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  1. Jo

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Morning everyone, I have been missing in action but had to post today as I have reached my goal of 65kgs!!!!! I am soo happy with my decision to have the band, two weeks out from my surgery anniversary. It has been such a huge learning curve and I am still learning and making mistakes everyday, but now, I bounce back and get on with it. Funnily my band is quite loose at the moment, I have been eating more but making better choices. Just read everyone's post, all doing so well!!
  2. Jo

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I am up 700grams. Had a big infill last week after being too tight but had a refill last night..hopefully things will settle soon and I start losing again
  3. Jo

    Back to Basics!

    I would be keen for a steps group. Try and hit a goal for steps within a week. I would also oleopen to a.private Facebook group for those interested in this thread, keep each other motivated and kn track. Share ideas/meal, goals etc, anyone keen
  4. Jo

    Back to Basics!

    I do the same ozchick, chocolate is my weakness. Going to.make some.bliss balls today to have there as a healthy alternative. I had to have 1ml out last week as I was too tight, now I have very little restriction so my weight is like a yo yo at the moment! 3kgs away from my goal and won't budge!!
  5. Ha ha, my husband made me stand like that, total target catalogue pose!!
  6. 9 months since surgery, 35kg gone. Feeling great!!
  7. Jo

    One whole year

  8. Jo

    Weigh In Wednesday

    66.8, down 700gms in two weeks
  9. Jo

    Back to Basics!

    I am jumping in too. Although I haven't gained I'm not eating healthy and I don't feel well. I am also going to ban chocolate, I could eat it all day. I'll also be back on fitnesspal soon and I'm going to up my exercise
  10. Jo

    band issues

    I had the same problem a few weeks ago. No stones but chronic inflammation. Had my gallbladder removed the same week as I couldn't eat anything. I feel so much better now and recovery was fairly easy. Let us know how you go
  11. Jo

    Weigh In Wednesday

    67.5 this week, gain of 500gms. Had an extremely tight band the week before so I expected this gain
  12. Jo

    Weigh In Wednesday

    67 this week, almost 3kg loss but I had a fill and a very tight band for the first time. I expect to put some on now that I can eat and drink, going to focus on good nutrition to get back on track. Just me, that is amaazing, well done! So glad you are feeling well a d close to your goal!!
  13. Jo

    Self funding

    I used my super and it was the best decision I have made for myself and my health. I now have top hospital cover in case anything goes wrong in the future. I was nine months off my ph kicking in when I made the decision to be banded but I still used my super as I wwas so sick and tired of bei g sick and tired. I know the sleeve can be a little more complex initially than band surgery. If I was you I would make an appointment and speak to a surgeon and take it from there. Good luck
  14. Jo

    Weigh In Wednesday

    69.9, 2.4 loss this week. Finally in the 60's and 900gms away from hitting the healthy weight range. My big loss this week was due to fluid retention after op.
  15. Jo

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    My proudest nsv to date: When I first started on the lap and journey I was taking 7 tablets per day for high blood pressure, I now take none, zero, zilch!! Has to be the greatest achievement from my lap and surgery so far, a d that was in 7months