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  1. Kazcando

    Meetup City or Vic Park

    Hi, Anyone interested in meeting up for a coffee Sunday 14th am at either the Dome in East Vic Park (kid free) or Sticky Beaks at Kings Park with Kids?
  2. Kazcando

    Meetup City or Vic Park

    Hi, Anyone interested in meeting up for a coffee Sunday 14th am at either the Dome in East Vic Park (kid free) or Sticky Beaks at Kings Park with Kids?
  3. Kazcando

    Walking or support groups

    I could do with a walking partner. I live near Vic Park.
  4. I will join you. Tomato Lake is my local walking venue. Just have to wait till I have recuperated from my tummy tuck.
  5. Kazcando

    Anyone had a tummy tuck from Dr Dolan

    Hi Chico I have sent you a private message as I have a million and one questions. lol Kaz
  6. Kazcando

    Anyone had a tummy tuck from Dr Dolan

    Hi Carol I understand medicare pay some of a tummy tuck as it has a particular medicare number. Just need to do your research as the cost varies greatly between general surgeons and plastic surgeons. I am still waiting to have mine. Kaz
  7. Kazcando

    Anyone had a tummy tuck from Dr Dolan

    Dr Dolan's office told me it was an admin fee of $1000 in addition to whatever your private health and medicare pay. Someone else told me that they are looking at putting up the admin fee but I have my appt with Dr Dolan on Wednesday and will know more. Fingerscrossed, do you know how much that doctor charges for a tummy tuck and is he a general surgeon or a plastic surgeon?
  8. Kazcando

    Next Support Meeting

    I would have loved to come, especially as it is not so far north, but being the first weekend of the school holidays we will be away. Maybe you could consider another some time in the future at Sienna's but an evening during the week. Hope you get a good turn out.
  9. Kazcando

    Support Group SOR?

    Hi Kjay I am in Carlisle. I would be keen to meet everyone. Can I just ask that whever you choose can it be a place where parking is easy. My trips to Freo have usually ended in a parking nightmare. Also is there anyone around the Belmont, Carlisle, or surrounding areas that would be keen to exercise, late afternoon, evenings or weekends? Kaz
  10. Kazcando

    Fleur De Lise Tummy Tuck

    Congratulations on the changes you have made and you are certainly putting in some hard work. Hope all goes well for the transplant. What state are you in. I am thinking about the TT and starting to research surgeons.
  11. Kazcando

    Cosmetic surgery

    Is there a section already existing about cosmetic surgery? I know many bandits are having tummy tucks etc and I would like to benefit from their experience.
  12. Hi, I am at my goal weight and starting to think about tummy tucks. I understand Dr Dolan does them and was wanting to hear about the experiences of people who have. Are you happy with your tummy tuck? What out of pocket expenses were there etc. Kaz
  13. Kazcando

    Easter 2012

    It has now been 2 years and 4 months since I got banded. It has taken me about 2 years to loose 40 kilos and reach my Drs goal weight for me. I still have between 5-10 kilos until I am truly happy with my weight. It has mainly been a struggle. I still grapple with my desire for all things chocolate and my need to binge savoury and then sweet, savoury and then sweet. I still hate exercise but go through phases of walking. People treat me differently but all my insecuties of when I was fat remain. I am still the same person, just in smaller clothes and with a need to know where the toilet is in new establishments. I don't vomit near as much as I used to and managing the band is easier physically, just hard when it stops me from eating what I want (which is really the good thing). Overall I am happy that I got the band (I would never have lost the 40 kilos and stayed here if I didn't) but it has been hard. The support of my bandit friends has been amazing and the ability to go out to dinner and socialise with people who understand every bite I take is a god send. Looking forward to sharing my journey with others as a new way to tackle my mental needs. Kaz
  14. Kazcando

    Share your party tips and tricks!

    I just have a bite of everything and the pass it to my husband who finishes everything. Works well for me but not so great for him. I also have my birthday at this time of year so I just accept that I can be very good or I can just enjoy myself, either way the damage I do is nothing compared to what I could do without the band. The hard part is to not let it continue past the holiday festivities. Kaz
  15. Kazcando

    Stage Fright at Christmas Lunch

    I always take a container with me, in fact my friends all laugh about it and ask if I have it when I go out. I tell people I am not a big eater and therefore I'll have the rest that night, or I say my kids always ask me to bring them something home. Most times my kids eat the left overs the next day. Once I have had my fill and put the rest in the container, I don't have the food sitting in front of me to generate further discussion. Kaz