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  1. Jules33

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Been away for a few weeks. The last weigh in I did I was 111.6kg, now I am 108.8kg. 2.8kg loss
  2. Jules33

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    Going great. 6weeks post op tomorrow. Lost 12 kg. feeling good. Down 2 dress sizes. How are you? How many weeks to go?
  3. Jules33

    Weigh In Wednesday

    111.6kg last Wednesday. Another kilo gone.......yay!!!!
  4. Jules33

    1st fill.

    Hi, great start. I have my first fill on the 13th May. I was supposed to have it done next week but I won't be in the state. I am nearly 5weeks post op and feeling so great. You are doing so well. Do you feel any difference with the fill? The whole site was down for around 5days. Thankfully it is back up and running........I didn't realize how much I relyed on it
  5. Jules33

    AB's Bandiversary

    You look fantastic. Well done xx
  6. Jules33

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    I'm going good too......have had people commenting that I look really good lately. Starting to see the weight loss in my clothing 10kg in 3 weeks. Very happy How are you going?
  7. Jules33

    Weigh In Wednesday

    112.6kg this morning. So a loss of 1kg. Keep creeping down scales
  8. Jules33

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    Yes stayed overnight. I think you need to stay after to get the stronger drugs and rest away from the kids....lol! I had my surgery at 11am and was home the next day by 11am. I was quite groggy after op. So was happy to have that time to recover. I felt fine when I went home
  9. Jules33

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    Congratulations Lyse.....so exciting once you have that date. Who is doing your op?
  10. Jules33

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    Dr W said any food puréed. like what the family is having for dinner, Mashed veg, yogurt and purée fruit, baked beans, porridge. There is a whole section on this site in recipes for mushies
  11. Jules33

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    3.2kg.........That is great. Well done We start Mushie food at the same time. I can't wait.
  12. Jules33

    The day has almost arrived

    How exciting Wooks. I am 2 weeks post op and had the same feelings. Excited but soooo nervous. It has been a really great experience for me so far. Good luck tomorrow and enjoy the wonderful new life you are building for yourself xx
  13. Jules33

    Weigh In Wednesday

    113.6kg this morning so down 1.4kg. Happy with that considering all the chocolate I have been sucking on the last couple of days
  14. Jules33

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    I am on my third week of liquids Raven. Then I have two weeks of mushies (so looking forward to that) then soft foods (can't wait!). I don't feel hungry as yet but I am so sick of soup....haha! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to all new experiences
  15. Jules33

    50kg down (well 700g short....)

    Great job.....you look fantastic