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  1. Lyse

    One month gone!

    And yes i have the 20ml band I now have 12.5mls in the band also.
  2. Lyse

    One month gone!

    Hi sorry i keep forgetting to log in.. Starting weight was 130kg Ive now lost 20.5kg! Feeling so good!
  3. Lyse

    One month gone!

    I keep getting sick too. Doesn't help. 2 months gone now and ive lost 14kgs!
  4. Lyse

    One month gone!

    No real restrictions yet, still being careful to not get too full and have smaller portions. I need to start exercising to shift more wait, its hard when working full time and have a family to look after, might hire or buy a treadmill, no time to go to a gym, plus not a fan of gyms..
  5. Lyse

    One month gone!

    Its been a month since my operation and ive lost 12kg! First fill went fine, 6mls in a 20ml band. Feeling great!
  6. Lyse

    20ml Band

    Does anyone else have a 20ml band? I originally thought I was getting a smaller band and when I asked how much will be in the first fill, dr said 5ml and I was like whoe! Thats alot! But obviously won't be too noticeable with a 20ml band. Has it taken anyone alot of fills to get to their green zone with this larger band? I was only banded on the 15th June so a little while away until my first fill....
  7. Lyse

    what can i eat after surgery?

    I was banded on Monday and so far ive been having broth, water, lemongrass and ginger tea with honey, ive had a cup o soup, it wasnt too thick so was ok to have. Icy poles... You can have milo, tea, coffee, protein shakes.... ive got some sustagen stuff and up and go's i havent had yet.... I did have a piece of very over ripe pear that my son didnt finish... lol
  8. Lyse

    1 week until I am a bandit!

    Shoulder pain has completely gone! Just a very tender and sore tummy now. That shoulder pain.. wow.. it was pretty intense i wont lie, I literally thought why have I done this. Definitely get up and move as soon as you can. I was pretty drowsy and slept alot (even though it didn't feel like i was sleeping because i could still hear everything, even me snoring lol.. weird). Is Tony doing your surgery?
  9. Finally banded!!!!

    1. Kimmykay


      Congratulations and welcome to the club

    2. duckie
    3. Angel Butterfly
  10. Lyse

    shoulder tip pain

    I was just banded yesterday morning and mine was excruciating, it seems to have all gone now though. I had a heat pack, 2 endone (endone didn't do much) then panadol via IV and I think that did the trick. Goodluck! Its more painful than the tummy incisions!
  11. Lyse

    1 week until I am a bandit!

    I rate shoulder tip pain up there with child birth. Extremely painful after coming to my room, but luckily the pain has all gone. Tummy incisions weren't as bad, the odd ache.
  12. Lyse

    1 week until I am a bandit!

    Im just sitting in the "transit" room... Bit bored... nervous.. hungry Im number 3 on the list...
  13. Lyse

    1 week until I am a bandit!

    Tony Patiniotis
  14. Lyse

    1 week until I am a bandit!

    Thanks! Hopefully this time tomorrow I will have had surgery!
  15. Lyse

    1 week until I am a bandit!

    Thanks! Trying to plan ahead and making sure I have plenty of soup for when I need it.