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  1. blackkitty25

    Finally joined CBS in Glen Iris..any one else goes there ?

    I moved from country NSW to Melbourne and joined the Glen Iris CBS. They have arrangements with Doctor's scattered around suburbs that can do your fill without going to Glen Iris. I go to Preston.
  2. blackkitty25

    Doctors in western suburbs

    Banding Australia located in Glen Iris also does sleeves. Although I do think you need your doctor to give a referral first.
  3. blackkitty25

    SO shocked!!!

    One of my nurses had the band done a month before me. So she was happy to impart her knowledge to me. Unfortunately you get narrow minded people in all jobs. They actually need someone to disagree with them and pull them up because usually its because people are too scared to say something to them. Most people probably don't agree with her but I would say no one has confronted her opinions as being unprofessional and insensitive. So she assumes everyone agrees with her and continues to tell people her point of view. Someone needs to give her the other persons perspective as she clearly hasn't a clue that she is being a "fattist".
  4. blackkitty25

    non codein painkiller

    I have an intolerance to condeine. They always give me Endone as alternative.
  5. blackkitty25

    Full Body Lift Recovery Time

    Thanks for the info. I teach and luckily get about 6 weeks off at the end of the year. So was hoping this would be plenty of time to at least be functional before returning to work. I won't be looking to do it until end of 2014. I hadn't heard of post acute care Sue so will definitely look into it. Rob
  6. In conjunction with my other post, I was wondering if anyone that has had their body lift completed can tell me how long before you went back to work? I currently live on my own, am I going to have to get a family member to stay with me? Rob
  7. Hi all, I'm starting to investigate full body lift in Melbourne. It's incredibly difficult to get accurate information on costs etc. I considered the overseas and Adelaide option but realised I'm probably better off doing it here at home. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced plastic surgeon in Melbourne? I'm looking at getting a full body lift done in about 18 months time. Rob
  8. blackkitty25

    Abdo pain

    Hi Kristy, In the last few months I have noticed pain below my stomach area in my upper intestinal area. It always occurs if I over eat. It went from left to right. At one point I thought I was going to have to go to hospital the pain was so intense and extreme. I have spoken to my gp and she said if it happens again as it has happened twice now that I will need to have an ultrasound to check things out. I have been banded for 2 yrs now. Not sure if yours is similar. Rob
  9. blackkitty25

    what a difference a few weeks can make

    I hear you! I am making a determined come back as well. I want to buy some new clothes and to fit into some clothes in my cupboard that are currently too small. I can't buy new clothes without getting rid of the ones I currently have because there simply isn't enough room in my closet. So the simplest way is to lose enough weight that they are too big so I am guilt free in getting rid of them. I am going to markets this weekend for some fresh fruit, veg and meat. Bring it on! We can make a comeback together.
  10. blackkitty25

    Back Again

    Well had my first day at new school today. They supplied lunch which unfortunately was party pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches. Consequently I had a stuck moment and had to use the first opportunity I could to exit to the toilet. So have learnt that lesson. However, on the plus side I went to the gym. Yay! But I have become so unfit. I used to be able to do 40 min on the cross trainer but could only manage 5 min today. So have to build up to it again. I didn't realise how unfit I had become. I plan on making it a daily trip to gym. I have to walk 3 blocks to get there anyway so getting exercise regardless how long I stay.
  11. blackkitty25

    I got to goal!!!

    Well done Dee. You've done so well. I think you may have inspired me to keep on going.
  12. blackkitty25

    Back Again

    Thanks, I decided I had to get serious again about my weight loss. I realise I that the lapband is only part of the journey, I still have to eat right and exercise.
  13. blackkitty25

    Back Again

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on for a number of months. In fact it may be about a year. I became a little disgruntled with the whole lapband process. However, I have been too harsh. Current,I am hovering around the 80kg mark and have done so for about 18 months. So my weight has at least been stable. I have also made the move from a country town in Nsw to Melbourne. My surgeon moved from Orange to Sydney. I have joined the lapband Australia with Dr Paul O'Brien. Though seeing a female doctor. I was a little shocked that I had to pay $660 to join but decided it was in my best interest to do so. I went off the rails last year completely. I found it e trembly difficult to eat healthy at work as I was time limited. I'm a teacher and every break was constantly interrupted. Often I would choose easy high energy options that wouldn't get stuck as that is disastrous in my job. I am trying to lose the last 20 kg now and a starting a new job. The worst thing I have noticed though is my mindset reverted back to pre band. I used to feel confident and happy that I had lost a lot of weight but the longer I maintained the 80kg the more despondent I became and eventually i feel like I'm back at square one. Luckily I think the doctor I am seeing is quite good. Does anyone go to the anytime fitness gym in essendon? I am a member but have been a bit reluctant to start going.
  14. blackkitty25

    Meet Up?

    Hi everyone. I've only moved to Melbourne in the last month. I had the lapband done end of 2010. I am in Essendon so am hoping there might be someone who has had band done or is getting it done that can meet for coffee. Highpoint would be fine as its not far away.
  15. blackkitty25

    New Years Resolutions??

    1. Lose more weight 2. Find myself a boyfriend. That's about the extent for me this year. Both are going to be a challenge.