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  1. di2210

    3 days post op....toowoomba

    Good Luck might catch up in the future once settled , I live in the Lockyer Valley
  2. di2210

    Self funded Newbie.......

    Email sent thanks Steve .....
  3. di2210

    Finally booked in :)

    Can I ask your Surgeon Fifi ? and Welcome this site is fabulous full of great advice , great knowledge and most importantly great ladies ( sorry men too ) .
  4. di2210

    I start Optifast Tomorrow and am FREAKING OUT

    Good on you Kylie ....That is great .
  5. di2210

    Newbie, being sleeved 21st November

    How did it all go Tasharee ?
  6. di2210

    Self funded Newbie.......

    Rang around this morning Dr Hopkins does Self funded in Public but looking at op next new year , Dr Bowden does Self funded as well same looking at New Year and Dr Victor Liew does not do public and only PHI patients .
  7. di2210

    Which surgeon?

    No centrelink , Have PM you Aimee ......
  8. di2210

    Self funded Newbie.......

    Wow thanks Robyn will call him Tomorrow ...
  9. di2210

    Which surgeon?

    Can I ask the name of your Daughters Surgeon ?
  10. Has any one had dealings with Dr William Braun from Brisbane ?
  11. di2210

    Which surgeon?

    Hello Aimee , have an Appointment with Dr Braun 07/04/15 self funding , private in a public hospital .....Stories are so inspiring How is everything going now ?
  12. di2210

    Self funded Newbie.......

    Thankyou Ladies !!!!!!
  13. di2210

    Are there many March 2015 Sleevers

    What other forum ?????
  14. di2210

    Self funded Newbie.......

    Hello I am a Newbie to this Fantastic website ...Stumbled upon it looking in the plastic Surgery Forum ....Anyway , i am a self funded /uninsured girl that has a BMI 36 .....lives S E QLD ...will travel to good Surgeon PLEASE any help grateful ..