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  1. MelDavo

    Healthier - Carbonara

    With the winter months upon us I've started craving all the naughty hearty foods of my child hood so I've set about coming up with healthier versions of them. I made this carbonara recipe for my family last night and they loved it. 1 tub of light phily cream for cooking two egg's wisked 1 finley diced onion 250 grams of reduced fat ham or bacon diced (you could add chicken) 4 big mushrooms diced 1 whole zuchini diced 2 tablespoons of crushed garlic (I love garlic) 2 shallots finely diced 2 big handfuls of baby spinnach Grated light parmesan to serve I basically cooked all the meat and vege in a non stick wok and then turned the temp down really low and added the phily cream for cooking and once it was hot I stired in the wisked eggs. Served it with Slim Pasta (Kojac noodles) and a tablespoon of light parmesan. It was delicious and tasted just like the yummy fatening version. I haven't gone as far as to work out the calorie content but it would be no where near the original and if you wanted to cut it more you could just make a vegetarian version and add all your favourite veges and only use one egg or none at all.
  2. MelDavo

    Help ASAP!

    I have problems out and about all the time. I think I automatically get anxious when it comes to eating out and my band tightens because I have ordered meals and not been able eat more than a mouthful before having to pb but get the same meal in a doggy bag and have been able to eat it no problems when I get home. I don't let it bother me anymore and all my friends know I'm banded and don't make a big deal about it.
  3. MelDavo

    Before and After and Now

    Well done janine there is a massive difference and u should be very proud.
  4. MelDavo

    GPs in Queensland for APRA Letter

    I attend a women's only clinic (quite expensive but so worth it) who are very support and didn't hesitate when I asked for a referal for lapband. I didn't use super so didn't need a letter but know they would have given me one in a second. where abouts are you in QLD. I'm in Brisbane.
  5. MelDavo

    Group Support Session

    The psychologist office that I went to see pre-banding (12 months ago) runs weekly group support session (BandAid) here in brisbane and up until now I've not attended because I kind of felt like my feeling and thoughts were validated by regular use of this forum however I recently recieved an invitation to attend and I've rsvp'd with the first one next tuesday. I was just wondering if anyone else attends regular support groups post banding and do you feel they are worth while or not. As always any advise is greatly appreciated.
  6. I was in the closet so to speak for a few months but couldn't keep up the charade. so told all my friends and work collegues. I only told my mum this month on my 12 month bandaversairy and haven't told my dad or any other family members. There is history of eating disorders in my family that I don't want to have to deal with so that is why I haven't been completely open about it. I'm sure one day I will but it will be once I've reached goal and maintained it so that I can prove all the haters wrong. Everyone's different and you have to decide for yourself but everyone I've told has been very supportive..... to my face atleast and what I don't know doesn't hurt me so even if they don't agree with my decision as long as they keep it to themselves I don't mind.
  7. MelDavo

    Usual Routine after a fill?

    I personally would ride it out for a day or two longer and if it still doesn't losen off then head back to the surgeon. The line between the green zone and red zone is minute with me and if the swelling doesn't go down then you may just need a tiny bit of fill removed.
  8. MelDavo

    Usual Routine after a fill?

    I go back to opti for a couple of days and then mushies for a couple and then back on to solids.
  9. Hi hastwodots Firstly congrats on finally making this life changing decision. I was banded in Feb 2011 and although I still have a long way to go and I'm going through a rough patch at the moment I wouldn't change a thing. I personally wasn't prepared to wait another 12 months for my health insurance to kick in so I took out a personal loan to pay for my surgery. I justified it as an investment in my future and I don't regret it at all. I've since paid the loan off and have private health insurance that covers me if something goes wrong in the future. I put on nearly 10kgs in the very short period of time between making the decision and actually being banded and I would hate to think how much more damage I could have done if I'd waited the 12 months required by my health insurance. But plenty of people have waited and used the time to prepare themselves mentally and physically for their new life after banding and in some way's I think they are better off because of it.
  10. I'm in exactly the same place at the moment. I've fallen into a place where I'm living almost entirely on chocolate and I'm ashamed. I got banded just before you in Feb 2011 and I've lost just under 30kgs since then which I'm so proud of but I'm not living a healthy lifestyle and I've made it perfectly acceptable to live on unhealthy foods just because I'm not consuming many calories. Some day's I consume only 600-700 cals but all of them are made up of sugar. I haven't gained any weight but I also haven't lost any in the last month or so and I'm frustrated. I know what I'm doing wrong and I know how to fix it but I'm struggeling to find the determination that I had in ubundance this time last year. As of today I'm back on opti twice a day with a proper meal for dinner. Maybe you could try it aswell...... we can do it together.
  11. MelDavo

    Looking for a surgeon in Brisbane (south)

    Hi can recommend Dr Reza Adib aswell. He's a great surgeon. I've found him to be no nonscence and a little short on the advise (tends to leave that to the dietician and phsycologists) but all in all he's changed my life..... he's a bit quirky.
  12. MelDavo

    PCOS, Scared, Should I/Shouldn't I

    Welcome Bridget I can't help with the PCOS questions but there a quiet a few ladies on this forum who have the condition and there have been many threads about it so just search "PCOS" and you should get the answers you are looking for. I paid for my surgery with cash as I didn't have health insurance that covered the proceedure and I didn't want to wait the 12 month waiting period. It cost me $17k all inclusive up front but after rebates etc it came back down to about $14k. I'm in brisbane and I've heard that QLD is more expensive to have the proceedure done but I also didn't go to the cheapest surgeon around. Having the band doesn't take away the need to diet and excercise it just makes it so much easier. You still have to work at it but most get rewards for their hard work in the form of weight loss. I had one week off work (I have an office job) and a month off strenuous excercise (walking was okay in the early weeks). But 12 months on nothing is off limits. I attend bikram yoga classes every other day, I've taken up wakeboarding (we've always had a boat but I was always too fat to try it (at least that's what I thought), I jog and swim and run around the park with a 2 year old. The band is what you make of it and it's not all roses but form me the positives have far outweighed the negatives (pardon the pun). One benefit of going through this process is the forced phsychological help. I would never have just gone off to see a phsychologist to talk about my weight woes in the past but it is a imperative part of this process and I personally have gotten alot out of it. Do your research, explore your options and know that if you decide to go with the band you have great support here.
  13. MelDavo

    Green Zone

    Oh and I have to have magarine on them otherwise they are two dry.
  14. MelDavo

    Green Zone

    I can't eat any form of bread including wraps and mountain bread but I can still eat cruskits. I can only tolerate them late in the afternoon early evening when my band is at it's loosest but they usually go down without a problem. Maybe give it a few more days and try again.
  15. MelDavo

    Pain in shoulder after eating

    I get same feeling when I over eat.