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  1. Teags


    Hi all, does anyone know if you have a failed result from an endoscopic sleeve, can you still have the gastric sleeve?
  2. Teags

    band coming out

    hey there, My band came out in May after it slipped, was only in for 1.5years but I lost 90% of my weight So now my sister and I are getting Sleeved on the 6th Nov in Joondalup To take the band out was such a quick and easy thing, they even let me go home that night as I was fine. Bit swallen but little pain etc Teagan
  3. My sister and I are having sleeves done 6th Nov, no advice for you though haha as I've only had a band before, mine was successful and i lost 30kg but then it slipped and they have taken it out. I have gained 10kg back but when I have my sleeve done I only have 17kg to loose so hopefully should be easy. I think it's great to be able to do it together!!
  4. Teags

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi all, Forgot yesterday Down 2kgs, only 6kg from my goal but I may keep going to low 70's.
  5. Teags

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi all, Been a while since I posted as I don't weigh myself much, now its every 2 months but very please I've lost 16.5kg now. 104-87.5kg exciting
  6. Teags

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi all, I only weigh in every 6 weeks so total of 12kg lost now in just under 3 months, going along very steady
  7. Teags

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi everyone, I don't own scales, only using the dietitians every 6 weeks, so after 7 weeks I'm down 9.5kg woop woop
  8. Teags

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi all, My first weigh in after my band, I don't own scales so I will just weigh at the doctors every few months. Down 7kg over that last 4 weeks Feeling good and started back at the gym today
  9. Teags

    3 weeks til my Op

    Thanks all Had my op on wednesday and all went well. Was very scary but pretty proud of myself that i did it. Lost 2kg the week before which is great hehe. Was a little shocked by the pain last few days but it gets a bit better each day. The thought of food, shakes and soups are making me feel ill so I hope that passes. Its like I really want something but dont know what it is. Thanks for all your info and help. This really helped
  10. Teags

    3 weeks til my Op

    Thanks Angel Butterfly
  11. Teags

    3 weeks til my Op

    Oh thanks thats doesn't sound so bad... Yea I was thinking about having a steak dinner on Tuesday night.........I only had to do optifast 1 week prior as my BMI is 32 But then they are also doing a xmas in July at work Sunday night...wanted to eat that too hahaha I'm excited now more that a couple of weeks ago, I thought id be super stressing but I am calmer than I thought any advice on what to stock that cupboards with prior...my hubby will be home but I'd like to be organised
  12. Teags

    Any August bandits?

    I'm the 29th July
  13. Teags

    3 weeks til my Op

    So I have 1 week until my operation, any advice? After seeing the anesthetist etc I feel less stressed about it although I'm just not sure what to expect......
  14. Teags

    Really scared!

    Hi Amy, I am getting my lapband done on the 29th July at Joondalup, I saw the Bariatric GP at the hospital Patrick Garratt and he was fantastic. Also the Surgeon I saw was Dr Yong and he was also very good. I also don't really know what to expect as everyone is different I was very nervous but after meeting everyone there I am now excited. I have been really impressed with the Joondalup hospital so far, although I am going private, I have not used the public section before.
  15. Teags

    3 weeks til my Op

    I have been on and off them for a few years so i don't mind them......but yes never enough We are in the same area Angel Butterfly haha funny...small world