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  1. Hey jbird, I'm getting sleeved by Dr Mosse on the 16th of August. I first seen him in October 2015, he told me then that he could do the operation in Novemeber. I ended up deciding to try one last time to lose weight by myself, however, I ended up choosing to have the surgery. I seen him for consent on June 23rd and I got my date in August. There was a date earlier in August which I didn't take. I think it usually takes about 6 weeks given there are no complications. An acquaintance of mine had to wait 12 weeks but there was some complications in her case.
  2. Zara1

    Plastic surgery update

    Kazbo you look great! I hope you're through the worst of swell hell and feeling better
  3. Im not sure how long I will actually spend in hospital, but I'm scheduled to stay in for 3 nights.
  4. Zara1

    August Sleevers

    Hi all, So I have a date, everythings booked, insurance is sorted and I'm scared to death!! I've finally committed to having the surgery after 3 years of dipping my toes in the water and researching. Is there any other August sleevers out there? I would really love to have some sleeve buddies who will be at the same stage as me. I'm currently scheduled for surgery on the 16th of August, anyone else having surgery on or about this date?
  5. Zara1

    Sleeve or Band?

    Thank you to everyone for all your replies! I wish everyone well on heir weight loss journeys. I agree it is subjective and I still have a lot more reading and research to do before I make a final decision. I will keep everyone updated. Thanks again to everyone, I really appreciate your input :)
  6. Zara1

    Sleeve or Band?

    Hi all, I'm not sure if there is a thread already asking this as I am new here, but I'd like to get some opinions on what has worked best for people, band or sleeve. I had my first appointment today and my surgeon was pretty much leaning toward the sleeve. He said that he has only done 2 bands this year as the sleeve is becoming the more popular option. He also said that he is removing a lot of bands. I have been thinking about WLS for a number of years now and I have always had my heart set on the band. However, from what I have read in the past 6 months the sleeve is becoming the better option? I am currently 113kg and 45kg overweight. I'm just really confused about which option is best so I'd like to see what has worked for others. Thanks in advance. Zara