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  1. NEWME1

    Bad stories on the band???

    Hi Tinker, I too have a band that was inserted in November 2015 (wow, was it really that long ago?) My surgeon is wrapped with my results as am I. Not quite at my goal weight, due to having to remove fill for a number of months following a hernia repair. It is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself! Prior to the LapBand I had trouble moving, strong pain in my back and knees, my blood work looked horrendous, the list goes on and on. Since the operation I have lost a significant amount of weight, my back and knee pain have gone, my blood work looks great and I feel fantastic. I can and do exercise daily and eat almost all types of food in small quantities, very slowly. It's not a magic pill, but lots of hard work for a very great result. I haven't had to have many fills but work closely with my surgeon. I went and saw a dietitian called Helen Bauzon prior to the operation and she provided me with heaps of reading matter including "The Gastric Band Nutrition Solution" and "the weight loss shopping guide" both of which have served me well. I wish you well on your journey and look forward to hearing how you go on the 19th July. Remember all surgeries have their complications and be kind to yourself.
  2. Hi, Welcome to the site. I was banded in November 15 and have only had to have two fills since then, but then I have been extremely lucky in my experience with LapBand. There are others out there who have had to fill and empty many times over. I am based in Melbourne so can't help you with your other queries but I'm sure someone here will be able to. Wishing you the best of luck with your journey regardless of which path you choose to travel.
  3. NEWME1

    Day 4 post op - throwing up

    Wondering If you got in touch with the surgeon and how you got on. Hoping you got some assistance. Wishing you the best of luck
  4. NEWME1

    Ladies that started at 150kg?

    Hi Carly, thanks for sharing your story and good luck with your journey. Just a little food for thought - even if you plateau at 100kg it's still 50kg healthier than your current weight. I hope that your motivation gets you across the line though. I truly believe that anything is possible if you go for it.
  5. NEWME1

    G'day from Gippsland

    Hi MM, So sorry to hear of your experience. I had my lapband inserted in Nov 15 by Mr Kostas Syrakkos. He surgery was done at Dandenong Valley Hospital and I have been very happy with my results. Very recently I have had to have and incisional hernia (not related) repaired and given the possible repercussions with my lapband Mr Syrakkos offered to do the surgery again and agreed to do it public once I explained that the private cost was prohibitive. For the first six months or so I went to see him at the Dandenong offices but now due to my work commitments he sees me at Wonthaggi Hospital and will do fills there for me if I let him know in advance. His bedside manner is great and I always feel in safe hands. Have lost 22kg to date and have just 8 more to make goal. Which will be 55kg lighter than at my heaviest. I am obviously not a secret bandit and am happy to sing his praises from the highest rooftops. My health is finally mine again - no more back pain, increased fitness levels, lower blood pressure, normal enzyme levels and red blood cell shape. What's not to be happy with that - all wrapped in a supportive warm blanket that actually feels like CARE from a surgeon. Just food for thought! Best of luck with your continued journey...
  6. NEWME1

    Looking to change life by banding

    Hi Snfer, Congratulations on deciding to change your life. I recommend Mr Kostas Syrrakos @‌ Valley Private Hospital. He was my surgeon back in November 2015. So far I've lost 80% of my excess weight and now I'm able to keep up with my young one, back pain is a thing of the past and my knees no longer creak either. You do need to be realistic - WLS won't loose the weight for you, it's just a tool that helps. Look forward to hearing who you choose and how you get on.
  7. NEWME1

    Recommendation for Melbourne

    Hi Snfer, I used Mr Kostas Syrrakos @‌ Dandenong Valley Hospital and haven't looked back.
  8. NEWME1

    Newbie to exercise

    I lashed out and bought myself a new treadmill as part of my "lifestyle change" it wasn't an expensive one but it does the trick. Had to make myself walk everyday for quite awhile, now I jog 4km everyday and have a running battle with my work boss to see who can do it faster and more often - we are about the same pace now and I'll possibly be able to outpace him in the near future - not bad for a couch potato! Oh, I never take my Fitbit off for anyone or anything other than water sports/shower - it's my new best friend. It's just a matter of finding out when and what suits you best. Has to be first thing in the morning for me - so I just get up an hour earlier and get it done! Good luck with finding what works for you.
  9. NEWME1

