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    Plastic Surgeons in Canberra

    Hello ladies. I had a band about 4 years ago. Did not reach my dream weight but lost over 15 kegs. I initially wanted to lose 20 altogether . So all good and happy now. However, this tummy tuck thing just hit me only recently and I have booked to see Dr. Taylor but also want to book with Dr . Milo too. From reading comments here and there they both seem to be good and we are lucky to have them here. I will visit both and see who I feel comfortable with. but I am a public patient and I paid for my band fully from my own money . So, some advice on costs to do with tummy tuck for people like me would be greatly appreciated. Just to be clear, I have no private health fund and want to know if Medicare can or may assist at all? What are my options? i will update here once I visit Dr Taylor next month. Cheers...