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  1. LJ

    starting to feel sick

    Thanks for replying t-elle. Yep thats my experience as well even liquids hardly manage to stay down at times. Picked 2 ripe small strawberries at work before leaving and i always have a bottle of water on the way home. I sipped it and it wouldn't stay down. Wasn't fun driving home and stopping constantly. Its making me so angry. Took me almost 2 hours to get home and i was starving since I refused to eat anything that was junk. I was able to get down a small can of sandwich tuna and a 1/4 avocado!! Thought my luck had changed but it felt so good to have a full stomach. But I'm not letting the band fool me still going to take some fill out tomorrow morning!! I am actually craving healthy food!
  2. Haven't been on here for a while been reading but as nuts as it sounds haven't had the energy after work to comment on anything. Ive had my 3rd fill almost 2 weeks ago and seeing the doc on friday again for another one. But the way Ive been feeling I think Im over filled. The second fill I had there were a few stuck moments I actually thought it was funny as it was an experience even talked to the lump on my side thats the port, rubbed it like I use to when I was pregnant and told it I will take extra care not to put it ( the band ) threw so much stress. So is there something in the fill that they aren't telling us? Its the time of year so I didn't eat proper food ....ate junk as this seemed easier to go down without getting stuck .... i didn't loose anything but didn't gain. I did feel hungry at times and told the Dr so he said time for another fill. This time its worse. I throw up daily just can't get healthy food down without it getting stuck no matter how much i chew, yet chocolate and bad snack foods like burger rings type things there is no problem. When I am hungry i can't hold the food down so i snack the bad things just to get some energy, even soup is an issue, won't be loosing anything again this week. I am 10 kgs from my goal weight. Worse thing is i am beginning to feel more tired and weaker. I am getting asked if Im not well because i look it. I thought i would get over this but every day has been the same especially late afternoons. Hopefully the Dr will agree that the reason is too much fill. I just want to eat my favourite meal of grilled salmon and salad just one day without rushing after the second bite to bring it up again. Last week I tried sushimi at a shopping centre, never had any problem since the second fill but this time it could have been so embarrassing, I barely made it to the bathroom and throughout all my insides came out. I don't even heave it just comes out like its natural. Would love to hear some comments
  3. Hi Cazablanca, Im on and off on antidepressants I take Lovan so I'm not sure if this answer will help. Ive had my band for 8 weeks now and had stopped the depressants in fear that they might get stuck. But i shouldn't have worried after surgery they prescribed me antibiotics larger than my capsules. I find them very helpful and most of the time eat when Im hungry not as a comfort like I do when Im depressed. Maybe ask your surgeon?
  4. Have a great few days away, Im sure you will get under that 110kg mark in no time.
  5. You had it worse than me. I had 2.5 put in then going back next friday for another .5. H told me he was going to bring it up to 4ml but slowly with each visit. Too true about testing ourselves I think thats what I have been doing. Its like...dont don't don't do it, ahhh I did it. Thanks and well done to you read you lost another 4 kgs, thats great!
  6. Had my first fill today. Wasn't as bad as i imagined it. I hate needles! I can stand most of other pains but needles Ill run from. yeh yeh i know at my age i should b braver. I did have breakfast a 2 egg omelette and i slice of toast with honey. The last 2 days I felt no restriction so the fill was well timed. All was good then an hr later I felt hungry but didn't have time to eat as I and so much to do with little time. I had seen my dietician last friday and she told me that the day of the fill to have only fluids, the next day soft then I could eat normal. But my surgeon said i could eat anything straight away. So I decided to follow what the dietician advised. So when i got home I was starving so i made a cup of tomato soup. 30 min later i was still hungry . The ill eat anything right now hunger. So I had pizza. 3 slices, I couldn't believe i just ate that much!!. I then felt so tied that i dozed off and slept a few hours. When i woke up i got a surge of energy and went for a 30 minute walk it was getting dark so i couldn't walk for long. So i get home and I'm hungry again. I had cooked for the family chicken and vegetable soup with pasta. So i have about half a cup. I had also made them Panko crumbed chicken and sliced potatoes. It was to tempting. Tempting because I marinaded the chicken in buttermilk over night so I needed to try this new thing. So i got 2 potato slices and a drumstick. Ate a small slice then bit into the chicken, first bite was ok, then the second and wow, i now know and felt what a true "stuck moment is" The pain was so bad. I was told by the dietician that normal coke helps a lot, well i didn't have any so i boiled water and sipped some then walked around the kitchen up and down, my kitchen is 8 meters long . I was about to try anything to get rid of this pain it was 10 times worse than the other 2 stuck moments if fact it actually made the other 2 feel like nothing. Then i threw up and it felt so much better, sipped on more hot water and feeling almost normal again. Now I don't think Ill want to eat again but i learned my lesson never underestimate the band, its tricky. Thought Id share my experience with the first fill. Its always a learning process yet it still is exciting to experience all this. Btw I lost 14 kg so far, another 16 to go!!
  7. Yep night is the worse i hear from many people, and I am one of them. I am so trying hard not eat in front of the tv though yesterday I think I experienced my first stuck moment. I bought sushi on the way home and barbecue chicken for the others. Shared the sushi and knew i full nd to stop At the kitchen table. But smell of the chicken was so yummy that after i had eaten my sushi an hr later i couldn't stop craving that chicken . It was one of those days that everyone had already eaten so this chicken that was freshly barbecued sat in the fridge. I couldn't help myself so i went got a piece out and went straight to the tv. First bite i chewed but felt some pain though not as bad in my chest, Second bite and that was it wow when they talked of the pain didn't expect it to be that bad. I had read on here that a hot drink helps so i made my jarrah and slowly the pain eased of. I threw out that piece of chicken and didn't have anything to eat till now when i got home from work. But yeh Habits are a B***h and I will need to get into something to avoid eating just cause i want to not cause i need to. Sleever86 I like the idea of house cleaning lol my house needs it at the moment I went through a craze of organising each cupboard in every room. House as immac Maybe Ill get into that again after work instead of heading straight for the fridge!!.
  8. LJ

