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  1. Sammy35

    starting my new journey

    Hi soul sister thank you. I don't think he feels threatened but I do think he is embarrassed. He asked me if I have told any one and I said no ( my Aunty and 2 of my friends know but he doesn't know that) and he said well don't tell anyone. ( I wasn't planning to tell anyone else anyway) i was originally staying in hospital over night but told the receptionist too book me in for 2 as I have 4 young kids it will be full on when I get home. How were you after op? Where you in much pain? Any advice would be great. thank u
  2. Sammy35

    starting my new journey

    Hi, Warning: an essay ahead I haven't been on here for a while. A few things has happened since. I got my super approved, I am having a gastroscopy on Friday then next Thursday I am getting my sleeve. I am so excited. On the other hand my hubby isn't to supportive thinks I can do it on my own. I won't be telling family and friends I am getting this done as I don't need negativity. This is something I am doing for myself.maybe later on I might tell. i will see how I go. I lost 4 kg before I started opti. I have now been on opti for a we and lost 2kg. Better than nothing I guess. I do have a mild fatty liver do hopefully it reduces a bit. My start weigh was 121.6kg, opti weight 117.6kg now weigh 115.2kg. I am 168cm tall I would love to get to 70kg. I still have one more wk of opti to go. Bring on the 12th☺ Is any one else having a sleeve do be around the same time?
  3. Thanks jo I have sent paperwork away and I will give them a call this week. ☺
  4. Hi jo How exciting.so happy for you. Thanks for answering my question. But I just have one more. Just double checking that : So I don't need to include the money for every day bills when applying for super? Thanks Sammy☺
  5. Sammy35

    Dr Adam Cichowitz?

    hi Ania how did your mum go? What did she think of Adam. I'm going through him and can't find any reviews either. Thanks sammy
  6. Sammy35

    Sleeve or Band?

    I will be sleeved in November. My surgeon doesn't recommend bands any more. Sleeve and bypass are more popular.
  7. Hi guys im applying online for my super and asks for savings. What's the maximum would you put. I heard don't put more than 1000$. As they won't release the money.Just wanting to know if this is true. Sorry don't mean to be nosey. I want to apply for 7000. thanks sammy
  8. Sammy35

    Sleeve date set

    Hi all haven't been on for a while. But I am so excited I have my date 12 November. I have my appointment with the anaesthetic next wk see my dietitian in October. Now to apply for my super and hopefully I get approved. Also I have lost 3 kgs in a wk, think it's due to my nerves and excitement but hopefully I can drop more weight before surgery. Oh yes I also have to do opti fast for 2 wks. To all the sleeves I am 168cm tall, 35yrs old, weigh 119kg, is it realistic to set my goal weight at 70kg? Surgeon said should get to 90 kgs
  9. Sammy35


    Hi kittn, how did you go?
  10. Sammy35


    Great kittn, can you please let me know how you went. Good luck
  11. Sammy35


    Hi juggalette_naomi and kittn These are the questions I have,don't know if there any help to you. Hope so. how long does surgery go for? how many nights stay in hospital? how much is gap payment and other expenses? side effects? how many meals do u eat a day? do I have to take any supplements? will I be in much pain? how active can I be when I get home? how much weight can I lift? when can I start driving? sammy35 xx
  12. Sammy35


    hi you lovely people i have my 1st appointment with my surgeon on the 8th September and I would like to know what questions I should ask. I have a few questions already. Just making sure I haven't left anything out. can any one help please? Thank you
  13. Hi meg25 thank you. hopefully it won't take to long for you. Laura ps. I'm inpatient too lol
  14. Sammy35

    New and made the first step.

    Thank you kazawaki. thanks jinie but at the moment I'm not telling anyone that I am doing this so I don't want my friends to see I have joined one of the groups on Facebook.
  15. I hope it is straight forward applying for super as I'm planning on using mine to pay the gap.