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  1. krilynn

    MAY 2011 Bandits

    Hi all to you May bandits. Nearly 2 years ago, we had this procedure and wow, what a life changer for me. I was a size 26, 114 kilos and hated life. I am now, down 48 kilos, and feel great. I haven't been on here for a year of so, but would like to meet some new bandits and old alike. Drop me a line and say hi, tell me how you are doing or ask any questions....Cheers, Kristi
  2. krilynn

    Photo downloads

    Thank you, I will give it a try! Kristi
  3. krilynn

    Disappointed in myself

    Hi Simone, there are several over the counter things you can take coloxyl and senna and take it per the pharmacists recommendations and/or your doctors. Prune Juice and sometimes black liquorice helps. Keep your head up and keep your routine at the gym up. The emotional side of all this has to be so difficult then add the band difficulties and changes in eating habits etc. I think we all test the boundaries. If I had will power and could control my food intake and types of foods I like to eat, I wouldn't have gotten the band. I had my surgery last may as well, and lost 32 kilos, I have come to a standstill and find that very frustrating. I went from a size 26 to a 14-16 but still need to lose 10kgs. I am so frustrated. So I made an appt to see the dietitian again just to reinstall all the principles of eating with a band. If your constipation continues you need to go see doctor but try some of the recommendations to see if they help....Kristi
  4. Hi Neddy Bear! just getting back to the site after being away for awhile. Yes our new birthdays are near. I haven't had probs with any haemorrhoids. So many things can cause them, constipation and straining while trying to go to the bathroom, childbirth and age. Since you are going to the doctor, that is best for a diagnosis. Sorry I can't get a new pic up on my profile so you may not remember me working on it. I posted a new photo on the gallery. 32 kilos down feeling great.
  5. krilynn

    Photo downloads

    Hi All, Have been away from the site for awhile due to living in rural WA and having only dial up connection. Just got satellite and a new APPLE computer which I have never used one in my life! I went to edit images on my profile page and download photos from my computer. It would not work. I have put pictures everywhere else FB, other sites etc, just can't get one to download on here. Can you help me out? The file will attach here but I can't get it on the profile. I am sure it is just something I am doing!!! Cheers, Kristi
  6. krilynn

    Weight gain :(

    Hi Kylie, Dont get discouraged. You are only 7 weeks post op. One of the things my doctor told me was it is supposed to take 2 years to lose %60 of my excess weight. I have lost about 32 kilos, I had my surgery in May so 9 months ago, I am at my first goal weight but still wish I could drop another 5 kilos. It has been discouraging. In the beginning, we lost fast then it will slack off and maybe lose again quickly. You are doing well to have lost 12kg in the first seven weeks and your doctor should tell you the same. I think we all expect dramatic results immediately after surgery because we have waited for the moment. Truth be told, the slower the better as you are more likely to keep weight off. Keep doin what your doin, try to not get on the scale everyday as the scale doesnt tell the whole story. You will get there!!! Kristi
  7. krilynn

    Fine yesterday, not fine today

    Hello, I have experienced all kinds of differences in my eating. I have 8 mls in a 10 ml band and just would now say that I am in the green zone. I have experienced many types of episodes from not being able to eat in the mornings, to things getting stuck one day and not the next. I started keeping track of what and when when I have stuck episodes. then i take it to the doctor and discuss it. If you cant keep anything down, you need to address that as you can easily become dehydrated.
  8. krilynn

    Unusual Soreness

    Hello Ladies, I also experienced the soreness in that area for some time after my surgery. The port is sewn to you muscle layer and the healing process can cause pain, if your constipated this can cause pain and many other things. You just need to feel comfortable with the reasons so if you are worried or the pain worsens or persists, I would call your doctor and check it out! Cheers, Kristi
  9. Danielle, Just want to let you know you look amazing! Wow, what a great job. You must feel great!
  10. krilynn

    Port Pain

    Now that I have lost weight, my port sometimes hits my lower rib when I am sitting and gives me a niggle. Also, if I twist. If it is a pain that continues and or worsens, go see the doctor. Cheers, Kristi
  11. krilynn

    An interesting fact

    Hi Neddy Bear. Havent been on here for awhile and saw your name and wondered how ya been. Boy, you are kicking some butt on the weight loss! Half of your weight gone you must be so proud. I have lost 24 kg since my surg and feel like a new person. Someone that saw me this past weekend that hadnt seen me in months said I was half the person I was before. That felt good to hear. take care. K
  12. krilynn

    Mushies confusion

    As everyone has mentioned here, it is anything that can be put into a blender and made into a puree consistency. Some people even blended spag bol and they loved it. I think the whole point is to let the stomach adjust and not work too hard. Any questions call the dietition that you had seen before surgery or look at the websites that someone gave to you. Cheers K
  13. krilynn

    Country Folk

    No worries! Just something to think about when you are out in these rural areas and you have a problem. When you see your doctor again, ask him what type of needle is used to put fill in. My doctor said he was trained with a special needle as others can cause damage if used. Also I was told that if something was ever stuck, dont let anyone touch it if they dont know what to do with it. So a 3 hour drive to Perth could be very uncomfortable! I am just very cautious about eating anything that gets stuck. Kristi
  14. krilynn

    Country Folk

    Hi Janine, My local GP does do the fills, and I have had him do three now, but I guess I was worried about after hours, something getting stuck and he is no where around. As my band and I get to know each other, I feel less worried since if I follow the rules and guidelines, things are fine. Surprised your friend on the list at Charlies hasnt had her surgery cancelled. Word is that all funding for public bands has been cancelled. Hopefully she will get it done soon. Kristi
  15. krilynn

    May Bandits

    Hi all May Bandits! It has been so long since I have visited. I have been sooo busy planning a rodeo in Kojonup and working finally that my time is so limited to sit and look on the computer. I have missed you all so much and often wonder how everyone is doing. I have slowed my weight loss down, 14 kilos since surgery on 9 may. Having problems with eating but have had three fills now 7mls in a 10ml band, and I can say, the feeling of fullness is there. I was having stuck episodes at 6mls but still could eat alot, then we put another ml in, have had no PB's or stuck episodes and I am full so much quicker it is amazing how "natural" it feels. I still need to lost about 15kilos to my goal weight but I am just not thinking of it like it HAS to be done and taking day by day. Pinkat, you are doing so well. You should be so proud. I have made an appt with a dietitian outside of the clinic to just discuss proper eating as the dietitian at Dr. Dolan's office is about 12 years old, size 1 and doesnt speak about anything other than the band, not just eating right foods so I think that this will help me make better choices. I have had alot happen this last year, my father in law passing away tragically, our move to the country, obtaining my residency after over a year wait, finally working (job I hate, but money is okay) involved in community, joined Lions club, had surgery got a new PUPPY. She is so cute! What a year! I have gotten to share it all with you. Thanks to all for being here and I look forward to continuing to see how we progress together. Kristi