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  1. soul sister

    Please tell me this is normal!

    Hi LouisA, I feel ya. I vomited for 4 days, they said id feel better by day 3. Could barely down a few ice chips. They tried to give me a tablet that was too big, so they broke it in half and i still threw it up. I, too questioned if i had done the right thing. Everyone is different, i read onthis forum about people who breezed through the post op. Good news though, i did start to feel better day by day. Did all the right things, but i took longer through each stage ie puree and mushie etc. Now i feel fantastic. Love my life and wish id done it sooner. Took awhile to get back to normal, didnt even enjoy my coffee for couple months. Hang in there, we're thinking of you. Cheers.
  2. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Havent read your post in sleeve section yet Boganlicious. 2 years, wow, that is a long wait. Hope you get to make it happen before then. You're back on track Millymollymandy, can you imagine what you would have given to be this weight 1year ago. I still have trouble getting my head around how far weve come. Im 66.7 this week so all good. Hope all is well with you Denzel. I will be awol for couple weeks, were off on a road trip, will be thinking of you guys, especially on Wednesdays. Cheers.
  3. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Denzel, i totally agree with Millymollymandy. Just get better, our thoughts are with you. Im the same this week 67.1 must confess ive been a bit heavy on the snack foods lateley. Really loving sour cream grain waves yum, will have to alter something else to allow a few of these treats. Keep up the good work Millymollymandy, you'll be back under in no time. Good luck Boganlicious, a scary, but exciting time lies ahead, enjoy the journey. Cheers.
  4. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hope everything is ok for you Millymollymandy. D0nt worry about the kilos, i put about 3kg on when i went on my cruise and it just fell off again when i got back on track, didnt even have to try hard. Congrats on your surgiversary Denzel, what a long way, we have all come. Its really hard to fathom the differences, wouldnt change a thing. Im up to 67.1 so put on a few grams this week. Still feel fab. Good luck with your new adventure Boganlicious, you wont be sorry. Cheers.
  5. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi there, Denzel, it seems youre in a bad hedspace at the moment.. Maybe give yourself a couple weeks off then start again throught the stages ie opti, puree, mushies and solids. Pretend its a fresh start. Lay some of your favourite outfits out to remind yourself how far youv come. Good luck were all behind you and im sure i will need you to boost me in the future. Only lost 100gms this week, but saw my sugeon and got a gold star. Hope everyone else had a great week. Cheers.
  6. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Millymollymandy, i found your 100gms and ill raise you 100. So im 67.0 again which is up 200gms. Gotta be happy with that as its still within my range. Well done Millymollymandy. I hope all works out for you with your house Boganlicious. Thanks for the funny cartoon Denzel, hope you had a great week. Cheers.
  7. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Thank you for the kind words Millymollymandy, and right back at ya. Hope you're coming good Denzel. It must be a great year as its the year of the dog. (In chinese culture) unfortunately I'm an ox. Anyway up 400gms this week to 66.8. Cheers.
  8. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    WOW WOW and WOW congrats Millymollymandy. I'm so excited for you. I bet there will be people who dont even recognise you anymore. Denzel, i reeeaaalllyyy, hope you are feeling great this week. Im 66.4 this week, puts the pressure on to not gain for next week, but i guess thats what keeps me on my toes. Hope everyone else had a great week too. Cheers.
  9. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi all, Down to 67.0 so lost 400gms this week. Got an air-fryer for christmas so have been experimenting. Yum. Millymollymandy, couldnt you have just had a loooooooooong wee. So close, im so excited for you. Denzel im so sorry to hear your not well atm, im sending good wishes your way for a great year as i know you deserve it. Be kind to yourself. Keep up the good work Boganlicious, i dont have a fitbit but i have a bull arab that needs walkies everyday. Cheers.
  10. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Confession time, I'm up to 67.4 so nearly 1kg gained. Enjoyed every calorie and will probably gain a little more next week, but come new year ill be back on the straight and narrow (narrow being the operative word, ha). You girls have done so well and im sure you are proud of yourselves as you should be. Happy New year. Cheers.
  11. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    OMG, Denzel, thats terrible. I hope things improve for you (big time) you deserve only nice things. Dont be so hard 0n yourself Boganlicious, you are doing so well, imagine this time next year, wow. Even though you havent reached your personal goal, it must have been fantastic to hear the surgeon say you are there, Millymollymandy. Sooo close now. I lost 200gms this week so back to 66.6. Ill gladly take that, especially this time of year. As for the ice-cream, Aldi sell a gelati in little cups 4per box and they are hazelnut flavour. Im ok if i eat these as they are portion controlled, but i have to eat them very slowly and wait awhile before moving afterwards. Last week it was out of a tub and it was actually frozen custard ( bulla i think) and it was toooo creamy and sat heavily even after losing half of it. Sorry tmi. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and i hope you get something special Denzel. Cheers.
  12. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Quick reply this week, not feeling too good. Ate some ice cream, used to be able to eat whole tub no probs, but just had a cup and feeling real yuk. Good reminder. Up 300gms this week to 66.8, probably ice cream ha. So excited for you Millymollymandy and well done Boganlicious for being accountable. Wish everyon good luck for this time of year. Chees.
  13. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi there, that time of week again, lost 400gms this week. Down to 66.5. Just a follow up appointment Denzel, i was sleeved 2years ago in October. Hope everyone had a great week. Cheers.
  14. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Welcome Boganlicious, and congratulations on your new arrival. Great result Denzel, i knew you'd get your mojo back. So close now Millymollymandy you must be able to taste it, figuratively of course. I stayed the same as last week, still under 67 but just by 100gms hopeing to do better next week. Cheers.
  15. soul sister

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Speaking of accountable, i found 300gms this week so am up to 66.9. No excusem but did have friends stay for the weekend and champagne WAS consumed. Had a blast, hope everyone else had a great week. Millymollymandy, that was a great result, i see my surgeon in Jan, was supposed to be oct/nov but they tried to get me to see someone else and i said no, i will wait for Dr Baxter. Keep up the great work. Cheers.