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  1. whispers

    That 'full' feeling

    Hi I was banded in 1999 and had the same experience. I had my band removed in March last year and it was such a relief not to throw up all the time - it changed my life! In May I was sleeved and while it is not a quick (or easy 'fix') I am happy with the results. I do get that full feeling but I also have to be careful about sliders as they will put the kibosh on weight loss. If the band is not working for you and you are having trouble with it (as I was) I would recommend having it removed (having sought advice from your doctor etc.). Then you can make a decision whether or not to go for the sleeve.
  2. whispers

    Band to sleeve

    My surgeon said he would not perform them both in the one op. His main reason was the significant increase in risk which he believes isn't worth it for the sake of 12 weeks. I was happy with his advice and I'm glad he was able to go in, take the band out and have a look around so he knew what to prepare for for the sleeve. I found it kind of comforting that he knew what he was in for when I had the sleeve!
  3. whispers

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    My bath towel finally goes round me without leaving any gap!
  4. whispers

    Opti-fast over reaction

    I couldn't drink the vanilla and found the chocolate a struggle but I was able to drink the coffee one easily. My son loves the chocolate one so everyone's tastes differ.I found they tasted better very cold. Pre surgery I had shake for breakfast, soup for lunch and then veges for dinner and a bar for 'dessert' which reduced the monotony Definitely talk to your surgeon but optifast is a complete meal and I'm not sure that you would get enough nutrients etc. from the juice - also, I wasn't allowed any fruit.
  5. whispers

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I've had 2 NSVs this week. I went to mum's. She has a tiny second loo room, just bigger than the loo. Usually I don't use it because I almost have to climb over the loo to get the door shut. This week I got in no worries. Also, I borrowed my son's car. Usually I have to put the seat back to get my belly behind the steering wheel. Not this time!
  6. whispers

    10+ Years with a lap band

    I was banded in 1999 and life was pretty miserable, even without fluid, until I had it removed in May this year. I had almost constant heartburn, lived in fear of vomiting, rarely went out. I had back pain, couldn't lie on my side and was always going to the toilet during the night. At the time I didn't realise some of those issues were caused by the band. It wasn't until I came across this and another forum that I realised I could have the band removed. I had the band removed in May this year and was sleeved in August. The heartburn and vomiting have gone, the back ache has gone, I can lie on my side and even sleep through the night. I believe that for some the band just isn't a good option - even chew, chew, chewing the right foods sent me running to the toilet and I couldn't count the number of boxes of antacids I went through over the years. Its only early days yet, but I eat small meals with lots of protein and have been managing to lose weight with little effort. I even had a lamb chop the other day - unheard of for so many years! I have no desire for sweet foods at the moment. I only wish I had claimed my life back earlier. I would have that discussion with your doctor, do lots of research and see if there is a better option for you. All the best.
  7. I lost 6.3kg in the first 4 weeks and only 400g of that was in the first week when I seemed to be living on nothing! So far, every 4th week I have plateaud. I try not to compare myself to everyone else though it is hard at times. As DavidR says, as long as we're heading down, down, down that's the main thing. All the best for your journey Edit: I have been setting small goals along the way - e.g. 128.1kg (10kg loss) 125kg, under 120kg, 118.1kg (20kg loss), 115kg - I find those little goals mean I feel successful more often. My first big goal is 95kg. When I get there I'll set another big one and use the teeny ones to help me get there. It works for me but everyone is different.
  8. whispers

    which protein powder?

    I use Beneprotein (at mu dietician's recommendation) - it doesn't have a discernible taste and I mix it with my milk on Weetbix
  9. I only liked the coffee shake and preferred the vege soup ... but everyone's different. I tried putting a spoon of coffee in the vanilla shake but it still didn't do it for me! Whoops - I had to have optifast not optislim ... I really should read before jumping in!
  10. whispers

    follow up surgerys

    Three for me. Band in, band out, sleeve
  11. My surgery was a couple of hours but there was some scarring from the band that required bigger staples. I took 3 weeks off work but could have gone back earlier - everyone is different. I enjoyed the last week because I got back to renovations we were doing (no lifting, just painting and light jobs)
  12. whispers

    Exercising with injuries options

    I need 2 knee replacements so I struggle with many exercises and even simple things like sitting on the ground ( I struggle to get down or up). I bought a boxing bag and stand and went to a few boxing lessons (not boxercise) to learn good technique. I love using the bag and I can move my legs as little or as much as I'm able at the time
  13. whispers

    pre op diet

    LJ, If your surgeon/dietician have prescribed the 3 optifast meals a day then I would be sticking to it (with the veges and oil) unless you hear otherwise from them. I was worried that my liver would not shrink enough if I didn't follow it and surgery would be cancelled. I did the optifast for 18 days and admit that on 2 days I had 4 optifast meals. I had shake for breakfast, soup for lunch and stir fry veges for dinner with an optifast bar for desert to provide a little variety. As tishtish says, the first 4 days are generally the worst - try to stick with it All the best
  14. whispers

    Medibank v BUPA

    My premium is pretty high because I have the penalty for not joining until I was old (!) so it wouldn't be a good indication. I am thrilled to be sleeved after 15 years of misery with the band. Now there's no reflux and no back pain (apparently caused by the location of the tube, though nobody knew it at the time). Of course it's early days yet and I'm only just onto the puree stage ... but I'm hopeful it's the beginning of life for me.
  15. whispers

    Medibank v BUPA

    Congratulations on your journey so far. I am with Bupa but had to increase my cover to the mid level and wait the 12 months (until April 2015) to be covered for band removal and a sleeve, both of which I've had since then. I will be calling to see why I couldn't do it on basic cover!