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  1. dreamhan

    what will be your goal weight treat?

    Don a wetsuit without looking like a beached whale and go cage diving with the sharks.
  2. dreamhan

    Question for all you Secret Bandits

    I originally only told my inlaws, hubby and my mum as well as 2 banded friends. Have since told one other friend about it as she has become very close to me and is very respectful of the whole situation - she even had the pleasure of pulling over so I could vomit the other day! It is my decision to say anything and reveal to others how I have lost over 30 kgs. I have just been saying that I am moving more and cut out fats and bad foods and haven't had anyone question me.
  3. dreamhan

    New York, New York

    Congrats on the engagement! Love your photos and your dress!
  4. dreamhan

    High blood pressure no more

    Woo hoo thats fantastic!
  5. dreamhan

    banded yesterday

    Congrats on the surgery and the results so far.. it only gets better!
  6. dreamhan

    what is going on ?

    I had 4, 3 small and 1 larger one. Perfectly normal
  7. dreamhan

    Banded a long time yet just starting weight loss

    You will get there, you have Danielle as a pillar of strength next to you. As the ladies above have said you are not a failure you are incredibly strong!!
  8. dreamhan

    What have you broken from being obese?

    I never broke anything but can remember squeezing onto a plastic outdoor chair and could feel it rocking and as soon as I heard a bit of a creak and crack I got off before I broke it.. pity the next person that sat on it.
  9. dreamhan

    me at 74.5

    Well done you are looking fab!!
  10. dreamhan

    Dr Kevin Dolan

    I went private with Dolan and paid $1k admin fee and my excess from HBF as well as the gap on the tests etc, all up I think it was about $1500. He is an excellent surgeon and I had no issues with my surgery. He is very upfront and tells it like it is which I appreciated. I have been very happy with my progress so far and wouldn't change a thing. Talk to your GP and give Dolan's rooms a call for a chat to get some information as well, the ladies are lovely. People that have been banded with Dr Watson love him as well so get as much info as you can and feel comfortable in your decision as at the end of the day it is yours.
  11. dreamhan

    Fizzy drinks ok?

    I have never really liked any fizzy drinks but had had a coke as a mixer a few months after banding and it burbled away in my throat.. didn't like the feeling and never miss the odd drink of it anyway.
  12. needs to get over this hump...

  13. dreamhan

    Your Ideal Size ??

    I would like to get down to a size 12 from standard shops. I am quite short and pear shaped so wold even be happy with 12 on top and 14 on bottom (or 10 & 12). At the end of the day I am more concerned about the kg number than the clothing size number though and being happy with that. I started at 22-24.
  14. dreamhan

    appointment with surgeon

    LOL ChocolateMel!
  15. dreamhan

    Hubby doesn't agree HELP

    See if any surgeons in your area have info sessions and take hubby along. His attitude might change afterwards and see how much it can befefit you as a tool in your journey. I am very lucky that my hubby was supportive of my decision after hearing how much research I had done and personally knowing a few bandits that had great results. I had private health cover so was out of pocket about $1750 all up.