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  1. I have had a week of firsts and it has boosted my confidence. I bought a top that was a medium size. I used to be a large or extra large. Have started to be in front of the camera and not behind it. My family and I went to MacDonalds for dinner and I ate nothing! I also put 2 photos side one taken 8 months ago and one yesterday and I can finally see the difference. Having this band put in was the best decision I have ever made.

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  2. It is now 6 weeks post op. Have lost 7.8kgs. Very happy with that. Only just getting used to easting slowly. For the first time in years was happy to be in front of the camera and not behind it.

    Had my first dinner out with friends. I ordered entree size. Palmed our 3/4 to my friends telling them to try it because the food tastes so good and left less than a cup of food on my plate.

    Had my first fill. That was a bit strange. Had to work out what I can and cannot eat again. 

    So happy I have had the band put in.


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  3. Have lost 5.6kgs since 4th Jan.  Really happy with that. 

    Went out to lunch today (the portion they served I could divide it and have 4 dinners) and forgot to chew my food properly.  I started to feel uncomfortable and sat there wishing I hope this is not my first stuck moment.  So I stopped eating (I hadn't eaten 1/3 of cup of food) and asked the waiter to put it in a takeaway container and took it home. I felt really proud of myself because I would have normally ploughed through the whole thing.  The upside I have 3 meals ready in the fridge waiting for me when I get home from work.

    Have started exercising and basically back to normal.

    I saw Helen Bauzon and her advice is to eat 1 cup of food at meal times and you are less likely to snack. Although Helen didn't say this but I have a couple of mantras in my head and I repeat them all the time.  If I am out and I am tempted to snack I ask myself  "Do I really need it?????" and ten times out of ten I don't. The other one is "Sugar is your enemy!" The band has helped me cut sugar out of my diet completely. 



  4. Hi Newme1

    Glad you are going well.  Keep up the good work.

    I am seeing Helen Bauzon on Wednesday.

    Like you, knock wood, I have not had any stuck moments and vomiting but then again have done everything the doctor said to do.  I have bought small cutlery for work and have used small cutlery at home.  I am glad I have my timer.  Sometimes what feels like 1min between mouthfuls is actually 30 seconds.  The one thing Helen stressed was to wait one minute between bites.

    I find with the lapband I think about my food choices a lot more carefully.  Before I went out today I prepared my meal so that it was ready when I came home.  There so much food around and I wasn't even tempted to buy anything.

    Also people ask questions about how much time they need off work.  For me it was 2 weeks to feel completely back to my old self again.


    Keep me posted with your progress.  Regards.





  5. Today is 11 days post op.  I have lost 4.2kgs.  It hasn't been easy.  In the first week I thought

    I would never feel normal again and wondered what the hell did I do.  But that has all passed. Feeling great.  Feels so good feel comfortable

    in my own clothes again.  My first mushie day was the best day ever.  After a week on clear foods it felt really good to have real

    food at meal times.  The hardest part is remembering to chew your food properly and wait for 1 minute before the next mouthful.

    I have been a food shovelor for many years and it is a hard habit to break.

    So I downloaded a timer on my phone and use that once I swallow my food.  Still finding it hard to finish a 1/4 cup of food but I don't mind

    I can see results. 

    Still a long way to go but I know I can do it.

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  6. Hi Rosemary,  glad to hear that all went well.  I took some Degas as suggested by a nursing friend to help with the burping and gas and it seemed to settle down within 24-48 hours.  I too followed the rules to a T and found it worked really well.  So far nothing has "stuck", no reflux, no vomiting!  Probably going to get my first fill this month, but off to see the dietitian first.  So happy to share in your good experience too.  Keep up the good work and keep posing. Luck 

    Hi Newme1

    Glad you aren't having any issues as well. I once read somewhere that if you follow the 8 Golden Rules you will be fine. I am on mushies as of Monday. Who is your dietician?

  7. I had to wait 12 months for my private health insurance to kick in.  In the beginning it is easier to cope because it is so far away and life goes on and you focus on other things.  It also gave me time to research the good and the bad parts of the procedure and prepare myself mentally as wel.  For me the last few months were the ones that were the hardest.  I began wishing my life away and counting the days.  I am now going in on Monday to have my band and these last few days are the longest.  But I am glad I waited.

  8. Well done on your weight loss.  What an achievement.  And it really good to see that you

    acknowledged the hard work you put in to get your results and that the band is there to remind

    you of what you can eat or not eat.

    I am going in on Monday and I cannot wait to start my journey.



  9. I do 30 minutes of cardio (walking/running intervals) and then about 45 mins of weights. My job requires me to lift a lot so I focus on quads, shoulders and biceps because that's what I use the most. I'll concentrate on core when I'm about 100kgs because at the moment I'm not completely confident with it. I waited 6 weeks until after surgery before I lifted anything heavy. 

    WELL DONE!!!!!!! I have been doing zumba for cardio and power barre for strength (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG2h8G8p5Wc&list=RDXzgc-h5ObhA&index=3 here is a link to show you a typical workout). The barre class is an over all body workout. I have been doing this for from the day booked in for my procedure which was in March this year. I am not stressing that I haven't lost weight (although I have toned up in certain places) I just want to be as fit as I can be before I go in. 

    Once again you look amazing and what an inspiration.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

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  10. yep it's all about the mind! I think roughly 3 months or less to lose 23kgs. I really want to get to 110kgs by Christmas Day. Im going to the gym everyday and watching what I put in my mouth especially sugar, it's a killer. I've cut sugar out from my coffee these last two weeks so hopefully it's made a difference which I think it has.

    What sort of exercises are doing at the gym and who long did you wait before you started your fitness regime?

  11. Thank you for you Jellybelly and Meg25 for your replies

    My BMI is between 35-37 way too much for my frame.  I have battled my weight my whole life.

    I have always exercised and between menopause and kids no matter what I do I cannot shift the weight.

    I know it is a tool to help me on my way so I am psyching myself up from now until then on what I need to change to make

    this work. 

    I feel so uncomfortable.  I am too big for normal shop clothes and too small for clothes from big lady shops.

    Now that my children have grown up I really want to concentrate on myself for a change