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  1. That's okay, I will when the time comes but I keep thinking the sleeve will suit me more. Cheers
  2. Thank you once again for your reply Nessa, you have been extremely helpful! One last question... Do you know if he also offers the bypass? I know there are pro's and cons with both surgeries but be good to have options open. Have a lovely weekend
  3. Thanks once again for your reply Nessa! Do I get those tests done prior to 1st appointment with Surgeon??? And if so would it be better if I got tests done closer to consultation date then months earlier??? Do.I also need to make separate appointments with dietitian and nurse or is that organised through Darrin.
  4. born2rock85

    Sleeve. come at me!!

    I have no advice as I'm no where near to the stage you are at !!!! All the best for your op today I hope it goes smoothly and looking forward to hearing how it all went. Bianca
  5. I made appointment with Darrin Goodall Wilson!.. 5 month wait for consultation (29th April 2016)!!! Any idea how quick things progress after the consult?? I'm happy to wait a while for consult as I don't have the funds saved up yet and also I wouldn't want to rush such an important decision that is for the rest of my life.
  6. Nessa1977 I just read your blog, amazing stuff ~ thank you so much for sharing!!!! It's easy to find facts and figures but it was great to read your journey, very insightful. Does Darrin Goodall-Wilson still do the sleeve surgery? I had a look on his website and it only has information about gastric band. Cheers, Bianca
  7. Thank you for your fast replies Pugga and Nessa!!! They've been very helpful. Apologies for my slow reply (no net!) I have private health insurance, 12 month wait finishes April 2016... (forgot to mention that) All the best with your op Pugga !!! Not long now Bianca
  8. Hi. I live in Rural Victoria and would like information / recommendations and possibly costs (even if it's a ball park figure) on obesity surgeons that perform the sleeve operation. I've looked on the ossanz website for a list of surgeons. Closest to me is Hamilton but been told they only do band, I'm looking to get sleeve. I think Warrnambool also does band only? I was looking into melbourne bariatrics (Geoffrey Draper) as I have family down that way but also having a 2 year old son I think it might be better to stay closer to home? Any information would be appreciative. Thanks
  9. born2rock85

    Medibank Changes In Regards To Weight Loss Surgery

    Thank you for your fast & helpful reply leya22!!! Good news is Medibank will honor the waiting periods already served for weight loss surgery providing I change to a level of cover that covers the weight loss surgery before the 28th of September. Options are Top Hospital or Everyday Comprehensive - these are only about $30-$40 per month more than my current cover.. =)
  10. I checked emails to find one from my private health insurer - Medibank. Only to be notified that as of 28th September 2015 weight loss surgery will not be covered on basic cover anymore (The only reason why I even bothered with private health cover). I haven't been signed up for a full year. My question is if I will be switching over to another level of cover does that mean any previous time served will be null and void in regards to my application for weight loss surgery? Obviously soon I will call medibank themselves but just wanting to know other people's expierience in regards to similar situation. Cheers
  11. born2rock85

    Information on Private Health Insurance

    Finally signed up!!! Thanks for all the helpful information. I went with Medibank but couldn't pay a year up front as unexpected bills sprung up (bloody cars!). Now just counting down until my waiting period is up & work also on getting myself more healthy.. Hopefully lose a bit on my own prior to surgery. I decided to go back on duromine just over Easter holiday, hopefully keep my mind off the junk everywhere. We are getting each other $5 pressies instead of easter eggs/chocolate, sis in law wants toothpaste!!! I know it isn't always about the scales, I may never be "slim", that doesn't bother me... I just want to be the healthiest version of myself I can possibly be! When the time comes I will talk to the surgeon about what option will best suit me, it is a big deal no matter which road I choose. It's kind of depressing not wanting to get family photos or even happy snaps with son because of how unhealthy I am, Thank you to everyone's responses/replies.. It has helped me a great deal!!!!
  12. born2rock85

    Information on Private Health Insurance

    Thank you both for your replies! Angel Butterfly, Thank you for your inspirational words I was thinking of banding originally but as I live about 4 hours from city it would make return appointments a nightmare!!! I will get there, not only for me but for my son also!!!! Congratulations on your weight loss also HeftyHideaway, Thank you for your informative reply! I'm not a big fan of diet shakes on the long term but can understand why it would be necessary for surgery, also I never knew that about the liver, how interesting!! I had been reading other people's posts and Medibank Private does seem to be mentioned a lot!! Is the high level cover called "Ultra Health Cover" I just didn't want to call Health Insurance agencies and have them try to sign me up on the spot, but I feel more confident now. Although I don't have much money saved I am hoping within the waiting period I would have the money needed. Congratulations on your weight loss so far!!! I also wish for the best with your weight loss journey!
  13. Hi, I'm new to the site/ group Apologies in advance for the long winded post! Although I'm in the research stages of the sleeve gastrectomy I am seriously considering getting the surgery done in time to come. Growing up I always compared myself to other girls and saw myself as big, being that I am short (153cmish) and they were tall didn't help. My weight was probably a little over for my height but throughout the years it's slowly piled on, moving to the country (driving not walking everywhere) hasn't helped. I've went from 80kg [2009] to 113kg [2014] (this includes after pregnancy in 2013). I recently got down to 102.7kg with the help of medication (duromine) but back up to 105kg within last month with constant travel and poor food choices on the road, the medication has been the kickstart I needed but I know it's not realistic or safe to stay on it and am looking for a more permanent solution. My BMI is 45 I feel like I have exhausted all options and this looks to be what I truly need, (along with healthy eating and exercise of course). Portion size has always been my issue also, just eating and not recognising the signs of fullness, I could imagine a smaller stomach size would help immensely provided I ate the right things. I don't want to be one of those mum's that watches from the sidelines & is too unhealthy to join in! I would just like to know some details from those who have gone through the private health insurance road, I know each are different and the prices rise in april but want to make sure I get signed up with one that covers the sleeve surgery, and also what the experiences with different companies are like.. good, bad otherwise??? I am from Victoria if that helps? Thanks a million for your time!!! Bianca