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    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of looking into banding. I live in Ingleburn which is near Campbelltown. A friend of mine was just put on a waiting list in Victoria and she doesn't have private health insurance.her surgeon said they can do 10 surgeries a year under Medicare. Does anyone know a surgeon in my area that I can see that also does this? To give you a bit of background info on me. I am 51yrs old and currently weigh 134kg. I had my thyroid removed 18 years ago due to Cancer and I have had a battle with weight since. I have lost 15kg in the past 12 months but it has been three steps forward and two back most of the time. I have severe sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, arthritis in every joint ( had two knee replacements and waiting for hip to be done ), chronic asthma and of course no thyroid. I also have to take heart medication for heart palpitations. Thos all puts me in a high category for this surgery but I just need to find a surgeon that operates under Medicare like my friend had. Can anyone suggest someone please? thanks and I looking forward to reading your stories and getting to know you.