    Your Ideal Size ??

    wow all you women are amazing and so successful. Congrats on your achievements. I was a size 18-20 top and 14-16 bottom. Now I can wear a 14 bottom and a 14-16 top comfortably a little loose but not much feels so good not to have to squeeze into something. Im going on my 6th week, haven't been very strict though just not eating sugar and fried food nor carbs, but Ive been eating well since I don't have much restriction. Going for my first fill next wed. Yay!
  9. Chemist warehouse , they have womens multivitamins, calcium and Vitamin D as well and multi vitamins for everyone though these ones have a sugar coating on them. They taste great
  10. LJ

    I went and got married!

    Congratulations!!! you look gorgeous and make a beautiful couple. Wish you all the best of happiness .
  11. good on ya Meg your doing well reading your posts are going to help me as well, only thing is optifast, just the thought is making want to gag. Got to get out of that feeling very fast.
  12. Thanks t_elle, Been good today only had tuna and some crackers and its after 6 Im full so hopefully i won't be hungry again today.
  13. Wow meg first stuck moment, doesn't sound nice at all, I wouldn't know much like the other ladies who have had the band longer and know more, but I would do it if it were me. Hope your feeling better.
  14. I did this 3 times now to myself in the last 2 weeks. Would like to know if this has happened to anyone else and if it will happen often. Yesterday I had a day off work and went shopping with my daughter. At about 12 was hungry all I had was a coffee in the morning, I haven't been able to eat breakfast since the surgery. We ordered a tofu and veg stir fry with steamed rice, boiled vegetable dumplings 12 mini dumplings in a serve we shared this. I had 2 pieces of tofu, 3 pieces of veg and a 1/4 serve of the rice.Love rice, I couldn't eat anymore so almost half of the meal was put in a take away. I was ok till about 5. Then hungry again. I bought those microwave indian meals you get at coles in the fridge area for my daughters for lunch or after school snack. So i took one of these - prawn curry. Even though it wasn't good I still ate it (( don't know how anyone can eat these meals)) Still not satisfied I added a Quorn schnitzel. Even though I was full after eating half I still continued eating, it was yummy. We then went for a 40 minutes walk. 2 hrs later i snacked on a fruit and nut mix didn't measure how much. I felt no pain, no restriction after eating all that but it was more than I am use to after the surgery. An hour after that I was thinking of other food i could eat, this scared me so I went to bed!! I tried to work out why I am eating so much and this morning still thinking I realised. Its the TV. This is how I had eaten a lot before my band. I would get home from work starving make a tray of food take it up to the tv room and watch tv while I ate. I loved doing this, it gave me comfort even though the calorie consumption was probably 5 times more than I should be having. TV and food are my taboo. I did work out that sitting at the kitchen table i didn't eat as much. So I answered the problem myself. Thought Id share maybe there are others who go through the same issue? I also have to be careful when i get my first fill. Watching tv and eating will make me forget to chew!!