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  1. Juggalette_Naomi

    Sleeved 3 1/2 weeks ago - No longer a chocoholic!!

    My taste has definitely changed! I was always a big sweet eater but now even looking at sweet stuff can make me feel ill! I find that my body craves all the good stuff now and I get way better satisfaction from eating fruit and veggies. I no longer get the warm fuzzy good feeling of comfort that I use to get when eating foods full of sugar and fat.
  2. Juggalette_Naomi

    help needed

    I wouldn't worry about weight loss at this time, its all about healing and resting. I didn't eat meat till I was onto solid food as it took me longer then what the Dr said to go through the different food stages, I'm almost 12 months post op and still only eat about 1/2 cup at a time. Good luck and rest!
  3. Juggalette_Naomi

    Surgery day

    Good luck! Hope all gos well!
  4. Juggalette_Naomi

    New sleeve - when does weight loss begin

    I wouldn't worry about it just yet, focus on healing. The weight will come off. I didn't weigh myself until my first check up so it was a nice surprise.
  5. Juggalette_Naomi

    Starting weight what to expect

    I was really disappointed when they had to change the date but it ment having it done the same day as my mum witch worked out good. I kept up with the optifast diet coz my scales broke so I didn't know if I was losing enough weight and I was worried that I wasn't and they wouldn't do my surgery so it kept me going. Plus I knew after I had my surgery I would have to stick to the diet to help my stomach heal and I knew it would make it easier if I got my brain ready for the weeks of just liquid then mushy ect.
  6. Juggalette_Naomi

    Starting weight what to expect

    I lost 15kg before my surgery, but that was coz I had to lose 10kg before they would do my op but then the surgery date got pushed back another 4 weeks coz the hospital was doing something, so I just kept going with the optifast diet.
  7. Juggalette_Naomi

    Sleeve foods

    No things don't get stuck, but bread and doughy stuff is hard to eat and feels like its not sitting right. So I don't eat most of that stuff, I do have whole grain bread as its easy to eat. Sometimes with the doughy stuff it makes you full before you realize you are, then you eat to much and bring it back up. I have done that a couple of times before.
  8. Juggalette_Naomi

    Sister - The Sleeve is not "magic"

    Easy, its her life she can do what she wants its really non of your business. I know you have concerns about it but you have to let her fail to learn. If she see the right Dr he will ask her lots of stuff and see what she knows about this type of surgery and the life stly changes she will have to make after this and if he/she doesn't think she needs it just yet they won't do it. Yes she should try to lose weight the good old fashioned way but you can bring a horse to water but you can't make them drink it.
  9. Juggalette_Naomi

    Starting weight what to expect

    Hey i had my sleeve last December, I'm 170cm tall I started at 130kg, I'm now 69kg. Happens quickly but I stick to small meals like my doc told me too and walk for an hour 4 days a week. I want to be around 18% body fat witch for me is 60kg but I also want to put muscle on witch is my focus now. You must be so excited! I know I was but didn't think I would drop weight like I have.
  10. Juggalette_Naomi

    Soooo cold

    The cold sucks!!! I feel it so bad now, but a friend of mine said it will be better for me in summer.
  11. Juggalette_Naomi

    Length of stay in hospital for a sleeve?

    2 nights for me went in 6am Mon morning was home by midday wed.
  12. Juggalette_Naomi

    Here we go again!

    That's why I'm so happy that I went with a sleeve first. Hope it all works well for you this time!
  13. Juggalette_Naomi

    One spoonful too many

    My specialist said to stick to 5 mouthfuls, he said dieticians try to get you to eat to much. So half a cup of food at the most. But wile I was healing I only ate till I felt like I had enough then stopped. It's what I still do now just stick to 5 mouthfulls. I have had one too many before and it sucks big time, I also have to make myself eat breakfast I have a smoothy or bakebeans coz I can zap them in the microwave for 30 sec and eat them wile I get dressed and do my hair and stuff. Just do what feels right to you. Hope all gos well.
  14. Juggalette_Naomi

    13 months post op gained 15 kgs

    Okay I'm going to put this as nicely as I can, not only is what your eating going to make you put on weight but how you are eating is going to hurt you in the long run. Your meal size should be about 5 mouth fulls or half a cup, your not ment to eat and drink at the same time so have a drink wait at lest half an hour then have something to eat. You should be sticking to 3 meals a day and only have something small in between like a few nuts or some carrots sticks. I was 130kg also and have the sleeve. You shouldn't drink beer as the bubbles stretch your stomach. Here's how my day gos I have a hot coffee first thing in the morning then 45 min latter have one piece of toast with bakebeans I find they keep me full till lunch. Lunch I have a crusket with peanut butter sometimes 2 or I have some cooked chicken. Then tea is meat and veg with rice or pasta. For snacks I have one piece of chocolate or some mixed salted nuts. I'm not a fan of health food so I still eat bad stuff but just very small amounts, I don't eat till I feel full I just stick to the 5 mouth falls and chew chew chew. The band/sleeve are a tool you use to help you, not to do the work for you. Getting over the mental side of it is hard. Took me a long time to work out I wasn't really hungry just bored and didn't know what to do with myself at the times when I would normally be eating even harder when your an x smoker I use to smoke too. I would really try to cut out the ice coffee they are so full of sugar and the more you drink the more your body will crave it. Sugar is a hard addiction to break. I drink a lot of hot coffees with fake sugar, I drink a hot drink in those time I'm bored and thinking about food but know its not time to eat. If your not a hot drink person you can make your own ice coffee? Eating till your sick and then eating more is so very bad for you! Plz stop doing that! Your body doesn't need much food to work we have just been so use to big portion its hard to look at plate of food the size of a toddlers plate and think it enough. I wish you all the best on your journey and hope things get better. Feel free to mess me if you have any questions. What the other ppl have said is ture.
  15. Juggalette_Naomi

    Secret sleevers

    I have no problem with telling ppl, as I don't care about their opinion of me. But you don't have to tell them anything you don't want too. As for the SIL I wouldn't worry about her ppl like that have their own body issues and need to keep telling them selves and any one who will listen that they are healthy and normal and put down ppl who aren't. I would just say I'm trying to cut down on portion size as recommend by my doc/dietician and that you have been doing at home and find that you don't need much food. If the SIL has something to say about it, just shut her negative feedback down by talking over her about how well its going. Keep doing it every time she says something negative talk over her with something positive could be about yourself or about her hopefully your positive attitude will change hers.