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  1. daneelee

    Melb Newbie~Being banded in May 2015

    Hi Steveegirl, 9th May Hello newly banded bandit hehe
  2. daneelee

    werribee catch up?

    Hey paper_butterfly it's my pre op seminar at Nottles Williamstown office. 11am start I believe.
  3. daneelee

    werribee catch up?

    Suits me fine too. I have my Dietician seminar that day so I'm sure I'll have PLENTY of questions haha
  4. daneelee

    werribee catch up?

    Sure would! I'm in Tarneit :-D
  5. daneelee

    Melb Newbie~Being banded in May 2015

    Thanks Angel Butterfly 😊
  6. Hi everyone, just a quick hi to you all! 1st time posting however have been stalking posts for some months since being referred to my surgeon. I'm already finding it so super helpful. I'm 30, bmi of 45+ and READY to kick some goals once and for all. I look forward to the support, guidance and convos with ppl who UNDERSTAND 😊 xx