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  1. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi all, I've been missing for a while sorry - everyone seems to be doing really well! I'm down from my last post a few weeks ago to 68.7kg - only 700 grams from my goal weight although I think this is probably where I'll stay. My weight has fluctuated between 69.3kg to 70.3kg over the last few weeks so today's loss was a bit of a surprise! My food choices and activity have been pretty bad since July following an overseas holiday, moving house and turning 50! Off on a cruise in 10 days but after that I really must get back on track. Hope you all have a great week
  2. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Sorry, have been MIA for a few weeks while moving house. Still no internet (thanks Optus) so thought I would just sneak in a quick update from work while no one is watching lol! Congratulations Justme - a great achievement . And well done Dondon. Millymollymandy, Janedoe and Soul Sister!! In the 2 weeks to last Wednesday(10/8) I lost 1.6kg - down to 70.4kg (must have been all that exercise/lifting boxes while moving!) Today I am in the 60's!! - down 600 grams to 69.8kg - only 1.8kg from my goal. I still can't believe how much my life has changed in less than 7 months! Hope everyone had a great week
  3. 3 nights for me, but op wasn't until about 4pm.
  4. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    400 grams down this week to 72kgs - a small loss but better than a gain Very slowly getting closer to my goal! How did everyone else go this week?
  5. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    No change in weight this week - still at 72.4kg. Maybe my "holiday eating" is impacting this week! Need to get back to the gym but don't see that happening in the next 2 weeks until we finish moving house. Hope you all have a good week
  6. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Just an 8 night cruise to New Caledonia Soul Sister - not as exciting as Hawaii (I love Hawaii!) It's our first cruise so not sure how I'll go - a group of about 20 going so should be fun. Have a few friends who have done the cruise to Hawaii on Carnival Legend and have loved it. Enjoy!! Millymollymandy - any loss is good! I stalled around the same time - stayed around the same weight or had very small losses for about 3 weeks so don't worry, things will start moving again soon!
  7. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Well done Justme and enjoy your holiday. I had a loss of 1.3kg since my last weigh in 2 weeks ago - down to 72.4kg (only 4.4kg from my goal!) Really surprised but happy that I had a loss while away on holidays. My food choices were not always good and I indulged in a few chocolates and far more coffee than usual - maybe I should plan more holidays lol! Soul Sister - I have a cruise booked for the end of September so will let you know how I cope with all that tempting food. Hope everyone has a good week
  8. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Looks like everyone had a great week I'm still in NZ so couldn't weigh in last week, but thought I'd check how you all went! Have done lots of walking and even a day of skiing but have found it hard to make good food choices when on the run. I love all seafood except oysters soul sister so won't be tasting them for you sorry - really enjoy the seafood chowder though! Will have to see what the scales say next Wednesday
  9. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Welcome Millymollymandy - wow what an awesome weight loss already! I'm down 1kg this week to 73.7kg - the biggest loss I've had in ages It's 5 months since my sleeve surgery and I've lost 35.1kg - still cannot believe this has worked for me when everything else I ever tried failed!! I'm taking my kids on holiday to NZ next week so will be interesting to see how I cope - I'm a bit worried about being able to make good food choices when eating out all the time. Hope everyone has a great week
  10. chellg

    Stomach Taps

    Yuck! Why would anyone choose to use this
  11. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    600 gram loss this week - down to 74.7kg How did everyone else go this week?
  12. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Another 400 grams gone - down to 75.3kg. Losses have certainly slowed - must be time to up the exercise! Hope everyone had a good week
  13. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Another small loss this week - 400 grams, but still a loss!! Have noticed my food choices haven't been as good as they should so will cut out anything unhealthy and try to get in more exercise (joined the gym but haven't managed to get there yet!) Hopefully this will get things moving again. Have a great week
  14. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Well done soul sister - welcome to the 70's!!
  15. chellg

    Weigh In Wednesday

    A 700 gram loss this week down to 76.1kg - 20.6kg lost since surgery 4 months ago and 32.7kg from my heaviest. Slow but consistent losses lately - only 8.1kg to reach my goal! Hope everyone had a great week