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  1. How you going? Need any help just email me...

  2. AnneM

    Busselton anyone else out there

    Hello Everyone I am in Bunbury and had my operation on 4 Feb this year. I am still struggling with the amount I can eat (restriction), but its getting better! I had my op through the public wait list at the Bunbury Regional Hospital by Mr Senarath Werapitiya. There is another Doc that does the same thing, but Dr W has a better reputations and has done over 1000 lap bands/sleeve ops. Any questions just ask! Cheers Anne-Marie
  3. Dont worry about it.. I did the same and felt like crap! At least after the op we cant go and do stuff like that again (if you know what I mean).. which is another good reason for the lap band. As long as your still losing weight and your liver functions are normal all will be well. I started optifast about 3 weeks ago and am over it too. I just want to eat all the time now. I think I might sit down and write out all my problems and come up with solutions to avoiding the bad eating.. but how hard is it! I just spent 2 hours in the garden and we have a cyclone coming tomorrow, so a bit more tidy up and all will be good. I will check back after lunch see how you are... A-M ps. 6 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!
  4. Hi there. The Sleeve was my first option, but because I am a public patient I dont get a choice. The Sleeve takes an hour longer to perform and you have to stay in Hospital an extra 3 nights. I have 2 friends that have had the sleeve and the first has lost 54 kilos (male) and the second had her op last November and she is down 13 kilos. Both Dr W and private patients. They are both loving the Sleeve. They can eat pretty much what they want but just a lot smaller portions. Also after reading all about the lap band I think it would suit be better as it seems more restricting than the sleeve. As I am Diabetic I tend to heal a lot slower too, so I think I am getting the right one for me. Dr W said he has done over a thousand of these surgeries and he has a great reputation even with the Nurses. I met a Nurse that operates with him at St John of God and she said he was excellent. If your anxious to get in early just speak to his Secretary they are lovely and might be able to put you on a cancellation list. Another trick is to ring say Monday and Thursday to see if they have a cancellation then you can ask how long is private wait list is as well. Let me know how you get on.. Cheers A-M ps. are you in Bunbury?
  5. ps. I think I had to get under the 120kg mark.. they dont like you being too big as lots more complications. I am just under now, and am a low risk for surgery .. so am good to go!
  6. Hi Meagan I did notice his manner and doesnt worry me too much. I used to work with a Surgeon who would mumble and had no bedside manner at all. Must be used to them now! I looked at my original referral and it was back in March 2009 - and I got a rejection letter from Dr W as he was too busy and wait list too long. Still I am happy now and not too long to go, and i will ask for some stronger meds for sure! Are you walking around yet? Did Dr W tell you how long you couldnt exercise for? I checked out a few of 'newtoy4kt' and am going to look at some more tonight.. I snuck a peek at her latest clip and she looks fantastic... I cant wait to be a size 16 and shop in the Skinny Clothes Stores. Hope you feeling better now, let me know how you are getting on.
  7. 1.7kg is fantastic.. I lost 1.1kg this week. I found the ice made the shake much better - otherwise it tastes like warm milk. I too am off to the movies again.. no more diabetic lollies left, so off to the chemist. 12 days to hospital... not long now! I have already bought my soluble panadol and I am seeing my dietician sometime next week for my post op plan.. not sure how I can survive on liquid tho? I might have to stop my insulin as I dont want any hypo's. The weekend I found is hard to keep to .. but I have a huge stash of carrots in the fridge if I get hungry.. and I am weening myself of diet coke with soda water and lemon juice (and a splash of diet Lime cordial for taste). I think I am addicted to the bubbles - so best slow down now before its too late. Chat later A-M
  8. AnneM

    Diabetics Wanted............

    Hi Donna and Denise thanks for the reply.. i plan to exercise at least 6 times per week and I am going to do lots of different things. Previously I go too hard and fast then burn out, so I have already started slowly and am now walking, riding, Wii Fit, fitball, tai chi and step as well. My levels have already decreased which is great news, but good to hear you were off your medication within 3 months Denise. That's brilliant... I feel better now that I have heard that. I definitely will not rely on band alone, I have planned lots of exercise and have just about got my head right now. I wish I could run, but think my boobs are too big... still things might change within the next year. Thanks Girls.
  9. ps. I cant wait to get my SEXY BACK!
  10. AnneM

    Diabetics Wanted............

    Thanks Donna. Thats great news 5.8 is a great result. Mine are hovering around the 8mark and I am taking tablets and insulin at the moment. I am hoping to get off the insulin pretty quickly, but will try no to get too excited just yet. Since starting optifast my levels have dropped dramatically and I have to be careful not to get any hypos. I had heard a few stories of people stopping their insulin while they are in hospital.. but I will just wait and see (and cross my fingers). You have lost a lot of weight, which is amazing! Do you find now that you cant go a day without exercising? I am hoping to turn into one of those people where it looks natural to workout, rather than a mission. Thanks for reply.. I had some mental picture in my head that I would be diabetic free within a few months, but I will come back to reality and just take 1 day at a time. Cheers Anne-Marie
  11. Hi Everyone I am extremely curious to find out if any Bandsters out there are now free of Diabetes since the operation? I have heard a few stories from people knowing people, but would like to see if anyone in this forum has actually achieved this? Looking forward to your responses. Cheers Anne-Marie