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  1. BackinBlack


    You determine it is not band erosion based on the fact that the band isn't leaking and state that I have no idea.... Just wow. This site used to be about being supportive to bandits (as we all were bandits), now not so much. If that makes me hostile and snarky, so be it. Anyhow, TishTish, I have decided to follow the same example and fly down to Sydney to get it sorted out. Rather than try and find a surgeon in Brisbane, need to make arrangements soon as the new 'symptom' for me is waking up choking at night and coughing up bile/food. Delightful
  2. BackinBlack


    And now I remember why I don't come on here. Just because in your case your band was damaged by your stomach does not imply it happens in all cases of band erosion. The only 100% guaranteed symptoms for band erosion are overeating/appetite and resultant weight gain. Some cases DO NOT have any damage to the band. Therefore loss of fill and band erosion are not mutually inclusive.
  3. BackinBlack


    Urgh. I read your opening post and it was like I wrote it word for word. My heart stopped when your surgeon said it may be band erosion. For the last few months, no restriction and hunger has returned as per pre-op. I thought it was just due to stress with moving cities, now you have me worried. I also have restriction at a certain time of the month, but that's the only time I feel like I have a band. Anyone else have any input on whether having all the fluid in the band would eliminate band erosion as a reason for this? I had all the fluid taken out and put back in and the full 5mls was in there, so hoping that is a good sign Edited to add: I don't believe that the band contents (or lack there of) can determine if the band has eroded into your stomach, there is no correlation there. The band is still functioning as expected, it is just now no longer in the correct spot around the stomach. The only thing it does eliminate is band leakage which could be the alternative cause for loss of restriction/hunger. Now I am a little bit worried
  4. BackinBlack

    Getting back on the bandwagon

    It is amazing how changes to our environment means changes to our eating habits. I am in a similar situation. From a food perspective I know when I was in the weight loss zone I used to replace lunch with a Optifast bar/shake, now I need to start following my own advice!
  5. Dam, gone for a few months and it's all different...  Interesting new site format. Hope all is well for everyone :)

  6. BackinBlack

    Any recommendations for surgeon in North Brisbane?

    Dam, what's with the new look forum? Been away too long! Tried one doctor, going to have to find another... Nothing like walking into the doctors rooms and the doctors very expensive car is parked outside with the plates 'WGHT LSS' and to be told 'we don't do bands'.
  7. BackinBlack

    Any recommendations for surgeon in North Brisbane?

    Thanks guys.
  8. BackinBlack

    Any recommendations for surgeon in North Brisbane?

    Thanks BeeBop, don't know Brisbane at all, so no idea where Wesley or Stafford are. I am near the Strathpine area Will google the names and find out!
  9. Hi, Recently moved cities, so need a decent surgeon for follow up care in North Brisbane (Pine Rivers) area? TIA.
  10. Been a while since I have been on here. So much has happened over the last few months. Lets just say moving city, probably changing careers. Been blessed in so many ways, life just doesn't get better than this :)

    1. duckie


      Dont you just love life.....

  11. So apparantly 'stomach bands' are just a band aid and a the latest diet shake fad isn't... Riiiiiggght. When you stop taking the shake and gain all the weight back, I might just have to laugh in your face, in a polite manner of course :)

    1. kazbo


      ::shakes head:: some people are so stupid, aren't they??

    2. Caughtbetween


      Some people.....

  12. Stress and the band do not mix! Haven't had a proper meal in over two weeks now...

    1. Startingover14


      I have learnt that recently. I found having a smaller meal, often did help.

    2. *Elly*


      I completely understand. First time for a long time today, that I managed to eat a meal at a restaurant without having to rush to the bathroom.

  13. BackinBlack

    Surgery on hold :(

    I can also see where she is coming from with your past issues with anorexia, hate to say it With the band I sometimes forget to eat (as no appetite on some days), so I can see how if I had been in that head space I could deliberately not eat as well. Tough one. Good luck with the upcoming consult with the senior psychologist and let us know how you go.
  14. BackinBlack


    I must be the minority that used a PT once and he basically gave me exercises I already knew how to do, so never bothered with his services again. I had been to gym prior to this so knew all of what he was telling me, so in the end I found the best option for me personally was to draw up my own plan and go with that. Now if only I could stick to it - but that's more of a motivation thing!
  15. I agree with CaughtBetween, on the other theory for the vomiting, I have never felt nausea when I have eaten to quickly, only pain and discomfort, maybe a stomach bug of some sort?