4 I feel full. But the rest of the time, I've just been feeding my face with cheezels and peckish and chocolate and anything else that's yummy and easy. Fell right back into old habits I did 😠BUT its all good now. I've been coming back here (after months and months of not checking in) and been reading up on everyone's struggles and challenges and its been an awesome reminder of just how normal I am! I've gotta stop beating myself up when I fall down. I'm just like everyone else....I'm gonna f**k up occasionally! That's what humans do. So after nearly 2 weeks of not having any crap in the pantry, and not having any late night pig outs after everyone's gone to bed, and cutting sugar out of my coffee and not indulging in chocolate with the girls from work....I'm finally feeling fab!! I'm no longer going crazy while watching tv at night without my snack on my lap...it's just not bothering me now 😆 So I'm currently 98.9kgs and my first mini goal is to get back to 91.5 kgs, which is the weight is was when I got to my lightest after surgery. Wish me luck 💋
  7. I was dreading get back on this wagon. Having no little snacks while watching tv at night...having no goodies in the pantry....having no sugar in my coffee..... I thought it was gonna be so hard! But to my absolute delight, I gotta say, I'm sailing through :) The scales say I've lost 1.5 kgs since a couple of days b4 new year. Quite happy with myself atm :D

    1. Danielle


      LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!!!!

    2. Beth


      Well done you!

    3. dollypuss


      I have to get back on track so I hope I can do it as well as you have. Well done.

  8. julie.

    1AOD injections

    Would that be $250 per month? Sheesh that sounds expensive!! There is a girl at my work who was having injections for weight loss but I don't know anything about what it was. She was having them months ago and definitely lost weight. I'll ask her for more info next week when I go back to work
  9. julie.

    Non-medication Remedies

    Green tea. Years ago my hubby started drinking green tea for his hay fever. Someone told him to drink green tea with local honey in it. The honey must be from your local area so that you would build up a tolerance to the pollens.... Anyway, he drank it everyday for about 3 - 4 months and no more hay fever. He's never had a day of hay fever since! But in conjunction with honey, the green tea also seemed to have a positive effect. He had reduced appetite, lots of extra energy and ended up losing heaps of weight. I remembered this the other day, about how much weight he'd lost.... so I've decided to start drinking green tea too. I've ordered some (Green Tea X50) and am waiting for it to get delivered, so ill let you know how it goes http://www.productreview.com.au/p/green-tea-x50.html
  10. Just a little update since my last post......... I decided to get on the scales the morning after my previous entry ( I haven't dared go near the scales in months, too scared!) and to my delight, I hadn't put on anywhere near the amount of weight that I thought I had. I have been feeling massive, almost like I felt way back before surgery..... but it turns out I'd only put on 10 kilos! NOw I realise this is a lot, but I thought the scales would've told me that I'd put on closer to 20!!!! So I almost felt like I'd lost 10 kilos overnight lol. Anyway, I've had a totally new and fresh start over the last week.... eating well, drinking lots of water, no snacking, no sugar etc and bugger me.....I've lost 1.5 kgs woohooooo. So looks like coming back on bandingtogether and checking in with you guys, has done the trick yay
  11. THIRTY THREE kilos!!!!! OMG well done Ali.
  12. Really enjoyed reading through a lot of entries on b/t today, after not having been on for soooo long. Im feeling really good about starting all over again :) It wont be easy, but im gonna use everyone here as my inspiration to keep going...no matter how long it takes! Thanks in advance...you're all gonna help a lot!!

    1. -kirsty-


      Welcome back Julie :) I know you can do it :)

    2. Shorty
  13. julie.

    Happy Tears...

    Just gorgeous Bethany. Thanks for letting us all take a peek
  14. Hi everyone I was banded 16 months ago..... lost 24 - 25 kilos, then in the last 6 months I've put almost all of it back on again! I'm disgusted with myself!! I have 8ml in my 12ml band, so I have absolutely no excuses other than I'm a lazy mole who likes her food way too much! I decided to check back in to bandingtogether today to see if I could re motivate myself....and guess what...it's done the trick I think. I've been sitting here for a while reading a heap of topics, and it's so reassuring to read that so many of you are having all the same struggles and thought processes as me. Turns out I'm quite normal. I'm not one for New Years resolutions, but I think I might just give it a go in 2013 Why not, nothing to lose right? Well, hopefully a LOT actually. That's it...as of Tuesday, I'm back on the band wagon! And by the way, it's really nice to see a few familiar faces still here after I haven't been on for so long Hi Beth lol
  15. Just take a big deep breath in and remember....youre telling them of your plans.....youre NOT asking their permission. Good luck