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  1. Hi Fluffy, I was reading your post regarding the ports being visible, this is one of my concerns. I am booked for surgery on 21st June and the first place I loose weight is my stomach. When the surgeon advised that once you reach your goal weight you would be able to reloacte it, would this be the smae cost as the surgery itself?

  2. fluffy

    Lightest pre-op weight

    I am 72cm and was just under 90kg when banded. I totally agree with ToquayKate - I was banded to prevent me from becoming morbidly obese. My BMI when banded was around 31 but I had lost and regained around 5 kilos beforehand on Duromine and other weight loss drugs. I have been battling my weight for years and it was steadily increasing every year. I had a previous history of breast cancer at a young age but otherwise no co-morbidities. My weight loss is very slow compared to most but that is because my greatest love is good wine and cheese (both of which are easily tolerated with the band). However, I am at my lowest weight in years and although I still have around 6-10 kilos to lose, I am grateful I have had this procedure done.
  3. fluffy

    Lump over port site

    Hi M & K - yes, unfortunately my port looks like I have a ping pong ball sticking out of my stomach. My doctor stated that it was because there was very little fat on my stomach (shame I couldn't have the port on my bum or thighs!!) She said that when I had reached my ideal weight we could re-evaluate the situation and determine whether I wanted the port site moved to make it a little less noticeable.
  4. Hi Fluffy! I have just read ur post.. my BMI is 35.9 approx and I was just wondering where in melbourne you went?? I'm seriously considering this.. please help!!! :)

  5. fluffy

    Cover story for surgery?

    I felt that it was nobodys business and didn't tell a single person except my partner. I also didn't want to be constantly asked how much weight I had lost or for people to examine what I was eating. I told everybody I was going into hospital for hiatus hernia repair. Nobody really knew much about it so didn't really follow up with any other questions. Good luck.
  6. fluffy

    What was your pre op BMI?

    My BMI was 31 with no co morbidities but with a yo yo dieting history for years and years. You will have no problems at 37. Good luck.
  7. fluffy

    Next year vegas baby

    Fantastic idea - you will LOVE it (just stay away from the all-you-can-eat buffets and shop instead!!)
  8. I had my surgery on a Thursday and had the Friday and the following week off. That was heaps as I didn't suffer from the dreaded shoulder tip pain. (I am a teacher). I took tins of tuna to work and mashed it up with avacado and low fat mayo. I also had cup a soups, yogurt and mashed vegie and egg salad. Everyone is different but I actually felt like I could have gone back to work earlier.
  9. fluffy

    Sleeping :D

    I was sleeping on my side with a pillow on the night of my surgery! Just CANT sleep on my back.
  10. fluffy

    Totally Devastated

    Hi Lea - don't take no for an answer. Go and see another surgeon. You should be given the all clear if you have a BMI over 30 and have a long history of unsuccessful dieting. Don't give up.
  11. A week on liquids and then 2 on mushies for me. Gosh - I think I would have gone crazy with 4 weeks on liquids.
  12. fluffy

    New with Lower BMI

    Hi Lea. No, it's not a rude question at all. I want to lose 20kg (and most importantly, not put it all back on again). I would suggest you do not go on optifast until after you have seen your specialist as you don't want your BMI below 30 when you see him for the first time. Good luck and let us know how you go. Cheers
  13. fluffy

    New with Lower BMI

    Go for it! You will be fine. I loved the fact that due to having a low BMI, I didn't have to do Optifast (but would have actually loved to have lost a few kilos before surgery instead of eating like it was my last meal for a week!!) It is miserable being overweight and this is a fantastic first step. Good luck!
  14. fluffy

    A little bit confused

    Go for it mommabear. My BMI was 31 when I was banded a month ago. I haven't had a fill yet so haven't really had any restriction or have experienced the true advantages of the band, but am really looking forward to it. The BMI has been lowered to 30 and if you are like me, know that in 12 months time my BMI would be 35 and in another 12 months - who knows???? The surgery and recovery (for me) was straight forward and pretty easy. Good luck and remember that your weight challenges are as important as anybody elses - it doesn't matter how much you have to lose. It's miserable being overweight.
  15. OMG - don't know how you could cope with 4 weeks of liquids. I was going crazy after a week!! I had to do 1 week liquids and then 2 weeks mushies. Every doctor is different. Good luck.