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  1. ezigoing

    Werribee bandits

    Hi Would love to join the Werribee bandits. I'm from Tarneit. When are you guys meeting next Cheers Belinda
  2. ezigoing

    Just a quickie! Tehehe

    Yayyyyyy I'm glad to hear that you have the support of your mum & you are making the drive to go to your first appointment. Sorry haven't been online for a bit been flat out applying for Uni and doing a Newsletter for GSP club (dogs). Let me know how you go ... and thanks mum for the support :D
  3. Hi ezegoing's, no I am not the same lady( I'm in SA) but thanks for the welcome, I only today got my referral ( I have a lower bmi, so wasn't sure the doc would give me one!!)

  4. ezigoing

    A newbie needs help!

    Hey Cub, Nice chatting to you last night. I don't know about the PCOS and Insulin Resistance, but I know about the rest of your post. Waiting for that that miracle to happen, that YES I am going to do it this time!! It never happens and its never going to. Its up to us to take that big step forward. Whats the saying? The first step is always the hardest. Being on this forum is great, if you have any questions you get the opinions of others who have been in exactly the same spot as you and all want to get to the final goal. We are slowly achieving that and some on here already have, they are my inspiration. Its great reading the forums and finding out your not the only one out there struggling or having the same issues as you. Good luck with getting the answers you need to help you succeed. Don't feel any question is silly because I'm sure there are a lot of people out there thinking the same thing. Take care and I hope to see you in the chat room soon Belinda
  5. Hi Kristy, Not sure if your the lady that I met at the Alfred Hospital today if you are glad you joined :) if not glad you joined anyway good luck and take care Belinda

  6. ezigoing

    Naughty Naughty Naughty

    Hi Everyone, Happy New Year to you all. I have been so Naughty over the last few days and gone from liquids to solids. I have put on over 2kg in the last week and not sure if its from going from total fluids to solids as I haven't drunk anything bad or if its because I am eating too much. I'm feeling a little depressed and thats not a good thing. I'm glad this time of the year is over and its back to normal work activities and things during the week. I'm feeling so crap when I eat anything too. It feels like it is stuck in my throat but I didn't have bread or anything like that. Is this caused by not chewing enough or over eating?? I'm not sure as its all new to me. I'm due to go back and have my first checkup on the 13th January I want to get back down to the weight it was before I went on my naughty streak. Maybe I should go back to liquids again. Can anyone give me any ideas as its been just on a month since getting done. Anyway that being said I had a fantastic New Year being the only sober one (I didn't feel like drinking alcohol) I've never been a big drinker can take it or leave it luckily. New Years resolutions is to get into a black dress before 5th March size 18 Cheers Belinda
  7. ezigoing

    DECEMBER bandits

    Hi all, I got Banded on the 9th December at the Alfred Hospital Melbourne. All going well so far. (I have cheated twice once on xmas day and once yesterday) I had 2 tablespoons of a chocolate dip but replaced it with a meal. I've been told not to go off the liquid diet till I go back to the hospital for my first appointment and that isn't until the 13th of January. I'm not too worried about it though, I have just stayed on the optislim. I am worried I'm not having enough though. One shake is lasting me a day as a third of the drink fills me up that I feel I could burst. I drink heaps of water during the day but not 2 litres as if I have too much my ankles or should I call them canckles swell up. I've lost 12kg since the operation so I'm wrapped about that. I've been 114.7 for the last few days maybe thats cause I cheated. Oh well not too worried after the amount that I have lost so far. I can see you are all doing really well and this New Years is going to be fantastic. I'll enjoy reading about how well you are all doing !!!!! Cheers Belinda
  8. ezigoing

    New Years Resolutions

    mmmm New Years Resolutions?? I have a couple; 1) to get into my size 18 little black dress before March (my daughters 21st) 2) not put pressure on myself if I do my best but don't make goals 3) reward myself with new clothes instead of food 4) lose enough weight that I don't need my damn walking stick every time I go out 5) appreciate life ... it gives back what I give it and I'm going to give it my everything!!!!! Good luck with everybody's New Years Resolutions. I'm sure with support on here and friends and family we will achieve our goals xx
  9. ezigoing

    Marion's under 90

    Well done Marion!!! Keep up the good work xx
  10. ezigoing

    Merry Christmas

    Just wanting to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas !!!! :mrgreen: Liquid stage for me but I feel strong and quite confident I'll be able to stick to just my optislim xxx
  11. ezigoing

    western suburbs

    Sounds good, I'm up near Rose Grange but know where you are talking about. We'll work out details later
  12. ezigoing

    western suburbs

    Hey Guys, I'm from Tarneit I got banded on the 9th December so far 11kg gone but lots more to go. Nice to see a few from around here.
  13. ezigoing

    Irrational Last Minute Fears!

    HI, I'm newly banded also, so I can't tell you how it works. But I'm looking at my band as a controlling private trainer that lives inside me. I don't know about you, but I have feeling like I'm going to be sick or even worse being sick. As for Chocolate, I am a chocoholic and I haven't had any for over a month now due to being on optislim. I guess it comes down to how badly you want to better your health and lose weight. As said before if you can't control yourself don't buy it. Skip that aisle in the shopping centre and choose either self serve checkouts or ones that don't have chocolates calling out to you saying eat me eat me. If you do buy a chocolate buy the 45g one so you can't have too much. You will find that once you start loosing weight your brain will see the results and I believe it won't crave for them as much. For a start its going to be mind over matter but soon enough once your body realises your not going to go back and have the wrong foods (except as a treat), then it won't crave the sugars or the champas. Be strong, and come on here to talk to people when you are feeling weak. Words of encouragement go along way. I also go to www.mvm.com .. its a virtual model and I put one in as me now and looked at clothes on me then I do it 10kg from now with clothes on. I print that out and put it on my fridge and on my pantry so when I go to open the door there is a new me that I want badly looking back at me. Anyways good luck today and I'm sure everything will go well. Cheers Bel
  14. ezigoing

    Greetings from Melbourne

    Thanks everyone for your warm welcomes
  15. ezigoing

    fluid stage no no

    I'm continuing on the optifast for the fluid stage. Perhaps you may find that easier