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    get slimmer and more importantly get rid of some problems and feel healthier.

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  1. granny71**


    Hi, I've just bought a 'ONE POT WONDER" a soup maker from the Good Guys and was wondering if I made the vegetables on the Chunky setting and not the smooth setting, would this be okay for me with either meat (pre-cooked) or lots of beans, chick peas etc. Anybody doing soup as their lunch meal? Cheers
  2. granny71**

    Foods not suggested.

    Thank you for all of your advice and stories. Cheers happy eating everyone.
  3. granny71**

    Foods not suggested.

    Thank you for all of your answers, I shall investigate What are the symptoms when something has not suited you? Cheers
  4. granny71**

    Foods not suggested.

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried the shell shaped pasta, any sort of rye bread that is not so gluggy? Also people on here talk about making smoothies etc., when do you eat these? I don't mean in the first 4 weeks, I am mainly looking at the first fill and onwards. I can do without the rice, but miss my pasta and my rye bread and would love to add a smoothie to my days eating! Can any of you long term members help me out? Granny 71
  5. granny71**

    1st fill.

    Hi everyone I had my first fill last Wednesday of 1.5 ml. Didn't feel a thing from the needle or pressure of the port being needled. Dr Bowater was fantastic as a few of you have said on here, he certainly is. Gave me a new way of eating now, no breakfast (which I wasn't having anyway, protein only for lunch (1/2 cup) and 3/4 cup to 1 cup of protein and other vegs etc. Getting used to this new way of approaching food now and in week 5 I have lost 6-7 km. Good luck to everyone else on here it is such a great site, but mine was down for about 4 days was anybody else's?
  6. granny71**

    My progress

    First fill due on 12/05/2015. Banded on 26/03/2015 by Dr Steve Watson. He was amazing, I have had no vomiting, no pains, nothing getting stuck( ). It is now 23 days since banding and I have lost 6.2 kg, I am happy with that. My indigestion has disappeared, my hiatus hernia went when the band was placed so back aches from hernia which were terrible for and am just starting to walk 3 km again each morning! I find that I'm only hungry at supper time because my husband has supper and I look at what he's having, but don't know whether it's habit or hunger, but I don't partake! Cheers to everyone on this site, its a wonderful site and everyone is so helpful.
  7. granny71**

    Dr Watson - experiences and information

    Hi, I was banded by Dr Watson on 26/03/2015 and I have nothing negative to say about him. He is so caring, has a lot of experience in doing lapbands, sleeves etc. and is so easy to talk to.
  8. granny71**

    Apricot Chicken

    Yum, your recipe Apricot Chicken which is such an easy recipe and one of my favourites is added to my list of recipes I have printed out off this site and cheers to everyone who put an easy recipe and tasty on here for me.
  9. granny71**

    at the mushie stage.

    Hi, I have finished the liquid phase (thank god) about to tackle the mushie part. Does it need to have protein in each meal? Is it a cup full you dish up and leave any if you don't want it (Who me) On the fluid first 2 weeks I lost 6.2 kilos and I was happy with that, I think this is about average, hoping the doctor will feel the same. Thank you to everyone who made comments about things I put on my lapband support group. Cheers to everyone.
  10. granny71**


    With the knowledge of Duromine from trying it myself, I would advise no one to try it. If your'e happy to feel sick all the time, not eating and having your head god knows where. I have clinical depression and i'ts the only diet pill that I had trouble with. Most of the doctors won't prescribe it anymore although I read somewhere that it has been advertised again, maybe the recipe is better. Just take care if you try it.
  11. granny71**

    Made For You range available at Woolworths

    These sound just like the food that i love, so definitely going to try them.
  12. granny71**

    Weight loss prior to first fill

    I seem to be 3 kg lighter than on the operation day, but then I was a big eater and not always the right thing.
  13. granny71**

    Lapband in place.

    Thanks to eveyone who wished me luck with my lapband (last thursday 26th). I appreciate it and feel this is a great group for looking after each other and there is so much information on here it's amazing.
  14. granny71**

    too scared to drink anything

    My lapband went on last Thursday and everything is fine. Did you have a dietician following your progress and sending you out pages for the first couple of weeks? I was a little scared at first and then thought, if there's thousands before me who have had it done and they could follow the instructions so can I. I started with tea and coffee and lots of water, but now on the day 2 to day 14 the full fluids section, I have had half a cup of skim milk with a banana in it, and tonite for tea will be a glass full of Optifast Vanilla, which I find lovely. Try to pull yourself up straight, take a deep breath and try skim milk, Optifast, smoothies from fresh or canned fruit and know that you can do it. Happy drinking, let me know how you get on.
  15. granny71**

    Lapband in place.

    Last Thursday (26th) I had my lapband inserted by Dr Watson and the biggest hiatus hernia he's seen corrected and a white mesh put in to stop it from happening again. I thought I had bad indigestion (from eating too much crap) and was being treated for indigestion. Now I feel very lucky I have my lapband and are determined to suceed with it and I have got my "indigestion" cured and can now start weaning my self of indigestion pills. I have had hardly any pain, no side effects from anything and no appetite. Of course I am now on day 3 and look forward to following the programme.