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  1. Smile1980


    Eeek that's rough!!!! Good luck!!
  2. Smile1980

    Flinders privet hospital

    hi, I have just come out of flinders private and also saw Dr Kow at Flinders Private. I can't fault them and received great care whilst in hospital and as per ashford, the gap payment covers all my appointments after surgery
  3. Smile1980

    post op (sleeve) with toddler

    Hi Kittn, Its been going really really well!! I have been able to help out a lot more with my little man since Saturday and have been able to lift him onto change table etc - I turned a corner pain wise Saturday and each and every day it just gets better and better! Good luck!!!!
  4. Smile1980


    Hi Juggalette-Naomi, i had my surgery one week ago (Monday 10th) and from Thursday onwards when I have come home I have only been taking panadol. So hopefully that will be ok with you too!
  5. Smile1980

    post op (sleeve) with toddler

    My little one is 2 and I came home from hospital yesterday. My partner is due to go back to work on Monday but I'm thinking I might need him home for a little bit longer. :( Am struggling to drink enough at the moment as I feel full really quickly! - am definitely looking forward to feeling better and being able to cuddle my little man and pick him up, change his nappy etc!!