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  1. round2baby


    Denzel sorry you took it that way. Not my intention at all.
  2. round2baby


    So overall we should probably go back to a paleontologist way and dismiss grains from our diet,
  3. round2baby

    Golf ball in port site

    No problem Good luck, I know two years ago there were a few posts about it, have a search Love to knowhow it's done as well
  4. round2baby

    Golf ball in port site

    It's not cause you can see it, but mine has flipped so having it replaced30th October. Were you private ? Call your surgery / clinic and get an appointment to see what they can do Congrats on the massive weight loss Ohh I don't think they put it deeper into muscle, that would be horrible pain, it would.. I assume be just moved and restitched,
  5. round2baby

    work and fillers

    Oh LJ every time I see you post I just wish you would of done more research, like your other post suggests, You may be lucky and get the sweet spot green zone in one or two goes My experience was every few weeks. Sometimes one mil sometimes half A lot of us do work full time .I worked full time but in retail, so I'd work weekends and nights and be able to go on a Thu or Fri morning or on a day off. The band is a tool that needs a lot of work, and I know that you can do it but your just a little behind the ball. Your clinic or surgeon should of explained this all to you, I have a few books .. I can't remember of the top of my head what they are called bit have some great information. I really feel for you. It's like you have taken this journey with a blindfold on but you could see a little bit if you looked down. Hopefully we can take the blindfold off and help you succeed
  6. round2baby


    No offense but I don't have time to read that article, as you have read it can you just give me the highlights, in your own words or even some dot points . I didn't go to uni
  7. round2baby

    Plug (Gross Warning)

    What are your yellow signs .. and what are your red signs ? My yellow signs are . I look for food. I always feel hungry, I have seconds.
  8. round2baby


    Hahaha commando .. Cows eat grains to get fat They help with fiber content as far as I'm concerned. If your worried maybe look at going palio diet .. some of the food looks amazing, it may or may not help as every body is different.
  9. round2baby

    wanting to eat normal

    I'd resist thechicken noodle soup if your getting pain and spasms.. If I eat to much or fast I get hiccups and burps. Call your clinic ! And stop and step away from the foods and just have liquids . You don't want to damage and aggravate the stomach and soft tissues around the band. Every one is different And with the spasams and other feeling you have I'd suggest taking a step back
  10. round2baby

    After hours fills?

    Doubtful, I'd suggest calling round the clinics in your area . Maybe one has a late night clinic ? Or opens at 8 Google clinics and call round .. I think that's your best bet
  11. round2baby

    Warm weather = tight band!!

    Stay really hydrated, Like really hydrated !! I've noticed that happens but that's not an issue more an advantage
  12. round2baby

    Sore port site

    What happened ? Did you go to Bali ? Or call your clinic ?
  13. round2baby

    Newbie with questions!

    When I saw my surgeon first off I only waited three weeks. Only cause of the tests that they do, blood xray, ecg. Had to see a psychologist as well ... But not all clinics do that. Also did two weeks of opti fast Yay I'm excited to watch your journey
  14. round2baby

    wanting to eat normal

    What's your idea of normal food ? I had a scrambled egg five or so days after, and jelly. I think week two I had a slice of toast. And lived on chicken and corn soup. but I'd put it through a sive to remove the lumps You want the band to work with you. u don't want to damage it while it's healing, otherwise you run the risk of complications.
  15. round2baby

    Newbie with questions!

    Self funding will definitely get you in much faster. Good luck with your gp and referral, that's an awesome place to get the ball rolling, There are a few ladies here who are your age. My suggestion is to read through some posts use the search function, Yay !