    Post Op day 6

    I remember feeling like this and that there was no way I was ever going to get through everything! It did improve as the swelling went down and the healing began. I didn't have any fill in after surgery. As with all things medical, if you are concerned you should seek expert advice - that's what your surgeon is there for. Hope that your situation improves soon.
  10. NEWME1


    Hi there, I had my lap band surgery in Dandenong in November 15 and have not looked back. I have lost a total of 28kg and still have around 7kg more to go. My surgeon was Mr Kostas Syrrakos, and I have been very happy with the results. I went to visit Helen Bauzon (dietitian) about 6 weeks prior to having the surgery and she provided some "light" reading and advice on eating at the different stages post op, how to eat (sounds stupid but is really quite important) and a rough guide as to how much to eat. I found her to be very helpful in preparing for the surgery. Following the surgery I stuck to the guidelines explained to me religiously. I didn't tell friends, but did tell close family, now I am happy to tell people about it but only if I think it is warranted. I have yet to find any foods that I cannot eat, but do experience stuck moments if I try to eat when stressed. I have changed eating habits but am conscientious about returning to old ways in tough times and am trying to establish healthier options. I exercise religiously and am enjoying the benefits that it is imparting. I love the way I feel after an exercise session now. For me the surgery has been a great success. I wish you all the best for your journey and am happy to chat further if you want more information on my journey. Best of luck
  11. NEWME1

    the good and the bad

    Stop feeling down on yourself - it's counterproductive. Start with a clean slate tomorrow and treat each day fresh! I comfort eat when down or in pain so I can totally understand where you are at, but you need to set small goals and rise to meet each challenge! Good luck
  12. NEWME1

    New and Looking for Advice.

    Hi Jan, Welcome to the forum. I live in Melbourne's SE and used Mr Kostas Syrrakos. He consults primarily from Dandy Valley Private Hospital and operates from there as well as Knox Private Hospital and Peninsula Private Hospital in Frankston and is getting great results! He's very thorough and quite fussy. Think long and hard before you decide on your WLS pathway as there really is no easy answer and it will really only be successful if you can commit to your choice. Everything has it's pro's and cons. I had no private health insurance and was lucky enough to be able to fund the op via early Super Payout. I have been one of the lucky ones with banding. I followed all the surgeon and dieticians advice to the letter, and have managed to loose most of my excess weight (7kg more and I'll be at goal weight). I think for me it has been a success as I am dedicated to working with the band and strictly monitor my food intake. So far I have only had stuck moments if I eat when stressed or forget to chew something. The dietician I saw was fantastic too - she's located in Berwick, Chadstone and a few other places - so it can take awhile to get an appointment with her. There is heaps of information on this site and everyone has a different experience to offer. Don't get daunted and take whatever you feel is appropriate from each one but most of all be honest with yourself and make the best choice for you. Good luck on your journey and let us know how you get on!
  13. Definitely worth a second opinion! Good luck
  14. I'm only a newbie but this sounds strange to me. I was banded in November 2015 and lost a substantial amount initially. However, my surgeon advised me that this would plateau as acquired muscle weight outdid weight loss for a period. (sorry didn't explain that well - he is insistent that I build exercise and I now run for 40 minutes each day; increasing muscle mass). I had my first fill in February and was fine as it was a small fill. I have not had to have another fill yet and my surgeon is happy not to fill unless necessary (Weight loss to date is 23kg; nearly at my goal weight!). He believes that you should be able to eat freely to avoid massive restriction. The only time I get stuck is if I eat when highly stressed/or eat far too quickly/way too much (only once - too much grazing). Perhaps you should seek a second opinion. Check if anyone else is using the same surgeon and is happy. Sorry I can't help you more as it really doesn't sound like you will be able to maintain this long term. Please let us know how you go.
  15. NEWME1

    Who loves to eat ( cycling related )

    Not a cyclist, but can understand the sentiment - I run 4km each and every day just so that I can have that little treat or a glass of wine when out, and still loose the weight! Can't wait until I reach goal weight!