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  1. carol67


    i have just moved back to Adelaide looking for somewhere to have a fill and start afresh living semaphore area any recommendations please
  2. carol67

    just moved to Tassie

    hello lovely ladies and gents, have just moved to Launceston and have been trying to investigate where i can get a top / fill completed without having to go to Hobart i have gound a Dr Wilkinson but no appt avail til January ??? anyone have any ideas or suggestions and would love to catch up with some Tassie Banders
  3. carol67

    north lakes Area

    Hello Ladies and Gents merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all I am looking to see if anyone lives in North Lakes Area of Brisbane I would like to set up a coffee group or general support group have been banded for three years and moved from another state (SA) and looking to start the new year off with a fresh start would love to hear from anyone on their tips ideas on staying on track I have lots of enthusiasm to start with and need a boot in the right direction sometimes
  4. carol67

    drs in brisbane

    Thanks brizkate will keep looking on forems ☺☺☺
  5. carol67

    drs in brisbane

    Hi ladies and gentlemen have been successful with my band for two years was banded by Dr leong in adelaide have moved to north lakes brisbane queensland and need to find someone for fils and follow up any suggestions or recommendations please ☺☺☺